Discovering those Odd Little Out of the Way Thrift Stores

Hi everyone! I am so glad you dropped by!

I thought I would show you a small little gem of a store I recently discovered that has some great thrift finds. I actually talked about this place a while back and shared with you some awesome silver pieces I bought. Here is that post and here are a couple of pictures from that post.

beaThe other day I met my dad for lunch at a little diner that is right next to this store. So, I had to do some window shopping that of course turned into buying!

misc 098 This store is located in Trenton, Michigan and the phone number is 734-675-4216 (just in case you see something in the windows you may want. I am sure he ships!). I just want to give this place a little acknowledgment. It is just a small little place and I really try to support these home town type businesses~! He also sells on Ebay. Seller ID is geno1959.

Okay, let’s do a little window shopping shall we?

misc 099misc 100misc 101This gentleman always seems to have a lot of silver items. And of course, that just makes me happy!

misc 102And is is always willing to negotiate! Love that!   

misc 103misc 104See that teapot? It is going to be coming home with me one of these days! LOL

misc 105So, did I purchase anything? What do you think? LOL here is a little sneak preview…..

misc 097I will share everything with you tomorrow for Thrifty Things Friday party!


Have a wonderful day!

And don’t forget, this Saturday is the 2nd monthly Thrifty Tablescape party! I hope you join us and how off how to set a beautiful table with thrifty finds!

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  1. WOW those silver pieces came out beautifully. You got a great deal.

  2. I love those little out of the way shops also. You can get the best deals in them. Love the 'price is negotiable' also. Looks like you got some great deals again.
    hugs, Linda

  3. great finds! love shiny things!
    that shop looks so cool, lots of things for everyone!
    happy 4th! be safe, have fun!

  4. I just love places like that-a treasure waiting to be unearthed!

  5. Thanks for sharing those wonderful treasures! Wish I had a shop like that in my town! Can't wait to see the results tomorrow!

  6. It is good to be back at last catching up with your blogging activities. These finds look fabulous cleaned up and it sounds as if your herb business is keeping you busy, how an earth do you find time for thrifting and blogging.

  7. I sure enjoy looking is shops like this one. Its just fun to go in to look and find a treasure to bring home. I think you found a treasure and sounds like you'll be going back for that pretty picture.
    Happy fourth of July

    The French Hutch

  8. I have a little hole-in-the-wall store that I visit about every other month and this gentleman gives me great prices. I bet these stores and their owners are a lot alike. From the look of the sneak preview you found some wonderful things!
    Thanks for coming to THT.

  9. I love places like that...and this looks like a step back in time shop that I would love to go in!!! How fun!!! Happy VTT!

  10. Thanks for the heads-up! As a fellow MI person, I always appreciate knowing about new places to visit on our trips around the state!


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