Thrifty Things Friday Party #6

Hi everyone!

(I am posting early today because we are heading home from the campground and generally after the road trip and hauling everything into the house, I just want to crash. So, instead of forgetting to post, I am doing it early)

Today’s thrifty finds were from a couple of yard sales, a thrift store, a flea market and an antique store. I already showed a couple of items earlier this week from our thrifting adventure while camping this past weekend. But, I have a few more things to show.

Within a couple of blocks of the festival, I was able to hit a couple of yard sales. I main goal was to find a cheap summer wardrobe for the Princess. I wanted things to leave at our trailer so I didn’t have to keep hauling clothes back and forth from home to the campground.

I got lucky at one yard sale. Lots of little girl size 4T summer clothes and only a dime for each item! There are 4 more pieces of clothes. They are in the wash right now.Yay!


5-11 Bargains 003And since the princess is into anything that twirls, I just had to pick up this little ballerina skirt for .50 cents.

5-11 Bargains 004My mom bought the princess this little tea set from the thrift store. She loves it!

5-11 Bargains 0015-11 Bargains 002At another yard sale, I got this pretty white eyelet table runner and matching smaller piece.  Both pieces for .10 cents!

5-11 Bargains 018At the thrift store, I got this pretty floral sheet. I think it will make a pretty summer tablecloth or patio cushion covers!   It was $1.25.

5-11 Bargains 016At the outdoor flea market I got this cute (doesn’t look like it was used at all) purse and a set of vintage sugar and creamer.

5-11 Bargains 010The purse was .25 cents and the the creamer and sugar set was .15 cents!

5-11 Bargains 012I love he black and white check inside the purse.

5-11 Bargains 014At the antique store I got these pretty things.

5-11 Bargains 005This set of Royal Doulton plates will become a tiered serving dish. Not bad for .50 cents for the two pieces.

5-11 Bargains 006I have a dinner plate for both of these next dishes already. So, these two will also become tiered serving dishes.   All three of the tiered set will be for sale at our next festival. Each were .50 cents.

 5-11 Bargains 007  5-11 Bargains 008 And I got two more crystal open salts for $1.00 each. They aren’t the same but, I have 6 already and want a set of 12. So, I am always looking for thrifted salts.

5-11 Bargains 009Besides the things I showed on my tea post Tuesday (teapot, teacup, magazines and book) I also picked up 2 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts for me (.50 cents each item) and I also bought a large garbage bag of packing peanuts for .25 cents. I am always looking for those and hate to pay for them at Office Depot!

Those were my thrift finds for the week. What did you find?

Let’s check out this weeks featured bloggers from last week’s TTF!

happythumb_thumb[1] Please feel free to take this button!

Joyce at the Quilted Nest was the ultimate in thrifting! She picked up these beautiful flowers for FREE! All she had to do was ask!

blossomDebbie at Slice of Pie found this wonderful bird cage and figurines!

cage Sherry at Back 2 Vintage found this fantastic old children’s books!


Thank you ladies for sharing with us!

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Oh no!, Diann is going “party” crazy!

I have had several people ask me in the past to have a “Thrifty Tablescaping party”. Since all of my tablescapes consist of thrifty finds, I thought why not!  But, until I see how well it is received, I am going to host this party on the first Saturday of each month.

So, the first “Thrifty Tablescape Party” will be on June 4!

Okay, so, start looking in yard sales, craigslist, thrift stores, flea markets, you name it for some new to you tableware and accessories.

REMEMBER, the whole point of this party is to use and show off your awesome THRIFTED things! Get creative and have fun with it!

TTSI would appreciate it if you c/p this little party button to your sidebar and/or just help spread the word about this party! Thanks everyone!


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  1. Oh my, what a fantastic group of dishes and linens and I LOVE your purse. Your really did find some fabulous bargains. Thanks for hosting. Hugs, Marty

  2. Great finds Diann! Eyelet runners for 10¢, oh boy! Salt cellars are so cute, I don't think they need to match at all. I went to my fav flea market today, no luck, not one purchase-bummer:@)

  3. Thanks for hosting. I wish it would warm up enough here for garage sales to start.

  4. Hi Diann thanks for popping over. You reminded me about your party. I am trying to link ut troubles on my end...will keep trying.

