Let’s Enjoy some Honey Bee Tea!

Hi everyone!

Last week I was having one of those days. I know I referred to the princess as the princess. Well, this particular day, had I written a blog post, she would have been referred to as the Monster child! Oh the joys of having a  three year old! the ever popular “No!” has seriously decided to enter her vocabulary. Anyway, we aren’t going to go there because I am sure you all know exactly what I am dealing with! So, after a not so peaceful evening, the next day I called my mom and said, “I need a break!” She watched her while Troy and I went out for a nice late lunch just the two of us and we stopped at a SA on the way home.

While I was looking around I notice Troy headed to the cashier. I thought that was odd but, I figured he had a question to ask her. As we gathered all our treasures and headed out to the truck, Troy said, “I found you a surprise”. Me being the patient wife that I am said, “What? Where? Can I have it now?” He handed me the bag and said, “I thought this would just make you smile”.

Want to know what it was?

Bumble Bee Tea 006Isn’t that just the cutest Bumble Bee tea set ever?!

Bumble Bee Tea 007Bumble Bee Tea 008Even the tea tray is a little bee hive with the cute little bees.

Bumble Bee Tea 010And yes, it did bring a big honkin’ smile to my face! I just adore it!

So, we are having our tea outside today and using this cute new gift!

Bumble Bee Tea 001The teacup is a recent yard sale find. It had no saucer and I can’t make out the stamp n the bottom. It just called to me, “Diann, I am all alone. Nobody loves me. See, they just put a sticker price of only .10 measly cents on me!”  So, of course I had to adopt it!

Bumble Bee Tea 002Bumble Bee Tea 003Bumble Bee Tea 004Bumble Bee Tea 005  I don’t know about you but, we grow a lot of chives and we grow them not only for the green stems but, for the flowers as well. We have already dried several batches of chives. They are so pretty and the flowers are wonderful to eat.  So, I decided to use a bouquet of blooming chives on the table today.

Bumble Bee Tea 011Bumble Bee Tea 013I placed the vase of chives in a little thrifted basket I recently found. I bought it to make a little herb planter to sell but, now I am kinda thinking I want it for myself. LOL I added a couple of brown and beige batik napkins tucked in the basket and a cotton doily under everything.

Bumble Bee Tea 014  Do you see all the chives in the background. We have some lining the front of our patio.

Bumble Bee Tea 015I just bought this eggshell plain pitcher at a yard sale. It is just the perfect size for me to enjoy outside. And I really like having simple and plain pitchers because they go with everything. And I use pitchers everyday. It is not uncommon to see 2 pretty pitchers filled with iced tea and iced water in our fridge throughout the summer. And sometimes a 3rd with lemonade.

Bumble Bee Tea 016Bumble Bee Tea 019I think we need to add some fresh spearmint to our ice water. I love to go out and pick some fresh mint to add to tea or iced water. It just gives the water that fresh hint of mint taste. This large oak barrel is filled with spearmint. We have another filled with peppermint and another with applemint (my fav!) . We are also growing chocolate mint, orange mint and pineapple mint.

Bumble Bee Tea 022Make sure you crush up the leaves a bit with your fingernail to release the oils.  And stir.

Bumble Bee Tea 021 It doesn’t hurt to add a couple to our glass of iced water. A nice cool fresh drink….with NO calories! Woohoo!

Bumble Bee Tea 017Some ice cold watermelon will hit the spot while we are out here.

Bumble Bee Tea 031Bumble Bee Tea 032Bumble Bee Tea 033Don’t you love to discover new to you dollar stores? I mean the smaller ones that aren’t part of the big chain ones.  The other day, while we were leaving the greenhouse, we spotted this small dollar store tucked back in a little strip mall. Oh, they had some wonderful things that my regular dollar store didn’t carry.  Which I will be sharing in the future. But, two things that I did pick up and plan to sit here and read are these two Trading Space decor books. A buck each.

Bumble Bee Tea 023I used to love this show. They went a little wacky toward the end of the series but, the first years of it was a lot of fun.

catsSo, while I have the afternoon to myself, I am going to completely forget about all the laundry I should be doing, the dusting,  the dishes and anything else that has to do with being stuck inside. It is a gorgeous 82 degrees, no wind, no rain and the humidity is only at 50%. That is a miracle here in Michigan!

Bumble Bee Tea 036 Bumble Bee Tea 037Bumble Bee Tea 035

Ahhhh…..life is good!

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  1. I saw a little bee preserve jar in the same design in a charity shop here last week! Scarlett x

  2. Oh my goodness! So beautifully unique! Perfect for an outdoor tea. :)


  3. Oh, it's beautiful! What a thoughful hubby! You set a beautiful summer patio table, I wish I was there to help you with princess too! They grow so fast, my Victoria is going to be 7 on the 19th., Father's Day and the younger is 4 and they're easy now, but they're still so funny, though! Lots of hugs. I'm also at MM, BNOTP. FABBY

  4. I absolutely love your new tea set! Your basket full of blooming chives looks so pretty.

    I remember those "no" days! Has the princess started with the "why?" yet? With my sons at that age everything was "why?"

    Enjoy your break!

    ~ Tracy

  5. I love that tea set. It is so cute. My granddaughter would love for us to have a tea party with something that cute. I'll have to be on the lookout now. And how sweet of your hubby to buy it for you "just because". (Thanks for agreeing with my FB comment. I'm sure it will offend some, but I think there should be standards on tv, esp now that school is out and young people could be watching.)

  6. What a special husband to get you that darling teaset. It's perfectly sweet. Our treehouse might need an extra special teaset.

