Pillsbury Cook-along

Hi everyone!

Lynn over at Happier than a Pig in Mud is having her monthly cooking challenge. And this month is any recipe from or using Pillsbury products.

doughboy3I am a huge fan of Pillsbury products. I consider my fridge and freezer part of my pantry and keeping some of these items on hand is perfect.

One of my favorite I always have in the fridge or freezer is Pillsbury Sugar Cookie dough.

recipe 046This little tube of goodness can be turned into so many wonderful different various cookies. Some of my favorite combination are:

  • Dried Cranberries & Sliced Almonds
  • Raisins and Walnuts
  • White Chocolate chips & Macadamia Nuts
  • Thumbprints with marmalade/jam/chocolate kisses/chocolate stars
  • Rolled in Shredded Coconut
  • Peppermint Pattie Sandwich Cookies (this is a Paula Deen recipe we make at Christmas. Just flatten out two round cookie size pieces of dough. Place a Peppermint Pattie on top of one cookie round and cover with the other. Seal edges. Bake)

And that is just a few ideas! Today we are making quick Snickerdoodles with this cookie dough.

Simple, simple, simple!

Combine cinnamon and sugar in a bowl. Grab enough dough to make a cookie. Before you roll into a ball, smash it into the cinnamon/sugar and then roll it. Once you roll it, roll the ball around in the cinnamon/sugar again to coat the ball.

recipe 047Put all the balls on the cookie sheet and follow directions on  the cookie dough package.

That’s it! Super easy and everyone loves these! You can freeze a batch already baked or raw with your added ingredients and keep in the freezer for a quick treat.

 recipe 049  recipe 050 recipe 051 So, grab a cookie and I’ll pour you a glass of cold milk and you can go visit all the other participants joining Lynn today!

I will also be linking to Foodie Friday!


  1. Yum-these sound great Diann! I also love the Peppermint Pattie idea. Something else that might be fun for the Princess, when making the Snickerdoodles, I've used colored sugar to match the closest holiday. Thanks so much for joining in:@)

  2. Easy and delicious, my idea of a keeper! xo,

  3. Great ideas! The snickerdoodles look great! I love the new look to your blog with the extra large photos. Have a wonderful week!
    Blessings, Beth

  4. I love sugar cookies and all that you can do with that fabulous dough. I must admit Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies! I'm a cinnamon girl. I hate I am missing the Pillsbury party but being here at Sara's and forgetting my camera I guess I will try to join in next month. Sigh...sometime stuff just happens. hugs, Linda

  5. Aren't you clever? To think ~ I just slice and bake those things! Thanks for all of the great ideas. Thank you for all of your support also. Hugs, laurie

  6. My idea of Semi-homemade! Love it :) You make everything look so good and pretty :)

    Thanks for stopping by my little blog :0) Glad we have something to relate to, but not glad that it's painful! I love your blog!!!!

  7. ummm, I love sugar cookies. I try really hard to keep a roll of it on hand but everyone around here eats the dough before I can bake the cookies. :))

  8. Yummy! My kids love the Pillsbury cookies. I've never thought about doctoring them up with cinnamon sugar. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Beautiful cookies! Love sugar cookies and easy one's even better!

  10. Those look fantastic, Diann. I use the Pillsbury cookies all the time and never thought to add anything to them, thanks for such great ideas!


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