Easy Sugar Free Berry Trifle

Hi everyone!

Nothing beats fresh berries on a warm summer day. Okay, maybe watermelon but, let’s say berries for today’s post! For a recent family get together I was asked to bring a sugar free dessert. I seem to be the designated sugar free dessert gal. LOL I had just cleaned a bunch of blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and blackberries and cut up the strawberries and added Splenda to the whole mix. They had been in the fridge overnight. So, that was why I made this yummy trifle.

recipe 024Ingredients:

1 box of sugar free vanilla pudding

2 cups of milk

1 box of sugar free jello

1 sugar free angel food cake

2 cups of mixed fresh berries

1/4 cup of Splenda

2 sliced up bananas

trMix berries with Splenda and refrigerate overnight. 

Prepare pudding according to directions and also prepare jello as directed. Set pudding aside. While jello is liquid, tear chunks of angel food cake apart and toss into the jello.

recipe 015Once all the angel food cake is in the jello, mix together gently to soak each piece of cake in the jello.

recipe 017Now start layering in your trifle dish.

 2 Now just repeat the layering.

This is best served very cold! You can add sugar free Cool whip in the layer if you want. This was such a yummy and refreshing dessert!

recipe 023

History of the trifle:

The earliest known use of the name trifle was for a thick cream flavoured with sugar, ginger and rosewater, the recipe for which was published in England, 1596, in a book called "The good huswife's Jewell" by Thomas Dawson. It wasn't until sixty years later when milk was added and the custard was poured over alcohol soaked bread.

Research indicates it evolved from a similar dessert known as a fool or foole, and originally the two names were used interchangeably.

While some people consider the inclusion of gelatinn to be a recent variation, the earliest known recipe to include jelly dates from 1747, and the poet Oliver Wendell Holmess wrote of trifles containing jelly in 1861

Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Diann that does look so refreshing! I love mixed berries so this is right up my alley...oh and it's easy! That's me...did that come out wrong? hugs, Lindah

  2. Beautiful trifle dish and wow what a great guilt free dessert! Thanks for the recipe.

    Susan and Bentley

  3. A beautiful dessert Diann! I have that bowl, as a matter of fact Rett just posted a pic of hers today too-fun:@)

  4. Delicious, beautiful, diet conscious dessert, what more can we ask for?! xo,

  5. Hmmmmm, wish I had some of this right now! Looks very pretty in that gorgeous dish.


  6. YUM!!! That sounds & looks delish! I could use a big bowl of it right now!!

  7. Lovely dish. I'm a berry girl for sure. Happy Foodie Friday.

  8. Perfect dessert! Not only does your photo look fab...the dessert sounds wonderful! (Love that you added bananas. Something a bit different.)
    Try it with sugar-free White chocolate pudding. Mmmmm....
    Jane (artfully graced)

  9. I love a good trifle! Having that lovely bowl to put it in certainly helps too :) We used to do these at home but didn't use any sugar or sweetener at all, just letting the pudding do for the sweet. I don't remember the jell-o either, so that's a really interesting element to try out next time too. I wonder if honey would work in it as well?

  10. I agree with all your previous commenters -- this dish looks lovely, and I'll bet it tastes wonderful. Berries are a big favorite around here; my only problem is figuring out how to make them last since my daughter can eat an entire carton of strawberries in one sitting :)

  11. Trifle made with fresh berries is the perfect summer dessert! I love yours, Diane.

    My Irish born sister-in-law introduced me to trifle many years ago. We always have one at Christmas for her!

  12. That looks deliciopus. I like the coplete sigar-free variation on an old classic.

  13. Looks amazing! And I love the dish it's in, so pretty!

  14. I just want to dip my fork right in! So pretty...

  15. I do like trifle and this looks good!

  16. DELICIOUS!! We're going to try Splenda around here a little more...we eat entirely too much sugar.

  17. I love trifle -- especially with fresh summer berries. Yummmmm.


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