Thrifty Things Friday Party #12!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a great week! I have been so excited to show you my thrifty treasure for this! Okay, because I am a very good daughter, I will tell you that this thrift find was actually my mom’s thrift find for me.

We have a family cabin in Northern Michigan. It is waaaaaay back in the woods. It is one of those places that you can truly escape the world for awhile if you want to (which I ALWAYS seem to want to! LOL). My parents went up there last week to open it up for the summer. While they were there, my mom did a little adventuring and came across an auction being held at a church. And of course, being MY mom, she had to stop and check it out. Well let’s just say she ROCKED this auction! And she had to make several trips out to the truck to load up her treasures. And her total spent?


Sound familiar? Where do you think I learned to thrift from?

Apparently the main attraction to this particular auction was the tools, which of course, they held until the very end. So, nobody was really interested in anything else. The auctioneer realized this so just raced through what odds and ends he had up .

My mom is always looking for inexpensive blankets, sheets, towels etc for the cabin. So, she spotted a pile that had blankets, sheets and pillow cases in it. The auctioneer couldn’t get anyone to bid on them until my mom raised her hand when he said, “Anyone? $1.00?”

Mom was happy. But, then as she sat there waiting to see what else might come up, she saw the auctioneer telling the people that were helping, “Nobody is going to want to bid on that. They all want tools and we need to get this going. So, add all of those things to that lady who bought the blankets. She can get rid of it if she wants to”. Mom had no idea what were in those boxes but, hey, that is the fun part. She she just took everything back to the cabin.

And she gave me this!

ttf12 012Okaaaay…a big heavy box of stuff! You can tell it was heavy because I had to use the hand truck!

Let’s see what we have….

ttf12 003Ohhh, an old Hills Bros. coffee can. Just what I needed.

ttf12 004And with it’s very own dirt and duct tape……..ummm, thanks mom.

Let’s sneak a peek inside….

ttf12 005No way!

ttf12 006Now I see the need for the duct tape! This can is filled almost over flowing with white, off white and clear (a lot of vintage) buttons!

ttf12 007The person who gathered these has been snipping off buttons from old clothes for a lot of years! 

ttf12 008ttf12 009Beautiful! I just love them!

ttf12 010   I see a lot of projects this next winter, while being stuck inside, coming from all these buttons!

Now, to the rest of the box.

ttf12 013Yup, fabric! The entire box is crammed with fabric. But, not just fabric.

ttf12 014Bags of cut out quilt fabric! And not just squares but, different shapes for different patterned quilts.

ttf12 015Even a couple of partial pieced together quilts!

ttf12 016And large pieces of fabric that had not been cut yet.

Looks like I will be doing some quilting this winter!

Can you believe all of this plus the stuff my mom kept for $1.00!

Well, that was my….er….mom’s thrifty finds for this week!  Now seriously, don’t you think my mom needs a blog? Every time I suggest it, she looks at me as if I am speaking Klingon.


Okay ladies, grab your “I was featured button”

I am featured two bloggers from last week’s party. Both of these amazing ladies created awesome thrifty and vintage inspired spaces!

Christie from Three Pixie Lane took us on a tour for her fantastic shed!

115Kim from Musing  from Kim K showed us her wonderful treehouse!

treehouse-leavesSeriously, if you didn’t get a chance to visit these two blog posts, you really should!! They are just wonderful!!

Okay, let the party begin!


I am joining:

Vintage Inspired Friday

Tickled Pink

Fridays Unfolded


  1. Wow your mom sure did get the find of the week.
    It does look like you will be doing some quilting this winter.

  2. Man alive!! What amazing finds!! An entire tin of gorgeous buttons is just incredible, the thrifting gods were clearly smiling on you that day. My mind is buzzing with all the projects you could do with those! :-)

    Jem xXx

  3. I've got some amazing deals in West MI, but nothing like what your mother scored. Good for her and YOU! Thanks for featuring our vintage filled treehouse.

  4. Your MOM is a rockstar!!! Can't wait to see what you do with the buttons!!!

  5. Wow! Just 1 dolar, i can´t belive it! Many great projects!

  6. That tops every good deal I have ever gotten in my entire life - and I'm REALLY old. hehehe WOW!

  7. Now that is smart thrifting and a huge SCORE!!!! $1.00?? Kudos, Diann's mom. xo,

  8. She definitely gets the award for top deal of the week. :D That is a lot of buttons!
    Thanks for hosting again this week.

  9. SCORE!!! Theres enough buttons to be able to roll in them!! LOL

  10. Button, button- who has the button? What WAS that little diddy I remember from childhood? What an amazing can of pretty white buttons! Have fun w/all your projects! ~Sue

  11. WOW What a score!! That has to be the score of the century!!! Great going for Mom and daughter. You have learned from the master :-)

    Jocelyn @

  12. Amazing! I would have swooned at the can of buttons! Oh my! Your Mom rocks! hugs, Linda

  13. I tried to join your party but it would not let me Upload a file :-(

    Your mother found some great things!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  14. Great finds ! Now you have to show us what she kept! I see some cute button napkin rings coming up!

  15. Your mom does rock! I can't believe all those treasures - the partial quilts! the fabric! the buttons! Wow, what a find. Thanks for sharing with us, and thanks for hosting the linky party.

  16. That is one wonderful find!!! That would be a crafters dream, I think, I would love to be given something like that.
    I have joined you for the first time today, thanks so much for the chance.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Your Mom rocks! Yes, the apple fall not far from the tree. Ginger

  18. Well I sure the heck can't beat that thrift!!! Great job Mom!
    And love the sheds!
    Enjoy your Friday~SueBee

  19. Wow! How amazingly lucky! Such an incredible thrift! Can't wait to see what you do with all those buttons. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this linkup.

  20. OOO, how lucky was she!!! Amazing button...
    and I WANT A SHED JUST LIKE IN NUMBER 1 PHOTO...isn't that just the cutest thing in the world. I want it.!!!
    xo, bj

  21. Mom, you rock what a score!! It is the stuff that makes my heart beat fast!


  22. The buttons are wonderful...and quilt tops! WOW! I love vintage buttons and doilies for my sewing projects! ♥

  23. Wow! Your Mom just got the bargain of the week.

  24. Diann, I've always wanted to go shopping with you. Now I want to go shopping with your mother! Sorry Diann, but she REALLY scored! And to think that all of these goodies were not everything she got for $1!! Lucky you! Can't wait to see what you create with all of this loot. laurie

  25. Diann,

    Your mom is great! She has the knack! All those buttons just look so rich. This is my first time joining in, thank you for hosting.


  26. Have y'all checked out #35, the finials - and the price she paid!!! Shocking :) Loving visiting everyone, following their blogs, and leaving some comment love!


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