Revisiting Red, White and Black

Hi everyone!

Earlier this week I made myself tackle a project I had been putting off. That was going through all my table linens and purging and sorting and just getting them organized. It turned into a huge job because I pulled out EVERY linen I owned! OYE! But The Tablescaper is having her 2nd "Where do you keep it all" party and I thought I better get a jumpstart on straightening some things! And I knew I needed to get rid of some linens.

I was in a mountain of linens. I had a "throw away bag", "donate bag" and "goes downstairs to be used for everyday bag".

As I was going through everything I was looking for my vintage red and white tablecloth because I wanted to use it in an upcoming outdoor tablescape.

So, I thought I would revisit last years little outdoor tablescape that I used this vintage tablcloth. Also, a recent thrifting trip turned up another one of these cool retro metal trays. Not the same design but, it is obvious they were part of a set. Of course, for $1.50, I bought it. We have used this round tray a gazillion times. We seem to be a tray kind of family. LOL I am always taking drinks outside for us when we are working around the yard or I will put all my craft things on it and take it into the living room to work on a project.

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Flea Market Finds

Last week my mom and I went exploring. Okay, we were checking out all the new little resale shops that have popped up around us. I am always amazed how these little stores can stay in business. Well, actually they don't. They try and then they kind of just disappear after a while.

The first 2 that we stopped at we didn't buy anything. Way too expensive. The third one I did find a couple of little treasures.

I found 3 vintage milk glass coffee cups. This is my first milk glass cups so, I was excited to find them.

And the other thing I found was this vintage red and white tablecloth with little cups and silverware images on it. I have been looking for a vintage red and white tablecloth for a very long time. It was marked $3.00. When I looked at it I noticed a torn area along one edge of it. I showed the sales person and asked it she could discount it any more. She sold it to me for $1.75.

So, this post started as my post for Rednesday and White Wednesday because I got these two perfect items to show. And then I thought well I really wanted to include it in Vintage Thingie Thursday as well. Okay, that will work.

So, I took the tablecloth outside to put it over the patio table to take pictures to show you all. Then I added the white milk glass cups. So far, so good right? Well, then the mail arrived and I got this awesome beautiful vintage napkin from our lovely hostess Sue that matched a tray I showed a few weeks ago for Rednesday and Vintage Thingie Thursday. Isn't it amazing the wonderful people we meet online? I never knew that was going to happen when I started this little blog over a year ago. Through blogging, we are able to meet awesome people from all over the globe. It really is still very amazing to me. But, I am so grateful to have met you all! Okay, enough of that. LOL Here is the tray.

And here is the vintage napkin Sue sent me. Isn't it perfect! Thank you again Sue!! I just love it!

So, now I really wanted to show the tray with this awesome napkin as well. As I looked at the patio table with all these fun new to me items on it, I thought I might as well create a tablescape out of all it! Don't ya just love the whole "snowball" effect? LOL

So, here we go. Another major thrift store, resale shop, flea market, yard sale,
Dollar Store and even some brand new pieces. Of course those last things were bought at clearance prices. In other words, this is a normal Diann mixed up tablescape!

I started, of course with the vintage tablecloth. Then I added these white with black scrolly design edged plates that I got at the Dollar Tree. My Dollar Tree still has a few of these left.

Then I added these beautiful Royal Stafford black and white transferware salad plates. I got these at TJ Maxx clearanced for $1.00 a piece.

Next the simple white saucers from the set of dishes I bought ages ago from Salvation Army.

Then to top it off, I added a red vintage Pyrex bowl that I found at a flea market last year sometime.

I used the gold and white clear Lily of the Valley glasses that I have shown you before. I have 3 different sizes of this pattern and 4 of each of them. I got them last year at a yard sale (I think).

I added a couple of yard sale find glass pieces and a candle.

A flea market red and white Pyrex oval dish with a milk glass vase.

I used my everyday Johnson Bros. Ironstone saucers under the new vintage milk glass cups.

Then I just threw the coffee tray together using my fun vintage metal tray and Sue's fun vintage napkin. I added a vintage black and gold glass Pyrex carafe.I placed the coffee pot on a square retro white and gold design glass plate. I have had this forever. My two daiquiri crystal candlesticks. A vintage milk glass creamer and sugar. And the little white frosted glass votive holder with bling on it, I used to hold the spoons for coffee. I just got this little holder last week at Hobby Lobby. It was clearanced to $1.23.

So, what started out as just showing a couple of new to me finds, turned into this fun retro looking outdoor table. And of course, as normal for me, a tablescape for under $15.00.


  1. I love it Diann! I have bowls from the dollar store that have red and black scrolly designs on them! We bought them when we moved and my Sweets wanted red curtains and our kitchen cupboards are dark cherry! It is a cheerful kitchen but I wish I had those plates to match! I love what you put together. Very cool. Enjoy your Saturday! Anne

  2. Red, white and black is one of my most favorite color combos! I LOVE everything you displayed especially that tray! Wow -- that is fantastic! I have a lot of 'mis-matched' linens, tea cups, etc. and I think I need to start 'table scaping' -- need to come up with some nice themes like yours and fill in with some new finds! Thanks for sharing your lovely table and treasures!

  3. you know I love red... so you had me at HELLO!!

  4. Beautiful tablescape. Love the colors, and to be outdoors is even better. Hugs, marty

  5. I love your tablescape, it's beautiful! The red, black and whites are terrific and all your bargain finds, wow!, I am jelous!
    Have a nice weekend.

  6. Diann I'm so glad you showed this great tablescape again. It's funny how they start how with a few new bits to share and a tablescape appears! I have the matching casserole to those red Pyrex bowls! I'm looking forward to the thrifty tablescaping party. Gosh I better getting cleaning so I can show my 'where to I keep it all' again. hugs, Linda

  7. Diann what a great table scape! I love the Dollar Tree Plates! I love how you paired it with the TJ Max plates!

  8. This is fun to see; however it's amazing to hear the word "vintage" with that red and white checked tablecloth as I remember using one!

  9. a good thing, to guide us through your thrifts like so... like i was sitting at your table. thank you! i really love the graphics on that tray, and i also adore the bigger plates...

  10. A fun table Diann! I can't believe you found those plates, that I drool over every year, at TJM for $1 each! They are beautiful-enjoy:@)

  11. Oh I love those milk glass pieces, especially the little jug!

  12. This just speaks to my heart!

    Susan and Bentley

  13. I'm so happy I inspired some cleaning out. Now, if I could just inspire myself! LOL!

    I'm loving your black, red and white creation.

    Thanks so much for joining my Birthday Party at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  14. You stinker!!!! I used to own that exact same tray & I gave it away. BUMMER!!! It looks wonderful with all your reds & whites & those GORGEOUS plates! *Drool*

    That's it....I'm never throwing anything else away. "Hoarders" show, here I come!!! LOL

  15. This color combination is just stunning together. Beautiful table, Diann.

  16. I'm never seen milkglass coffe cups before. The napkins go perfectly with your adorable tablesetting.

  17. I love it when our new pieces inspire a tablesetting! The tray is great and the little napkin is adorable. I love the setting you put together.


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