Red Rose Restaurant Ware Table

Hi everyone!

Well, I have to tell you, this set of dishes had been calling to me for over a month at a local SA. But, they priced each piece individually and I refused to pay their price. So, I waited and keep my fingers crossed that by the time the “Yellow sticker” items went half off, they would still be there. Finally yellow sticker came up half off and the dishes were still there. Yippee!

red rose restaurantware 008Isn’t the red rose pattern on these Mayer dishes so pretty! I really love them. They have been “rotated” into our everyday dishes.

red rose restaurantware 002red rose restaurantware 003red rose restaurantware 012I had a cheapo clearanced set of deep red tassels that I cut and used each end as a napkin tie. My plaid napkins are about a gazillion years old. LOL They are used as one of our everyday napkins.

red rose restaurantware 014red rose restaurantware 015The pretty placemats are reversible and match the napkins. These poor placemats are really on their last legs. They have been used so many times over the past years. But, they are so pretty, it is taking me a long time to get rid of them.

red rose restaurantware 001I also used a large woven square placemat under the floral one for a little extra look and texture.

red rose restaurantware 029

red rose restaurantware 009red rose restaurantware 010I chose to use my etched hummingbird glasses with frosted glass stems. These are Avon and I have had them since the early 1980’s.

red rose restaurantware 004red rose restaurantware 005I used thrifted red metal candle sticks and added real red carnations. Check these out.

3-11 Bargain Finds 1423-11 Bargain Finds 143I found this box of two candlestick flower arrangers in one of my $1.00 auction boxes and just thought they were so fun!

3-11 Bargain Finds 144-tilered rose restaurantware 016-tileIsn’t that fun?

red rose restaurantware 0113-11 Bargain Finds 093I just think this set is so pretty. I am not sure of the date of these dishes. They do not have a numbered stamp on the back and the Mayer China company didn’t start using date codes until after 1950.

red rose restaurantware 021 red rose restaurantware 025 For my centerpiece, I used this old frame, added a matching napkin, a few faux roses, a plate stand and some of the extra plates.

red rose restaurantware 031

red rose restaurantware 026red rose restaurantware 027These beautiful cut crystal sorbet glasses were also in one of my $1.00 auction boxes. There was only two of them. They are so pretty!

red rose restaurantware 028

red rose restaurantware 030

So, there you have it! My long and patiently awaited Red Rose “Sharon” Restaurant Ware dishes! Do you like Restaurant Ware dishes? I love them. They are so heavy and durable. And I always wonder where they were originally used. A hotel? Restaurant? Train? Cruise Ship? They have an almost romantic feel to them.

For me, I always picture some Casabanca-esque scenario with these type of dish finds. A forbidden love affair or secret risqué rendezvous. I know, I have a very active imagination! But, it’s fun to step back into a different time and let your imagination out to play for awhile. And you will notice, I only set the table for two tonight! Now, if only Troy would walk in dressed as Humphrey Bogart………….

MV5BMTkyMjAwODQwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNzQ5MTUyNA@@__V1__CR0,0,1557,1557_SS99_'s still the same old story, a fight for love and glory, a case of do or die, the world will always welcome lovers, As Time Goes By."


Ilsa: I can't fight it anymore. I ran away from you once. I can't do it again. Oh, I don't know what's right any longer. You have to think for both of us. For all of us.
Rick: All right, I will. Here's looking at you, kid.
Ilsa: [smiles] I wish I didn't love you so much

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  1. Your new dishes are very pretty Diann, I'm glad they waited for you:@) My jaw actually dropped when I saw the Candlestick Flower Arranger-LOVE IT! I've actually made 'rings' out of oasis and placed them in holders shaped like a little cup before, this idea is just too neat-enjoy!

  2. I love your new dishes. Anything in red roses is bound to be beautiful. You were lucky they lasted long enough for the sale!

  3. I totally love this dishes, you did perfect buying them! Those big red roses are wonderful and lucky they were there for the sale! The little CANDLE STICK flower arrangement piece is just terrific, wish I could get trip to Florida I make, I'll look for it! Great idea.

  4. Diann I love those dishes! I love restaurant ware and those are some of the prettiest I've seen. You 'old' placemats and napkins are perfect with this. The flower candle things are so that you used them. Now if Troy walks in and is wearing a white dinner jacket you must take time goes by! hugs, Linda

  5. Beautiful table! Diann, I ♥♥♥ those dishes...such a pretty pattern. I have some restaurant dishes the same color (Buffalo China Rebecca) and some green ones that I use a lot, they do stand up to a beating. The placemats and napkins go so happily with the dish pattern.

  6. My grandpa always told me that good things come to those who wait. I can see that this applies to you.
    It is beautiful and I love how you put everything together.

  7. Love your new dishes, they are so pretty and your tablescape is just stunning. I also love the flower rings and the beautiful plate stacker you have. Gorgeouw tablescape. Hugs, Marty

  8. Pretty post, love the china and the pretty red plaid.

  9. Oh i want to find some of those candlestick flower holders...just wonderful!! i don't blame you for wanting those very pretty!!

