Thrifty Things Friday Party #10!

Hi everyone!

Holy Cow, I can’t believe this is the tenth Thrifty Things Friday party already! And I can’t believe that tomorrow will be my first Monthly Thrifty Tablescaping party! Time is flying by!


I know I am posting uber early today but, I got up at 7:00 this morning and just started in on getting things done. Plus it is a gorgeous day out and I want to take advantage of every minute of it. You know when you wakeup with energy and the actually desire to get things cleaned and organized (which so does NOT happen often for me!)? Well, that is the day I am having. And when I get going I forget about other things (like posting my party! LOL).

Well, this week was a rather painful week for me. I had oral surgery earlier this week. What a pleasant adventure that was….NOT! Due to complication, I had been referred to a special oral surgeon. He was in a town I have only been to a couple of times in my entire life. While we were driving through this small town we passed a thrift store. Imagine that! LOL It was one I had never been to. But, we didn’t have time to stop.

After my surgery, we headed home. And you all probably have already guessed, I made Troy stop off at this little thrift store.

Troy had to come in with me because I couldn’t talk and I was kinda woozy. But, being the true die hard thrifter I was, I just HAD to check the place out. So, in we went with me all drugged up, huge wad of gauze in my mouth, my mouth is numbed and swollen and I was weaving a bit on my feet. I am sure I was quite he sight! I’m clinging to Troy to stay upright and grunting this and that. Looking back it was pretty funny.

Here is the little thrift store.

ttf10 002ttf10 001It is a Lions Club thrift store.

logo_lionsI didn’t even know they had resale stores.

Although 75% of the store was used clothing, they did have some misc. things. And I picked up a couple of items. I want to share one of those with you.

I spotted this beautiful blue hand blown glass bowl in the showcase. After some grunting and pointing, Troy had the gentleman get it out to show me.

ttf10 003 I am always afraid it is just painted/stained colored glass. But, after inspection, I was pleased to find that is was actually blue glass.

ttf10 004 So pretty and a really nice large size bowl. And I snagged it for $3.00. Not a bad price. I love the imperfection in the glass. It has several different size bubbles and the whole swirly look that you get with hand blown glass.ttf10 006

That is all I am going to show for today. But, tomorrow for my first Thrifty Tablescaping party I have new thrifty finds to show as well! I hope you will join me!

TTSOh, did I mention I have two little thrifty door prizes to give to 2 of the folks who join me tomorrow? Just a little tiny thank you!

Okay, now let’s show off some folks from last week!

happythumb_thumb[1] Grab this button!

Deborah from Upcycling my Very Ordinary Life shared with us this gorgeous mirror and her redo of it!

mirror finishedLakota at Faith Hope and Charity Shopping showed us how she is creating wonderful jewelry from vintage thrifted buttons!

DSCF4193Courtney at French Country Cottage shared with us this awesome farm table her wonderful boys made for her! Just beautiful!

IMG_9800Thank you so much ladies for sharing such wonder thrifty things!

Now it’s time to show us your thrifty things!

I am joining:

1aaacastle-2 Home Sweet Home

show and tell fridays Show and Tell Friday

Friday feathering your nest party Feather Nest Friday


  1. That's major dedication to stop off at a thrift store after just having oral surgery. I'm impressed!!!

  2. Girl you are one faithful thrifter...I didn't know they had resale shops...learn something new every day...thanks so much for hosting and enjoy your beautiful day.


  3. You are a true thrifter! lol I also enjoyed your last post on the red and white tablescape. Beautiful!

  4. Wow girl, you are a die hard thrifter to stop and shop after surgery. I would have been moaning and groaning all the way home, but that blue glass bowl was worth it. And just think what a conversation piece you have now!

    The French Hutch

  5. You are a true trooper girl.
    I hope that you are feeling better also.
    I know what you mean about getting up and having the energy to get things done, it don't happen to me much anymore. I think they call it old age.LOL
    Have a great day.
    I agree that bowl was worth the stop.

  6. Your story reminds me of when I had just suffered a closed head injury and the husband and I drove 2 hours to see a blogging friend's booth. I kept having to sit down and rest because I was so dizzy. I thought I was fine. LOL I know my gal pal thought I was nuts for having ventured out so soon after my fall! I love that blue bowl ,Diann. It would be gorgeous holding a colorful salad- is it large enuf for that? Thanks for hosting- glad I was able to link up.
    ~ Sue

  7. Funny story! You are a true thrifter!!! Love the blue glass bowl!!!

  8. Honestly, I would so go to that thrift store straight out of surgery, too :) I'm proud of you, and excited to see the rest of what you found - the blue glass bowl is full of personality! I shared my summer mantle on your linky party; thanks for hosting!

  9. Oh, how nice the blue bowl was a not painted, but, blue glass... it's see thru, that's when you can tell is not painted! I love it, it's beautiful, what a color! Thank you for hosting this great party! Lots of hugs. FABBY

  10. I am laughing. Not AT you but WITH you. Only another avid collector could understand shopping when you can't even talk. It is a sickness...but such a fun sickness!

  11. Sorry you had to have teeth worked on but thrilled you found the pretty bowl.:))

    Thanks so much for putting the linky up early, it is sooo much easier for us if we can link early.
    Thanks for hosting.
    xo bj

  12. Diann I laughed at this post! I would be right there with you, gauze and numb mouth and still trying to find a bargain. And find one you did. That bowl is so pretty. I love that color! Sorry I'm a little late getting linked up but I am at camp and this is the first chance I've had to get on the computer. I'm hoping to have my tablescaping post done but it might be later tomorrow night. I'll be there though. Hugs, Linda

  13. OmiGOSH, I laughed so hard at the vision of you thrifting with your mouth full of gauze! Now THAT'S dedication!!

  14. Diann,
    That is a beautiful color in your bowl. Glad your surgery went okay and shopping wasn't too dangerous! lol. Thanks for joining HSH and hosting you wonderful thrifty party!

  15. PS...Thank you thank you THANK YOU for featuring the mirror from my very-baby-blog!!!

  16. Oh Diann, that story of you going into the thrifty with a sore mouth was funny. I could just picture you from your description. You ARE a diehard thrifter and that proves it!

    The blue bowl is a heart-stopper. Susan

  17. Now THAT'S a real thrifter! lol Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  18. Hi Diann,

    I just adore your blue glass bowl! What a wonderful find. I guess nothing will stop a thrifter ...

  19. Hoping you feel so much better now.
    That blue bowl is wonderful and the price fabulous.
    Something odd is happening with my computer so I am having trouble commenting. Then I got stuck in a Linky loop and it asked me to re-enter several times. I hope I don't show up over and over, but I'm not seeing my link yet.

  20. now that is thrifting dedication! and you are a braver soul than i, who probably would have been hunkered down inside so no one could see me. ha!

  21. I am skidding in late! :D I almost forgot.
    Cobalt blue is my favorite shade of blue. I also did not know the Lions Club had thrift shops.
    Thanks for hosting again the week.
    Have a great weekend.


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