  5. Lovely things Diann, I have a victorian table salt but it's a lot plainer than the ones you've found. I keep hairgrips in mine!

    Thanks for hosting the party
    Lakota x

  6. Hi Diann! Love your finds..especially the eyelet and those plates! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  7. You found such cute things for your little Princess!!! I love the tidbit tray idea for your plates...I hope you'll post them. Thanks so much for featuring my Big Little Books from last week's party!!!

  8. Wow! I cannot believe you got that Kate Spade purse for 25 cents. And princess must be having a ball with all her new stuff....Christine

  9. What great yard sale prices! I actually put back a $3.50 shirt back at Goodwill today because I thought I could do better at a yard sale. Goodwill is just so convenient ~ whiney voice.

  10. Diann,
    Now those are my type of sales!! Great items at great prices!! Fantastic!!


  11. Diane what wonderful finds!! I have to tell you I am jealous of your prices. I have those same white eyelet lines but I paid 1.00 for three pieces!!
    Also, that ivory dinner plate with the roses. I have a whole 10 piece set of those with cups and saucers!!
    Actually I owned a whole set years ago, my mother in law bought us, that was in my first marriage! I did not like them ,cause I was 18 years old, so I got rid of them. When I got older and started appreciating pretty dishes, I wished I had kept them.
    I was shopping at Good Will one day and I found the set I have today!

  12. Whoa- major bargains here! Love the eyelet runner and all those plates. I never see anything priced less than a quarter, ever! And the Kate Spade purse for 25 cents? Unheard of! Thanks for hosting! ~ Sue

  13. Diann, I have decided that there is something about you that makes sellers run mark down their goodies when they see you coming! I cannot believe what great deals you got on all of these treasures! I bet the Princess will be spinning around in that skirt all day long. the prices on those pieces of china were just amazing! You may have already shared this on your blog, but I don't remember. What kind of glue do you use on your china pieces? Great purse too. The thrifted tablescape party sounds like fun. Now, I just have to remember it! Thank you for hosting. laurie

  14. Holy mackeral, Diann, you got some smokin' deals. Loved that springy and cheerful. Everything you picked up was terrific. Thanks for sharing and thanks for hosting the par-tay. Susan

  15. Great bargains, Diann! What great prices on the clothes. My son has 4 little ones, but the last 3 are boys, so they just pass it down.
    I had saved a pair of Osh Gosh overalls from when he was little, they were still in great shape! DIL emailed a pic of the 5 yo in them! I don't think the ones made today would last though!
    Love the eyelet runner too!

  16. Oh My Gosh!! What great dishes! and clothes! And linens! AND Prices!! Way to go!! Love the little rose dishes ♥♥

  17. Can you delete 23 and 24 please? My computer kept getting stuck and said to start over like 3 I have 3 posts. Sorry....:(

    Thank you.

    Great always find the best stuff!

  18. good find, I like the eyelet material.

  19. You found some great deals!

    Count me in for the Thrifty Tablescaping party!


  20. Oh WOW, I want to go thrifting with you! You always find the cutest things! My little grand daughter would go nuts over the tea set.
    Love the eyelet runner and the dishes.
    Thanks for hosting and get some rest!

  21. What fun and thrifty those little floral plates! Thanks for hosting Thrifty Things Friday :)
    Big hugs,

  22. What a cute little tea set! Can't wait until Lily is old enough to play with one ;)

  23. Don't you love this time of year? You can buy an entire wardrobe for a couple of bucks. You'll never find a thrift store seeling clothes for a dime. I am amazed at your flea market finds and such great prices!

  24. As always you have found some awesome deals. I truly think you are the best thrifty shopper I know. Love that you found all those clothes so cheap and those plates will make great serving stands. I am excited you are going to do the the thrifty tablescaping party!! Yippee....I will add it to my sidebar and join you on June 4th! hugs, Linda

  25. Diann,
    You found some gorgeous stuff. Lovely china and I love the salt cellars. Thanks for linking this up!


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