Simple Thrifty Embellishing

Hi everyone!

Okay, I swore I would NOT even think about getting into the cool button stash my mom just gave me! (post HERE)

ttf12 006“No Diann! You have a gazillion projects lined up to do this summer! You waited all winter to get things painted, you do not need to play with projects that can easily be done during the long cold winter!”

Honest, I had every intention of putting this can of buttons out of sight. But…….I am so weak!

After all, small hand sewing projects are so perfect to do while watching TV or while sitting outside watching the princess play. Oh yeah, I can find an excuse for anything!

Besides, this was such a quickie little project (justifying, justifying, justifying!).

I was thinking about my upcoming 4th of July table. I knew I wanted to use these plain navy blue napkins. I have had these forever. So, why not do a simple little embellishment to them?

tip of the week 053 First thing was to give them a quick ironing job. Everything is easier to work with if it is wrinkle free.

I had the princess help me pull together some “two holed” buttons to choose from. I decided on what I was going to do Very simple!

tip of the week 054 I sewed three of the same style buttons to each of the center bottom edge of the napkins (another reason to iron them in the way they will be presented).

tip of the week 055 Since I was using them for the 4th of July, I decided to sew them on with red thread. A very small detail that few people will notice but, I do.

tip of the week 058Very simple. No big project or intricate detail.  So many possibilities. Use thrifted things you have on hand and just doll them up a bit. This didn’t cost me anything to do. I just used the things I had. That is one of the reasons I really like to find “plain Jane” thrifty things. You can personalize them. So, when you see something that is a great deal while out thrifting, don’t always see it for what it is at that moment, see what it could be!

Just a simple pretty upgrade.

tip of the week 067I am going to join:

Metamorphosis Monday


  1. Love that you got into those buttons - and love how you used them to brighten up an ordinary navy napkin into something that's very eye catching! Too cute!

  2. how fun! they look fantastic! i'm jealous of your new button stash!

  3. I love buttons! Great idea you had there. Happy Father's Day to Troy. xo, (P.S. I have your Thrifty Tablescapes button up on my sidebar)

  4. Love it! Buttons are such a fun way to dress things up:@)

  5. Well you know I love buttons and this is the cutest idea. I noticed the red thread right away and details like that are important. Now you've inspired me once again my friend. hugs, Linda

  6. Diane that is a cute idea! I am so envious of all your buttons!

  7. I love buttons too. They remind me of a box of buttons my Mom had. I remember looking through them many times when I was a kid. I loved all the pretty shapes and colors. Your napkins look so cute.

  8. What a great idea and I think you did a great job! In my opinion...this project just couldn't wait!!!

  9. Good idea and the red thread adds another dimension to it. I couldn't have resisted all those buttons either.

  10. Hi Diann....Good work! The napkins came out great. Also, thanks for your visit and comment today! Susan

  11. Darling idea. Buttons are so addictive. You couldn't help it. I completely understand!!

  12. So many white buttons - all those lovely shapes, sizes. Wonderful collection.
    I, too, sometimes struggle with balancing "winter" and "summer" projects with the temptation to do another thing altogether.

  13. This is beautiful! Loved your napkins..turned out great! You got a nice space here. Hope to see you on my blog:)


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