Freeze that Leftover Coffee!

Hi everyone!

Today’s tip is to freeze that last little bit of coffee that always seems to be left in the coffee pot after morning coffee. I have been doing this for years. I wrote a post a long time ago about doing this.

tip of the week 069 I always have an ice tray filled with frozen coffee cubes. Once they are frozen you can pop them out and put in a ziplock bag marked “coffee” and they are already to be used.

And what do you use them for?

  • Add a cube of two to any brown gravy you re making. It really enhances the gravy!
  • Same with dark sauces.
  • Add to chocolate cake mix when baking a cake. Coffee makes the chocolate flavor richer.
  • When cooking a roast, drop a couple of cubes into the pan and let it mix with the meat juices during cooking.
  • Add to chocolate pudding
  • Add to hot cocoa for a mocha cocoa.
  • And of course, a slew of frozen drinks.

I just froze some in a small container for one of my FAVORITE frozen drinks. I will share this recipe soon!

tip of the week 070-tile


  1. What terrific ideas. Looking forward to your frozen coffee drink. ;-)

  2. You are so smart, Diann! I am going to start doing this from now on, especially with coffee prices going up, why throw it down the drain! xo,

  3. Great idea except Mr. ALC drains that pot eveyday! :)

  4. Thanks for the tips! Hope the recipe is for iced coffee! I have to have one everytime I visit McDonald's.

  5. Awesome idea! I will definitely use this one!


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