  10. Wow, I do love Restaurant Ware Dishes now! Yours are gorgeous, and make a beautiful table setting. Thanks for your visit, I'm your newest follower. I'll visit often and please to come back to visit me.

    The French Hutch

  11. I kinda have a problem with SA and Goodwill and their pricing. This stuff is all donated. They don't have to purchase their inventory, and yet they mark some things way to high, if you ask me. I've seen $2-3 per plate. It should be that much for 4. Ok, thanks for letting me get that off my chest! Anyway, I love those plates and the tablesetting that you created around them!
    Happy REDnesday,

  12. You are truly the queen of table scapes!! Love the dishes and those candle/bouquets are so unusual and cute! I'm torn between wanting to follow you around to the sales- or just sitting at your table all day, enjoying the fabulous finds!

  13. Such beautiful plates and a beautiful setting!

  14. Lovely post - and thanks for stopping by at my place!Look forward to *seeing* you again!

    XOXO Lola)

  15. I'm so glad they were there waiting for you! What a wonderful display- so coordinated and pretty!

  16. They are so beautiful Diann! I'm glad you got them and at a great price! Half off! Love that! Beautiful table setting!

    Have a Great Day!

  17. Yippee!!! I'm so glad they were still there for you. I have the same problem with SA---sometimes a might bite pricey. Lovely dishes and napkins. Thanks for dropping by today.

  18. Pretty dishes. I absolutly love the candlestick flower holder. What a great find.

  19. Diane, your rose dishes are gorgeous!!

  20. I just love your new rose dishes. They were worth the wait....and your tablescape is beautiful!
    Marianne :)

  21. With dishes like that, I'd soon find myself asking for a fourth helping of dinner!


    “To live without red is a sin!”
    She said, with a rubicund grin.
    “A world without red?
    I’d rather be dead!
    No crimson? It shivers my skin!”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red Art in Mexico

  22. I enjoyed this post so much..beautiful table!

  23. Diann...I just RAN over to Ebay & bought a set of those candlestick flower arrangers after seeing yours! I have a big one for doing centerpieces & have always wanted more. I used to fill them with gardenias in FL. Very easy & very pretty!

    So are your new dishes, BTW. Love those pretty red roses & you've set the table beautifully.


    BTW, I paid Waaaay more than you did, but I wanted them!

  24. Love your beautiful new dishes.. I love the flowers! your candle vases are perfect,, what a great find. lovely table.

  25. Love those dishes and how charming your flower/candle vases are. This is a beautifully set table.

  26. Gorgeous dishes. Well done; such patience!

  27. Diann,

    Your dishes are beautiful. Did you hide them behind some ugly pile of stuff until 1/2 off yellow sticker day came?! :)


  28. You really have the groove on thrifty lady. Love the dishes and the table setting! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  29. Very pretty dishes and patience is rewarded! And a lovely table as well.

  30. I really love your new dishes! They are beautiful!

    Thanks so much for the anniversary wishes! It was a good day. Hard to believe how much time has past and how quickly.

    Have a wonderful VTT and a great weekend.

  31. I love your new dishes. Congratulations on a great thrift find!!!

  32. Such a pretty pattern on these cafe plates! I'm glad you got 'em! Having something so durable and pretty to use every day is just a bonus!

  33. I love these dishes. I am always on the look out for Restaurant dishes. They have stood the test of time. And some are so pretty. Love this design.

    Jocelyn @

  34. So pretty, so happy, so joyful and I love those flower arrangers. You just don't see stuff like that around any more. Perhaps you'd like to link this post to Seasonal Sundays for Mother's Day.

    I appreciate your comment on my Royal Wedding Breakfast Part I and thought you might like to know that Part II is up now.

    - The Tablescaper

  35. Love the dishes - - - so glad SA "saved" them for you to get at such a bargain price.

  36. Oh! How could you wait for those dishes? Such patience was rewarded! I love your dishes, and like you, I want to know the story behind restaurant dishes. The plaid is just perfect with them.


  37. Howdy Diann! :0)
    I LOVE your find the best stuff! lol Those little candlestick arranger thingys are so neat...I've never seen anything like them before.
    Thanks for linking up to my party..I SO enjoy seeing your goodies each week!

  38. Thanks so much for linking your beautiful table to Treasure Hunt Thursday. Those dishes are a treasure for sure.
    Love how you did the centerpiece and how cute are those candle arrangers?

  39. Diann, what a lovely setting! The Mayer Sharon dishes are really pretty; I'm so glad you got them and at the discount price! I've never seen candlestick flower arrangers before; what a unique and very useful thing to find!

    The colors in your 'scape all go together so well. Your napkins and placemats sure look like new! i like how you used the other mat underneath at an angle. Looks great!

    This is a beautiful setting!

  40. Good for you! Patience pays off. It's a lovely set and certainly makes for a beautiful table. ~ Sarah


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