Thrifty Things Friday Party #11!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and are planning a fun weekend! It has been so busy here. We start our Farmer markets this coming Tuesday. I don’t think I have to tell you that this is our busiest time for our Herb Business. We are at that point of wishing that we could clone ourselves so we could get more done. And forget about everyday normal life. A lot of that is on hold right now and every bit of time and energy is being focused on repotting, harvesting, drying, canning, packaging, prepping, teaching, organizing….and a gazillion other things.

Phew! This is my little break time so, I am just going to relax here with all of you for awhile! So, what thriftiness am I going to talk about and show today? Well, I thought today I would talk about crafting supplies. This is a serious money eater when you love to do any kind of craft or repurposing thrift finds.

You are all excited about finding this awesome item for such a bargain you just can’t wait to redo it! You realize you need paint stripper, sandpaper, paint, glazing…etc. And that can really rack up the cost of your thrifty new find! Now, I know that there are definitely times that paying full price for your supplies needed for a thrift find is totally worth it. However, if you can save yourself some money, why not?

Since a lot of my thrift finds are eventually for resale, I really have to pay attention to the overall out of pocket cost. If I can’t keep my cost down, I can’t sell it at a decent price and still make a profit. So, I am always checking out clearance supplies!

As I am sure most of you are familiar with “Oops paint” I wanted to share this week’s Oops finds. I love to go to Home Depot or Lowes right before closing to get the Oops paints. A lot of the stores don’t put these out until the end of the business day.

So, I snatched up these cans the other day.

ttf11 001catsEven if I don’t use these paints for the color they are, they are also a primer to prep a project and it doesn’t really matter what the primer color is.

Then a trip to Joann’s I found these awesome Minwax stains. Each were clearance priced at .97 cents. And the little bottles of paint were each .25 cents.

ttf11 010So,my thrift finds for the week are supplies to redo other thrift finds!

Check out these awesome thrifty blog post from last week’s TTF party!

Miss BJ at Sweet Nothings created this fantastic table. You have to check out her tutorial on this beauty!

table 043Melanie at Creative Art & Design came up with this awesome wall art! You have to check it out to see what she used to create it! Totally cool!

mirror 005 Check out Cape on the Corner and see this adorable table and some freebie finds! We’re talking the ultimate thrifty score!

P1060671Thank you ladies for all your thrifty inspiration! Please feel free to grab the “I was featured” button!

happythumb_thumb[1] Okay, bring on the thriftiness! And please refer back to this party post by linking back and or including the party button on the sidebar on your thrift blog post for today! Thanks!


  1. I hope I can find the paint that I need on sale! :-) xo,

  2. When I go to estate sales, I always check out the garage. Often there is leftover paint and stain, brushes and sandpaper for next to nothing! I like oops paint, too!!! Thanks for hosting the party and good luck at the farmer's markets!!!

  3. This is a great idea. Even if the colors aren't right, you can always mix them up and then cover with some stain. I'm sure I've left behind more than my fair share of "oops" paint.

  4. What I love about BJ's project was her husband added creative input. Can you believe she had any doubts about how wonderful it would turn out?

    Wow- you got the deal of the year on that MinWax. Had to be right place right time.

    Just today I got a free quart of paint delivered to my door. It was a Glidden FB giveaway. And a very brave delivery driver who got a loud welcome.

    Wishing you the best weather and the happiest customers for your market days.

  5. Great idea for thrifty paint. It's so expensive at full price. Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for hosting!

  6. Great prices on all that Oops paint, Diann. You do need to keep prices down for re-sale, so it really pays to be frugal. Thanks for hosting another great party. ~ Sue

  7. Thanks for hosting the linky party, can't wait to visit the other links. Your bench is beautiful, love that blue and am itching to paint something in my house that color!

  8. As I venture into some crafty redo's I will keep your good tips in mind! I did know about oops paint but did not think about other items to keep an eye out for! I'll be back tomorrow with my post. hugs, Linda

  9. Hi Diann...Hey, I'll have to check out the oops paints. Cool idea. Susan

  10. Good to know! Thanks for this tip and for hosting! Christie

  11. Great tip! Wishing you all the best at the Farmers Market!
    Have a great weekend!

  12. Best wishes on your Farmers Market. I enjoy going to our local Markets here in the area.
    Have great weekend.

  13. I scored a 5th gallon bucket of kills primer for $5 bucks a few weeks ago. Good find and great colors.

  14. i am so super jealous of those oops paints and the joann ones! i've become somewhat of a paint hoarder, and now you've got me itching to go scour for some! today i got a free pint from benjamin moore from an online coupon-gonna see if i can find another since that is a GREAT deal!

    thanks so much for featuring my thrifty table "find" from my MIL's attic!

  15. Thanks for sharing and letting us share as well. I am you're newest follower. I hope you will drop by sometime and I will stop by often to see what you are up to. Stay cool! Richard at My Old Historic House

  16. I love buying Oops paint! Lucky you, finding the paint & primer in one paint on the oops rack. Thanks for sharing and for hosting this linkup.

  17. Ohh love oops paint myself! There are some great colors that you can find! I also wanted to say thanks so much for highlighting my farmhouse table the other day- you are so sweet! All linked up~ thanks for hosting! :)

  18. Diann, I got the same bargains at Joannes, but did not know about closing time for oops paints, I think it is the only kind I use any more. Have fun making plaster ornaments!


  19. I buy a. Lot of oops paint, especially at home depot! Have a great weekend!

  20. Your featured inspiration is great this week. And I always check out the "oops" paint when I'm at HD. It's a wonderful way to be thrifty. Thanks for hosting. I'm off to BJ's to check out her sweet table!


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