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Hi everyone!
I promise this is the last of the Maple Syrup Festival pictures. But, I just had to show some parade blues.
maple festival 2011 064It is only fitting to start out with the most important “Blue” in any American parade, our flag. I don’t know how any of you feel but, it really is bothering me a lot that very few people stand when our flag is presented. Do they not teach this any more? I wish I could say that the people who didn’t stand when the flag was in front of them were young adults. But, it was all ages.
maple festival 2011 071Every emergency type vehicle within a 50 mile radius gets to be in the parade!
bandsmaple festival 2011 079The local Daisy Troop! 
maple festival 2011 085Her Highness! In a lovely dark blue gown.
maple festival 2011 091  Dangerous wild animals in blue cages!
maple festival 2011 093This was just too cool. A John Deere tractor modified with a picnic table. this guy gave shuttle rides to everyone from one part of the festival to the next.
jdmaple festival 2011 099And you have to have a guy walking in the parade carrying a baby goat!  Oh, and look at that lovely blue house in the background.
maple festival 2011 106-tilemaple festival 2011 137The princess freaked out a little bit when Ronald approached her. Can’t say that I blame her!
maple festival 2011 158Just fun.
maple festival 2011 161I think I want one of these!
carsThank you for sharing the parade with me! Have a wonderful Day!   
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maple festival 2011 186
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  1. Wow, it looks like a great parade. I love the mosaics and the photos. The baby goat is cute. Have a great week!

  2. Love the John Deere picnic table! Fun!

  3. great photos. I really love the guy with baby goat!

  4. Great pics, wish I could have a little of real maple cirup. Love your mosaic of pics too!
    Happy Mother's Day.

  5. Looks like a super fun time!!!!!

  6. I like the marching bands best. When they play a march I want to join the parade! Nancy

  7. What a great parade! Nothing more American than that. Love the tractor/picnic table!

  8. I love to see photos of peoples life events, Diann. Great job on all the photos of the Maple Festival. Thanks for taking us all to the event! Susan

  9. What a fun parade! I love those blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  10. There is just something so lovely about a small town parade. Those blues are beautiful.

  11. Never tire of seeing parades filled with many pretty blues.

  12. OMG the perfect parade for Blue Monday ;)

  13. Such beautiful photos you took.

    Please drop by at my BLUE, when you have time. Thanks!

  14. love your red, white and blues very pretty and patriotic come see what I shared on my blog at

  15. Great pics, hehehe at the dangerous animals and the table on wheels! Scarlett x


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