Bob Mackie Dishes

Hi everyone!

One day while thrifting at Value world (with my 50% off total purchase coupon of course!) I saw these dishes. I loved them instantly! I just adored the pattern and even more, the colors! Yes, they have purple! My favorite color! They only had two complete setting so, I snatched them up and put them in my cart. Well, when I got, I checked out the maker on the back. Bob Mackie? Really? I never knew he design dishes. Ya learn something everyday. The only things I knew about Mr. Mackie was……

bm I always knew he was the top costume designer for Hollywood and also designed stunning gowns but, I didn’t know he designed dish patterns. So, I love these dishes all the more knowing they are a Mr. Bob Mackie design.

So, I decided to create a luncheon table for Mr. Mackie and moi!

Okay, before anyone brings it up, yes, I am fully aware that I do not follow any proper rules when setting a table/tablescape. I think you all already know that about me. LOL The dishes are almost on the whimsical side. Add vintage silver tea set, add a few shabby pieces and some starched linens and yes, I am all over the place!

Bob Mackie Table 004Bob Mackie Table 003I started with this shimmery green charger. I bought 4 of them at CTS (Christmas Tree Shops). They are normally $1.69 each but, I got the last 4 at .89 cents each because they were a little scratched up here and there.

Bob Mackie Table 005The dinner plate.

Bob Mackie Table 006The salad plate. How cute is that! The sun kept going behind clouds while I was taking pictures. It was driving crazy.

Bob Mackie Table 007Add the soup bowl.

Bob Mackie Table 008Cup and saucer.

Bob Mackie Table 009Since I know Mr. Mackie likes sparkle, I had to add the bling napkin ring!

Bob Mackie Table 011Bob Mackie Table 012Bob Mackie Table 010Bob Mackie Table 014The glasses were a recent thrift find. Love the little nest of flowers that hold the name card! Too cute. I picked up two of these a couple of weeks ago in the Michaels clearance area.

Bob Mackie Table 018For the name card I cut a piece of scrapbook purple and white polka dot paper. And then used a canning jar label!

Bob Mackie Table 015Bob Mackie Table 016Bob Mackie Table 032The centerpiece is my old wood curbside drawer find. I just filled it with some purple faux flowers, Spanish moss and a purple glass candle holder. 

Bob Mackie Table 017Look at my poor candles! That is how freakin’ hot it was outside while I did this tablescape. The were getting so soft quickly! I used two of my glass and silver plated candlesticks on either side of the centerpiece.  

Bob Mackie Table 019Bob Mackie Table 020Added my recent thrifted silver tea/coffee service.

Bob Mackie Table 021

Bob Mackie Table 025Troy came home from the Farmer’s Market while I was taking pictures. He thought the table was pretty. And then he asked, “Um, Diann? Who is Bob? And did I come home too early?” LOL

Bob Mackie Table 023Bob Mackie Table 024              Bob Mackie Table 026Bob Mackie Table 030Bob Mackie Table 033Bob Mackie Table 036Bob Mackie Table 037Bob Mackie Table 038      I had a lot of fun with this table. I liked all the colors so, enjoyed putting it together. I hope you enjoyed your visit as well. Have a wonderful day!

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  1. GORgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Love it all! Especially loving those sparkly napkin rings!

  2. I love purple too. Great finds and so well put together.

  3. I love purple too, especially purple with silver. So I think you hit another home run, Diann! I had a water pitcher from my Mom that she bought in the late 70's/early 80's that was a design by Bill Blass. Remember that name? I recently broke it while reaching for something high up in my cabinet :(. xo,

  4. I feel like your candles Diann... I'm melting! Cute new plates with great colors. Troy has a good sense of humor:@)

  5. So beautiful Diann..I so LOVE this color scheme and beautiful theme of purples and blues...just gorgeous! Shine on..always a treat to visit here!

  6. I love your tablescape. Great find on those dishes!

  7. Too funny! I love this tablescape Diann! You did a fantastic job! Your new glasses were a perfect choice. Rules? What rules? You just keep on doing your own thing!