  7. LOVED your whole post BUT I'm in love with that "Bee Tea Set"...What a thoughtful hubby!
    Have a Bee-Utiful Week.

  8. What a great hubs you have. That is just the cutest teaset.
    I remember those days with the boys and now with Lil T is going through it also.
    I think the worst stage was the "why"
    Have a great day.

  9. Oh my gosh.. Does Troy have a brother? LOL! What a SWEET hubby!!! I love your new Honeybee Tea Set!!.. Wish I could get to the dollar stores more than I do, but I'm over-the-moon excited that garage/yard sale season is just beginning! I can hardly stand the wait for the weekends now!!! ~tina

  10. Must have been a good week for thoughtful hubbies as mine also bought me a thrifty surprise..will be posted later in week..but now back to you and yours...it's bee-u-tiful tea set...80 degrees in Michigan... well as us Michiganders would say..Bring It On!!

  11. I think Winnie the Pooh might be coming for a visit to have some tea with that cute tea set!

  12. Your new tea set is cute Diann! Love the chive bouquet, I think it's really pretty! Glad you got some time to yourself:@)

  13. awww..your hunny sure knows how to make you smile! Lucky girl! Sweet tea set. I love bees. All of your photos are lovely and that watermelon has my mouth watering!

  14. Troy was so sweet and bought the cutest tea set. The bumble bees are too cute. In the summer we live off of watermelon in this Georgia heat. hugs♥O

  15. that tea set is ADORABLE!! and YUM! Loving all that chive, mint & watermelon!

  16. I love your cute tea set! The chives do look very pretty in yoru basket, great idea. And I love the mint in the water, sounds refreshing. Wonderful post and photos.

  17. I cannot believe your hubs found that adorable delightful bee set, *and* hid it from you, *and* paid for it without you seeing, *and* surprised you at the car with it!!! And it is so perfect in the mini tablescape you created with it! I'm so happy for you, and I'll stop by from Virginia some day for a nice cold glass of iced tea :)

  18. What a loving husband you have. I love the bee set for sure.. Thanks for sharing.. Your little one will love preschool..

  19. I don't think that I have ever seen the flowers on the chives they are so pretty. :) Your little tea set is just darling.

    Have a great week!

  20. Love the bee tea set! We also put chive flowers in salads, they are pretty and do add flavor.

    Now I will have to check out the dollar stores popping up all around us.

  21. That is the most adorable tea set and perfect to use outside. Your husband was so sweet to buy you this unexpected gift.
    Pitchers on the ready for hot summer days is a great idea.

  22. Your hubby is a keeper! Wow, what a fabulous surprise! I think that is the cutest bumble bee set I have ever seen. It looks wonderful at your table, and with your new orphan cup!
    Have a lovely day,

  23. Diann, you have one adorable husband and he is definitely a keeper! Your honey bee set is really cute and so perfect for an outdoors tea. Your chives are very pretty. BTW, I would love to have a three year old running around the house again. I really miss those days! Thank you for coming to tea and enjoy your day.


  24. I have the same Bee Tea Set and just LOVE it!! It is setting on my screened in porch. Thanks for sharing and enjoy.

  25. Love the bee tea set! (how thoughtful and romantic!) and I never knew chives were so beautiful! I'm gonna get me some!

  26. Like you say in your profile, you just can not help loving that man.

    All moms need a break now and then. Good moms DESERVE a break. whenever I was having a tough day my mother would smile and just tell me it was "payback." Whatever could she mean?

    I know what you mean about Trading spaces. When the concept was new and they went for quality over "themes" and fast dramatic changes, it was a better show. They still had fun but it was easier to watch.

  27. Oh this is perfect. I just want to sit there and join you. Love the bee tea set, it is gorgeous. Everything looks wonderful and inviting. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  28. Hi Diann. That honey bee tea set IS the cutest I've seen, What a thoughtful hubby!!!. I have a similar honey jar from my grandma that I love!! I have never thought of eating the flowers from the chives, please tell me how do you use them.


    P.S As the mother of four, I know every mother needs a break. it's so important to take care of the childrens mom!! she needs to last for many years :o)

  29. Well, I'd say that Troy is definitely a keeper. What a sweet surprise gift for you! I just love that adorable tea set. Your chive blossoms look like giant clover blossoms that the bees would just love.
    I love mint in my water and tea. I really need to plant some soon!

  30. Hello there lovely lady,

    What a honey Troy is to gift you with that dear little honey bee tea set!.., Too cute! ~ Every little detail from the teacups, to the chive blossom flowers, even the books and icewater and melons .., Yum!

    So summery and refreshing!

    Thanks for joining me for TTTT and also for my 86th 'Tuesday Tea For Two'; I always so enjoy having you join us as part of, 'Tuesday Tea Time In Blogland'!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  31. Well, I'm glad you have a mom and a husband that help give you a break. I don't have children, but I taught young children for 30 years. I know the patience it takes! Your surprise gift is dear. I have one of these little sets that I found at Tuesday Morning a while back. I'm eager to plan a tea setting using it as the star. It is a cute one! ~ Sarah

  32. That tea set is so cute! That Troy has a good eye and is a sweet guy for sure! Love the table you set also. A break is a good thing once in awhile for sure! hugs, Linda

  33. How very sweet!~ What a thoughtful guy! Love your new tea set! The chive filled basket and the inspired mint ice water look great! Those books for $1?! How cool is that - inspiring, thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,

  34. Isn't it wonderful when your sweetie gets you? Darling...enjoy...


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