Thrifty Things Friday Party #9

Hi everyone!

**I am posting this early because I know a lot of folks are dealing with some major storms and with that comes power outages and loss of internet. Not to mention, Blogger (and Google in general) are all acting weird and it doesn’t seem to be getting fixed, at least not from my end of the internet. LOL I blog from LiveWriter (thank goodness). I still can’t leave comments on blogs unless you have the “URL/NAME” option for comments. So, know that I have been stopping by your blogs!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and a thrifty one!

One of my favorite things about thrifting is finding those special little things that you know someone else will love. I am always keeping my eye out for gifts for other people. They can be gifts for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day you name it. But, they can be for no reason at all. Just a gift that says, “I was thinking of you when I saw this”. That is what this thrift find was.

I love aprons. And so does my mom. And my mom actually uses aprons on an everyday basis. So, when I spotted this pretty apron at a second hand clothing store, I instantly snatched it up for my mom.

TTF9 006 It was hand painted by someone and they did a very nice job painting it.

TTF9 007 It was $1.29. But, just because it was so inexpensive, doesn’t mean the gift is of any less value. I searched though my stash of wrapping paper and ribbons. That is another thing I  thrift, ribbon and other gift wrapping items. I like to keep a stash on hand. Sometime you don’t want to throw your gift in a gift bag. A wrapped present is so nice to receive.

TTF9 008 I decided to use some of this roll of free newspaper paper. It is the end of the roll and the local newspaper will give them away.

TTF9 004  I also recently found this pretty Iris photo box at a thrift store for 75 cents. These are always great to have around. Knowing my mom, she will probably give the box back to me. Which is fine by me. I use these boxes for a lot of different things.

gift wrap  I found these clearance gift tags by Paula Deen at Michaels for .50 cents a package. The pretty yellow/white/gold wired ribbon was an after Christmas clearance item. It didn’t look Christmasy to me so, for .19 cents, I bought it!  And I am ALWAYS stocking up on cute “all occasion” cards. I use these for a gazillion things. When I sell an item on Ebay, I always include a little card with a personal thank you from me. So, when I see these little cute packages of cards clearanced  for .25-.50 cents, I always pick up a few packs. And don’t forget tissue paper. I have had this toile tissue paper for over a year. I had bought several packages at Hobby Lobby clearanced and have made several projects out of them.

TTF9 012Using pretty tissue paper, adding a little note and then a pretty little tag turns a gift into a fun and pretty treasure.

TTF9 015A simple bow and tag completes the gift.

TTF9 013-tileSo much more fun to open a wrapped gift and turn the little thrift find into something special than using a gift bag.   It’s all in the details. And those details don’t need to cost a fortunate, which they can if you have to race out ad buy he things at full price. Always stock up on these kinds of things. It really makes the recipient of the gift feel special.

happythumb_thumb[1]  Please grab the above button!

Check out these awesome folks from last week’s party!

Jane at Mamie Jane’s created this wonderful display stand from a thrifted vintage strainer! Love this idea!


Kim at Musings from Kim K shared with us the super cute button bouquet. And she shared the tutorial for us!

button_bouquet12Jordan from Sir Thrift a Lot always has the quirkiest thrifty finds to share. And this week is not different. check out his thrifted shot glasses.


Thank you for sharing great thriftiness!

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TTSNext Saturday, June 4th, will be the first Thrifty Tablescape party!  Woohoo! All you thrifty dish lovers out there, this is for you! Show off your great tablescape thrift finds! I know there are a lot of talented thrifty tablescapers out there. I have seen some of your awesome tablescapes! You guys can rock out a No-Full-Retail Table!  You don’t have to have a huge full blown table, a thrifty table setting is fine. Of course, if you are one of those mega rich ultra thrifters that live in a castle and have a table that seat 45 people, by all means whip up a thrifty tablescape to show us! :)

I would appreciate if you could spread the word about this once a month party! Thank you!

Okay, let’s party!


I’m joining:

Home Sweet Home

Feathered Nest Friday

Show and Tell Friday


  1. Thanks for sharing my button bouquet. Your apron is darling. I'm totally addicted to aprons. I have a whole wall of aprons hanging up on my craftroom with clothes pins. Can't get enough!!

  2. You turned that into a gift one wants to look at a while before opening.

    And the thought you put into each detail makes it even more special.

  3. I LOVE that apron, the lucky lady to get that gift is So Fortunate! I LOVE things like that. I am "NOT,NOT,NOT" a mall person, I LOVE second time around fun stuff... Thank you for hosting and sharing your treasures...
    Have a wonderful holiday weekend.

  4. your finds...especially the apron! Happy holiday weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  5. what an adorable apron & gorgeous wrapping! I LOVE wrapping presents!

  6. I'm crazy about that hand painted apron...someone's going to be a lucky lady! If it's me, don't worry, I have an American address, hehehe...thank you for hosting, you have a great post! Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I remember my mil would always have an apron on everyday too.
    When I see them I think of her so many times.
    your finds are always so great.
    Have a nice day.

  8. Nice finds Diann! The wrapping stuff can really add up. Thanks for having us!

  9. I love getting gifts like this. It really is the thought that counts and it's crazy to think that the more expensive gifts are better. You sure found some great things at bargain prices. I continue to have the same problem when I try to leave comments.

  10. Cute apron Diann, I'll bet your Mom loves it:@)

  11. I wear an apron everyday so I am always on the lookout for new ones and what a bargain.

  12. You truly are the Queen of Thrift, Diann. Those are all nice items at good buys....Christine

  13. I marvel at other people's talent! The apron is so cute and so well done. What a wonderful find and a lovely gift. Thanks for hosting and have a nice Memorial Day weekend.

  14. Love the post today, the apron is so cute, then you wrapped it extra special...
    ~~HUGS for a great weekend~~
    I agree this week in blog land and PC world in general has been challenging..hope it's all fixed soon!

  15. That is such a cute apron and beautiful wrapping.

    Blogger is being a pain! I have lost all of my followers... trying to not panic and be patient.

  16. What treasures! I LOVE the apron! Thank you for hosting! Christie at Three Pixie Lane

  17. Love those cute bird tags..very pretty! Have a fun weekend. :)

  18. Hi Diann! What a great idea post! A gift isn't the cost it's the effort...and your packaging is one of a kind! Thanks for hosting this party too! I'll post about your new party coming up;0)


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