Dried Herb Flower Wands

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I showed you one of our sage plants that was flowering and really needed some harvesting in an earlier post. Before we took off on our little vacation over the holiday weekend, Troy gave that sage plant a quick trim. After he plucked off the leaves to be dried, we just left all the stems of flowers bunch together on a pan in our kitchen.  And what a beautiful dried bouquet it makes!

Outdoor2011spring 044Outdoor2011spring 048 Just touching these sage stems, the room has a light fragrance of sage. What I love to do is create small bouquets/wands from these fragrant dried herb flowers.

Just gather a small bunch together.

Outdoor2011spring 054 Use some ribbon/lace and start at the top of the stems and pull a length of ribbon so that it hangs at the bottom of the stems.

Outdoor2011spring 055Hold the tail down and start wrapping tightly at the top of the stems.

Outdoor2011spring 056Continue “binding/wrapping” all the way to the bottom of the stems.

Outdoor2011spring 057Now tie the to tails together into a knot. You could make a bow if you like.

Outdoor2011spring 058Now you have a fragrant dried herb flower bouquet/wand.

Outdoor2011spring 059Outdoor2011spring 060Outdoor2011spring 061You can tuck these little wands anywhere you like.  They are fragile so you don’t want to put them in drawers. I like to tuck these near/under any lamps around the house. When the lights are on they heat up the flowers and release a lovely soft scent of that herb.

Outdoor2011spring 065I will often wrap a bit more ribbon around the wand to create a loop to hang from a lamp (inside the lamp).

So, think about herb flowers to be dried for wonderful scented decor for your home.   A lot of regular flowers do not retain any scent once they are dried. Herbs do!

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  1. Nice way to bring fragrance into the home.

  2. Love this idea! I can never keep up with the herb harvesting, and this is a fantastic idea for using the ones that have flowered. Thanks for sharing.


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