The 1st Monthly Thrifty Tablescape Party!!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited about today’s first monthly Thrifty Tablescape party! Woohoo!


I have had quite a few little whispers in my ears over the past year suggesting that I host a Thrifty Tablescape party. There are so many of us who enjoy tablescaping however, we can’t afford to go out and buy a ton of new dinnerware , glassware, flatware or other tablescaping goodies at a retail store. But, we enjoying thrifting and can put together some beautiful and fun tablescapes with our second hand/clearanced/freebie treasures! And that is what this party is all about.

For some reason I seem to enjoy making myself insane on a regular basis. I had a tablescape all ready for this first party awhile ago. And what do I do? I foolishly did a little thrift shopping this past week! And of course, found some wonderful dishes and whatnots. So, I decided that I just HAD to show off my latest finds.

However, I am totally justifying the new tablescape because I wanted to show not only 2nd hand thrifty finds but, also brand spankin’ new clearance items. Yeah, Diann, that’s a legitimate excuse! :)

So, let us begin!

Here is my tablescape I put together for you.

June TT 057

Now, let’s break this table down!

June TT 004I started with these green and cream placemats. These are new and purchased last Fall at Walmart end of summer clearance for .35 cents each. I used all 4 = $1.40

June TT 005

June TT 006

I just purchase 4 of these dinner plates and 4 bowls for a total of $1.00 (all 8 pieces) at SA this last Saturday. They are a heavy ceramic in a dark sage green and caramel colors. I am using 4 of the pieces on this tablescape so that is .50 cents.

June TT 007These beauties are the reason I totally went with a different tablescape for this first Thrifty Tablescape Party! Aren’t they gorgeous! Of yes folks, we are going to be layering up the dishes in this ‘scape! When I first saw these at the Christmas Tree Shops this Spring, I was in loooovee! And then when I went up there earlier this week and saw them clearanced, well, let’s just say I was doing an embarrassing happy thrifty dance all over the place! I used 2 Dinner plates at $1.49 each = $2.98

June TT 008 2 salad plates at $1.00 each = $2.00

June TT 009The bowls from the $1.00 thrifted set.

June TT 010Big pretty matching tulips bowls. Clearanced $1.00 each 2 =$2.00

June TT 011And I just couldn’t resist the little matching dish which will be perfect for dipping sauce/oils. .50 cents each 2 = $1.00

June TT 012June TT 013I just picked up these cute cupcake ramekins at CTS clearanced for .50 cents each 2 = $1.00

June TT 014June TT 018A large green linen napkin layered with the peachy napkin. The green napkins were a thrift find awhile ago. The set of 8 of them were $1.00 at Value World Thrift store. I used a total of 4 on this table so that would make it .50 cents. The Peachy & White napkins were a clearance Valentine set from TJ Maxx. Set of 4 for $1.50. I am using a total of three of them. That is $1.00

June TT 019

June TT 003The green floral ceramic napkin rings are from CTS at .25 cents each. 2 = .50 cents

June TT 033 I am using 2 green fruit design glass stemware at .20 cents each and 2 daiquiri glasses at .10 cents each. Both from yard sales. Total .60 cents.

June TT 020June TT 022The pretty yellow teapot I purchased at SA at the same time as I got the above dishes. It was $1.00. The beautiful milk glass cake stand was a yard sale fine quite literally a couple of hours before I did this tablescape! It was $1.50!

June TT 023June TT 024 The nicked up and a bit rusty here and there metal enamelware tray was a trash pick = FREE. The green candle was clearanced at CTS for .38 cents. The little matching creamer was $1.00.

June TT 025The old white enamelware coffee pot was a .50 purchase. I actually bought it to plant herbs in to sell.

June TT 037June TT 038Green candle .38 cents, vintage flatware $1.00 (for all) glass saucers FREE, 2 glass Boopie cups .10 cents each and the cool old wooden drawer was another pick out of the trash = FREE.

Now, I know I can do and have done cheaper tablescapes but, I just couldn’t resist these new clearanced tulip dishes! So the total cost for everything on this table is a grand total of: $18.44

Here are just some random pictures.

June TT 017June TT 026June TT 028 June TT 034June TT 035June TT 036June TT 044June TT 048June TT 051June TT 054June TT 055June TT 056Well, that’s it! I had sooooo much fun putting this table together for y’all! I really like the way it all came together and it just looks so pretty in real life. So, my first thrifty tablescape was a total of $18.44. I am happy!

Now, I have 2 little door prizes for two of you that have created a thrifty tablescape and joined this party! Want to see what they are?