    ~ Tracy

  8. Good afternoon!
    Your tablescape is Plum Perfect!!! My fav color is purple as well, I love your dishes and your table runner and your silver teaset is stunning! What a great find on those place settings from Michaels and your husbands comment... too funny!
    Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  9. I also love purple. Your table is just beautiful. I had no idea he made china too.

  10. ...I was wondering who Bob was, too! Beautiful as always Diann!

  11. Hubs remark is to funny!!
    I love the colors but mainly of course the purple.
    Another great table setting.
    Did you let Hubs have a meal off of it?
    Have a great day.

  12. Wow Diann, your table is gorgeous. And Bob Mackie, that's a blast from the past :-)

  13. I love purple and green together...great find at 50% off, too! I really like your centerpiece, Diann.

  14. Diann, this table is stunning! Those colors just sing, and I love those nest placecard holders. What gorgeous flatware too. Your drawer of flowers is such a clever centerpiece. You and Bob rocked this table! (I'm still laughing about your husband coming home too early!) laurie

  15. Love how you put it together. Just lovely! Love the tea set!

  16. Diann this is such a pretty table in your signature color..Purple! I know "Bob" would love to join you for lunch but tell your hubby not to worry about Mr Mackie...Your heart belongs to Troy! Love your fun whimsical table as always. hugs, Linda

  17. Bob Mackie is just so colorful in his designs! I love your dishes Diane!! Very pretty!

  18. Hi Diann, I think you got a great deal and made something really pretty from it. The table runner is such a pretty floral. Love the green chargers as well as the salad plates and soup bowls. It looks great together! Your silver tea service is also a stunner!

  19. How fun! Love the napkin rings. Great find on the dishes.

  20. Diann, your table is adorable! I would have snatched up those pretties myself. They really go well with the chargers and the glasses you bought. Adding the "bling" napkin ring was genius.

    Love the centerpiece and the little nest placecards, too! Beautiful table!!

  21. Blue and purple looks so pretty together, Diann. Love your dishes. How funny about your hubby's comment when he came home ....Christine

  22. Your tablescape is so imaginative and colourful! I am so thrilled and excited that my thrifty post will be featured on The Thrifty Groove. Thanks so much for your kind comments and for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home. I really appreciate you hosting the link party.

  23. Very pretty! BTW, only Martha & Miss Manners cares if everything is set up according to the rules. The rest of us would much rather see a charming, comfortable setting. Unless the president is coming for dinner, do what pleases YOU!
    Thanks for sharing!

  24. Hi! I love the dishes, are you kidding, they are adorable ... and I'm really freaking out over the table runner that goes with them perfectly! Did you already have that? And I really love the little thingie with the name card in it - "Bob" I am laughing so hard at your husband finding that ;) There's a new Christian shop opening here in town and I can't wait to get in there and see what they've got. Thanks for sharing your total beauty - oh yeah, I love that sewing machine drawer, too, do you think that's what it is, looks like one in the picture.


  25. ooh chive vinegar? that is a gotta make. Love the table you set. I do think the idea with the canning jar labels is ingenious! Your dishes are lovely.. check ebay for more. Your drawer comes from an old treadle sewing machine, I'm sure. Finished front and back.. yeah I think maybe. Love that used it for a centerpiece. great scape! many blessings, marlis

  26. Beautiful creative table!! Love those dishes!

  27. Diann,

    I love purple so your table setting is gorgeous - no stunning! Beautiful dishes and centerpiece.

  28. Bob Mackie dishes! Who have thought?!??!! I always think of Cher when I hear his name. Maybe you should send her a link to your site! :-) Have a great weekend!!!

  29. This is so very lovely! What a terrific find! Love the nest place card holders! Too cute! You've put together a truly lovely, colorful tablescape - thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,

  30. Years ago, during Bob Mackie's heyday, he came to Oklahoma to do a series of seminars about his designs. He brought all of those famous outfits that you might remember being worn by Cher and Carol Burnett. I was his model, and I wore each and every one of those pieces. It was so much fun. Bob Mackie is a kind and gentle talented. He would love your tablescape and so do I. I wonder if the drawer is a thread drawer from an old Singer treadle sewing machine. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay


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