Thrifty Things Friday Party #14!

Hi everyone!

So, did you have a good thrifty week? It was a very busy week for me around here at Casa Chaos. Nothing new there. One of these days I am going to say, “oh, it was a slow boring week”. And I can’t wait for that week! LOL

Yesterday I showed you the fun little out of the way thrift place that I have been stopping at every couple of weeks. And I gave you a sneak peek of what I bought there.

misc 097This entire silver set is from WM Rogers.


(setting up to clean the silver pieces)

ttf14 001-tilettf14 003-tilettf14 005-tileAfter:

Oooh la la ! Even not completely detailed cleaned, it is a gorgeous set!

ttf14 020Geez! I tried and tried to figure out how to NOT get myself in the reflection of the silver and after 21 pictures, I gave up! Any tips any of you have, please feel free to share! Oh, and I should have cropped out the pile of debris in the upper right hand corner. LOL I just harvested some chives and sat there and picked out the weeds and bad chives and hadn’t cleaned up my mess yet. Welcome to my world!

I also picked up these two other little beauties.

ttf14 007I love covered dishes!

ttf14 008Beautiful pink roses and other flower details.

ttf14 010It has a lot of crazing but I actually like that. It is an American Limoges piece. 

ttf14 011Originally an ashtray but,I see this pretty piece being used as a teabag holder or butter pat dish.

ttf14 012Royal Copenhagen  from Denmark.  A lovely piece.

I can’t give you an individual price for each of these items because I pull all the things I am interested in purchasing together and then we negotiate an agreeable price. So, what was my price for all my treasures today? Are you ready?


Now do you see why I love doing business with this store! Since this store specializes in trading cards and coins, they often get other “lots’ of merchandise in and want to sell it as quickly as possible. The owner is very generous and a really nice guy to work with.


happythumb_thumb[1]Grab this button ladies!

Lynn at Happier than  Pig in Mud made these yummy fridge bread and butter pickles. I love a good pickle and a recipe this quick and easy is right up my alley!

pickle 051Jeanne at Selep Imaging shared her wonderful collection of 4th of July dishes arranged in her hutch! Just beautiful.

SIW_HUT_JULY_9960LPat at The Best Moments showed us some fun thrift finds. She really found some great things!

IMG_1045Thank you ladies for sharing with us!

I just thought I would remind you of all the kinds of fun posts that can be included in Thrifty Things Friday party.

  • Thrifty finds
  • Thrifty recipes
  • Thrifty tips
  • Thrifty redos
  • Thrifty Couponing
  • Thrifty vacations/trips/adventures

Just about anything that we can save some of our hard earned money!

Another reminder:

This Saturday is the 2nd Thrifty Tablescape monthly party! Show off all those wonderful thrift finds and set a beautiful table to show them off!

June TT 017 **Please remember to link back to this post if your are joining this week’s Thrifty Things Friday party! And link your actual post not your blog. I don’t feature anyone who does not have a link back to this party **

Everyone have a Happy and Safe 4th of July Weekend !!

Now show me some Thrifty love!


I will be joining:

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  1. Thank you so much for hosting this great party. Yeah, you too...have a safe and wonderful weekend celebrating Old Glory's Birthday! Lots of hugs, FABBY

  2. I love antique silver set and I saw your picture and I had to stop by and admire it! And I'm so glad I did. I never knew about this linky party... I don't have a thrifty find today, but I'll be back later... Also I simply love that gorgeous limoges dish.. Taking picture of shiny silver set is a tough one and I have the same problem as you... maybe someone will provide us with a helpful tip. A Happy 4th to you!~Poppy

  3. "LOVE the Silver Set"!!! what a great buy!!! Luck you!!! And next I want Lynn's Pickles!
    Have a wonderful week and holiday...

  4. Hi Diann, happy to join you for thrifty Friday! See you on Saturday. xo,

  5. Like you, I love covered casserole dishes. You made a great buy...several great buys! Thrifty you!!! Thanks for the party!!!

  6. Diane, I love all your beautiful finds!

  7. Diann,

    Thank you for featuring last week's post of mine! I giggled with delight! You are the super wheeeler/dealer today, love that silver set.

  8. Diann,
    Your silver set is gorgeous! What a great deal you got on it. Thanks for having us and thank you for linking it up at Home Sweet Home! Have a great weekend!

  9. Wonderful features from last week! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Diann I love that tea set! You really have a great eye for items in the 'rough'. I have no hints to keep out of reflective photos...wish I did! Love that covered dish! Thanks for hosting again and I'll see you Sat for the Thrifty Tablescape party! hugs, Linda

  11. Sounds like you've found a great source for treasure at your little shop. All that for $10?!! Wow. Amazing. And the silver cleaned up so beautifully. Great post. I loved your "real" moment too. Your weeds made me smile. We've gotta stay real, don't we? Have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. I want to know how you discovered this great secret thrift spot? I would not think to go into a card and comic type store looking for things so very different.

  13. Hello Diann,

    You always find the greatest things! I love the covered dish. Fantastic deal too! I had to laugh because seeing the weeds reminded me that I forgot to pick up the pile of weeds I pulled this morning before I got ready for work today!

    Have a fantastic weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  14. Wow I love that tea service. Very pretty!

  15. I wished that store was here. The teaset is just too beautiful after cleaning it, and all that for 10 bucks. WOW.

  16. LOVE the silver set! I've enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Have a lovely weekend!

    Back Porch Blessings,

  17. What great finds. You really did an awesome job.


  18. You found some amazing pieces, the silver set alone is just incredible! So glad you came by VIF, I'll have to come link up with your great Friday party. Hope you're having a wonderful 4th weekend, xo Debra


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