Since I know so many of you don’t have Christmas Tree Shops in your area, I figured it was safe to get you a little goodie from there. And since it needed to be for tablescaping and it had to be thrifty, this is what I have for you…….

June TT 058June TT 060Lady Bug napkin rings! How cute are these! They are large and painted metal. A set of 4! And check out the price…50 cents each! So, that is one set. Here is the other……..

June TT 061

June TT 062 Bumble Bees! Love them!! A set of 4. They too, were clearanced for .50 cents each.

I am leaving this party up for 4 days. I will randomly pick out two names from everyone who links up to this post and announce the winner next Thursday! The first name picked will get first choice of which set they want. The second name will get the other one.

Next Month’s Thrifty Tablescape Party will be on July 2!

Okay, everyone, I can’t wait to see your thrifty tablescapes!! Woohoo!

I'm joining:
Miss Beverly for Pink Saturday!

Show Off Your Cottage
Amaze Me Monday
Masterpiece Monday


  1. Cute table Diann! Love the colors and fun flowers on the dishes! Totally ga-ga over your great milk glass cake plate! I hope the yard sales are good to me too:@)

  2. Fabulous beautiful..and fantastic of you to host a thrifty table..awesome! I'll be sure to play if i ever have anything thrifty to share!! Beautiful the flowers draped pretty..and the napkins too..all super fab!! Shine on..and congrats on hosting this new event..hooray!!

  3. Fabulous table Diann!...and OMG, such a bargain! I'm so jelous, I love your flower plates, the other plates my daughter has a complete set of four, really great! Thank you for hosting this great party, I just joined! I'm a party animal lately! Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Diann, You found such great stuff!! My CTS never has anything on clearance, never. I am going to speak to the manager about that :). Thanks for hosting this linky party, it is a great idea. xo,

  5. Oh Diann! So much fun!! I'd love to join in if I can put together a post in time, but if not, then I certainly hope to the next time around! I'll see what I can do!.. Love your table in the meantime!! The tulip dishes are BEAUTIFUL!! And I LOVE milk glass of course! The way you layered the pink and green napkins was a very pretty touch!.. The whole table is gorgeous, and of course, I love that it's outside! If I don't make it back with my own table setting this time around, then have a great weekend, and see again soon I'm sure! ~tina

  6. Diann I love this table. Those tulip dishes are so pretty and I don't blame you one bit for changing your plans. Still thrifty of course since you are the Queen! I love the milk glass cake plate and that yellow teapot for $1...SCORE! I am so excited I got my table done and photos taken before heading to camp. I am so excited for this party!! Thanks for hosting!!! hugs, Linda

  7. Oh look, I see your lovely soapwort blooming in the background by your chives. What nice herbs you have....

  8. OMG! Dianne you are the queen of thrifty tablescapes! I love this setting. It is so bright, fresh and cheery. I know it's a summer floral setting but it really has me thinking tropical for some reason. I love your placemats so very much! Your green SA plates were a steal! Beautiful setting!

  9. Oh My, I thought I was a thrifty shopper, you've put me to shame with these bargains.......I love how you make all the patterns and colors work together. Great tablescape and tutorial........Hope your weekend is great.

    The French Hutch

  10. Everything looks lovely. I adore those tulip dishes ~ great find! My daughter is a lady bug lover and the bees are cute too.

    Enjoy your table!

  11. WOw, you are thrifty indeed! Only $18 for all that wonderful stuff. I love the cake plate - I've had my eye on some in a store for $60 but now I know they're out there for the finding. (and yours is much better, too!)

    Lucky you!

    Happy PInk Saturday@

  12. Diane, those plates you found at SA are awesome!! What a great deal!! Your table scape is very very pretty! You are so creative gurly!!

  13. Wow, you did great! I love the teapot and flower napkin rings very pretty!
    And like Barbara said, my CTS never had those napkin rings, I love them! Lady bug, lady bug fly my way!

  14. Hi Diann! Nothing big or overly special, but fun just the same.. I posted my tablescape! Thanks for hosting. I'm already looking forward to the next one! ~tina

  15. I think next time, I'm shopping with YOU! Wow! Can't believe you put that whole tablescape together for less than $20! And it is beautiful... summery and cheery! :)

  16. I love thrifting! I have been tablescaping for a year now and that's how I set most of my tables! I am going to join you next month! I hope I remember...Thanks for sharing and I'm thrilled I found you.
    Blessings My Friend,

  17. I let this first date slip by me, but I hope to participate next month. I've got it on my calendar.
    You table is great and full of thrifty finds. Such fun! ~ Sarah


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