A Little Garden Tea

Hi everyone!

I thought today we could enjoy our tea outside. I am sharing a new to me tea mug and saucer set. This is not a normal type of delicate teacup I usually buy. But, for some reason, when I saw it, I just really liked it and thought it would make a nice everyday set for me.

Carnation tea tray 006Carnation tea tray 005Carnation tea tray 007Carnation tea tray 009Carnation tea tray 008See, it was just a pretty little fun tea set.

Carnation tea tray 002I used a recently thrifted metal silver tray. It was only .25 cents and has quite a bit of rusted areas. But, that is okay by me because I picked it up to redo it.

Carnation tea tray 003Carnation tea tray 004Carnation tea tray 010At the same yard sale I picked up the tray, I also got these two little pretty lace work pieces for .25 cents each.

Carnation tea tray 011Okay, I know that everyone is saying why does Diann have a dead bouquet of pink carnations on this tea tray. Well, I just think when they are dried up like this, they are still beautiful and I wasn't ready to throw them away. As a matter of fact, I think I am going to hang them in our pantry and let them completely dry out. Do you let your fresh flowers dried completely out and then use them to decorate with?

Carnation tea tray 012I just wrapped some wide cotton lace trim around the stems.

Carnation tea tray 013Carnation tea tray 016Carnation tea tray 014Carnation tea tray 015Carnation tea tray 018Carnation tea tray 017Carnation tea tray 001Thank you for stopping by for a little tea with me in the garden today. I hope the rest of your day is beautiful!


  1. What a cute little tea set.
    That is a cute saying on it also.

  2. That is a very sweet teacup and saucer. I also love the saying and it is so sweet in pink. Your tea tray looks so pretty. I too enjoy dried flowers, something about the faded look seems so vintage. hugs, Linda

  3. Love the tea set, and I like the saying in it.
    Actually I love everything on the tea cart! xo,

  4. Oh Diane this little tea set is adorable.

  5. I loved the whole table!!! I have also dried flowers..by hanging and leaving them upside down...

  6. This tea set looks so much like one I gave a friend of mine years ago from the Gooseberry Patch catalog years ago when they sold other things besides books. I never got one for me but always loved it. I'm going to look it up. I love to dry flowers too (upside down) and then put them in something. I dried the sunflowers my son gave me for mothers day and looks so good. Roses dry especially nice; they looks so vintage.

  7. So pretty! I always hate to throw out flowers too. Looks like a lovely place for tea!

  8. Love your tea cup and the saying on it and inside it! What fun to drink tea from that. The border on that silver tray looks beautiful. I enjoyed having tea in the garden with you. laurie


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