Thrifty Things Friday Party #13!

Hi everyone!

How was your week? Mine was busy but good. This week another mystery type of thrift find. One of the thrift stores I frequent often bags up a bunch of napkin rings and small little decor items together into big bags and sells them at a price of $6.99. Well, I never pay that price. I wait until I have a 50% off coupon and then hope they have some goodie bags I want left.

Last week I stopped by this store with my coupon to see what they had. I bought several goodies. But, today I am showing you this bag of treasures. Like I mentioned above, it was priced at $6.99 but, with my coupon I got it for $3.49.

ttf13 001That is the large bag. Now, let’s dive in and see what my $3.49 bought me!

ttf13 003Inside the box was these two never used strawberry candle rings.

ttf13 005A bag of misc. napkin rings. 

1ttf13 0072 boxes of wood rings.

ttf13 011ttf13 012Never opened pretty silver plated napkin rings. Love these!

    2 ttf13 017 8 dark green napkin rings.

3ttf13 020This was what had caught my eye in the first place. Four beautiful ceramic napkin rings.

So, that was my $3.49 bag of treasures. Not bad huh?

Now to our features from last week:

happythumb_thumb[1]Please grab your button ladies!

Mimi at Messy Mimi showed us how to make these cute cardboard candle holders. These are so fun!

IMG_3137Lori at Thrifty Decor Mom shared with us this cute summer tablescape. And this was her first tablescape! Way to go Lori!

100_6195Ginger at Savannah Granny share her gorgeous and colorful porch redo!

DSC04921Thank you ladies! 


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Now, on to the party!


I’m joining …

Show and Tell Friday


  1. Your goodies are so fun! Especially with a coupon!

  2. I love your napkin rings in blue and white and what a find! I love Ginger's table, so nice you featured them. I'm sorry, I was sure I linked back too, I'm not computer savvy, so I can't wait til my daughter Alexandra comes and places all your party bottoms at my side bar, this way I dont' have to miss any, as I just did...I really thought I posted yours, I'm very sorry! Thank you for hosting and having me. Love, FABBY

  3. What a fun goodie bag of napkin rings Diann! It's amazing that they put them all together like that, I've seen one set marked up to $5 at my Sal Army:@)

  4. All I can say is, "WOW!" What a thrifty lady you are!!!

  5. You sure are the queen of thrift...well it would be between you and Linda! Love the napkin rings Diann!~

  6. Your blue and white napkin rings are SO up my street! Just gorgeous!!

    Jem xXx

  7. love the blue/white favs: the silver ones ;)

  8. I am amazed at the napkin rings you got for just $3.49 - don't you love a bargain?!?! They are beautiful, my faves are the silver plated and the blue and white - but honestly, I would paint some of the others and just make a whirlwind of napkin rings. Thanks for sharing these with us. I'm linked up with my Fiestware find of the week, and I've posted your button on my blog - thanks for hostessing the party!

  9. Gosh, you hit the napkin ring jackpot! I love the silver ones and the blue and white ones. I'd say you really got your money's worth.

  10. You did well with that surprise bag, and even better that it was 50 off! You go girl!

  11. You did do good on that bag of goodies - really like the silver ones.
    Thanks for hosting again this week - you are appreciated.

  12. That bag was full of really cute napkin rings and so many you can get creative with! Great find. I love the blue and white one's but my fav's are the two blue star napkin rings! hugs, Linda

  13. Oh wow! You did really good on those napkin rings, Diann. I love the blue and white ones. And BTW, you can spend your vacation here anytime:-)...Christine

  14. I am sooooooo appreciative to be featured on your fantastic party. Thank you!! I am also sooooooo jealous of that goodie bag. If those blue and white ceramic rings disappear DO NOT come looking for them in Savannah. I will have left the country with them. Such a fantastic find. I will be in Illinois in a couple of weeks, they have some awesome thrift shops. Maybe I can find some goodies there. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Ginger

  15. Hi Diann, I was finally able to read your blog. For some reason that only Blogger and Google can understand, the pages scroll down rapidly all the way to the very bottom, then it sits there forever it seems until inch by inch it crawls back up midway. Oh well. You are an unbelivably thrifty shopper. I want those silver napkin rings! Looking forward to the bee rings. xo,

  16. WOW! A jam packed bag for sure! My mind is a spinning for those napkin rings! The ceramic ones are really pretty.

    I don't know what happened when I linked in the first time but my pic didn't show up...but a big green box did! LOl Can you delete it for me? Thanx!

  17. As always-some good finds-thanks for lettin me play!

  18. Hi.. just found your blog and linky party.. Love thrifting and creating ....
    My fav napkins are the blue and silver ones, also...What a bargain...

  19. Wow! You found some treasures in that goody bag! I love those blue and white napkin rings; they would have caught my attention, too. And to find the unused silver-plated rings as well; quite a deal.
    I wish the thrifts in this area would catch on to that "bundle" idea. And a 50% coupon would be nice, too; although some do have sales on certain days which are very good if you can catch them. Such fun!

  20. That is one of those bags that just keeps giving and giving!
    And your party here is growing and growing. Since I have not been able to get out I am enjoying feasting on all the eye candy that links up.

  21. Wow! I can't believe all you got for $3.49! That's so wonderful! I think my favorite is the Star one!
    And thanks again for featuring my little lights! I did manage to finish my newest project and have linked up again this week. Thank you so much for hosting - it's a wonderful party and now I'm heading back to see some of the awesome creations there!
    Have a great weekend!

  22. Have you seen the cute little lifesavers made from napkin rings in this month's Country Living? They are made by Cathe Holden.They are adorable! Might spark an idea for you!


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