A Little Makeover

Hi everyone!

I don’t have a home office. I do most of my computer stuff and bills and what nots in the dining room. Now, we have a cabinet in the dining room that has a junk drawer in it where pens, tape, batteries etc. live. Whenever I need some basic office supply I have to dig through that drawer and get frustrated because I can’t find a freakin’ paperclip! I don’t want to have a bunch of different things sitting on the counter that keep all these little office things in.  So, I had to put my thinking cap on. Whoa, when was the last time you heard that phrase? 3rd grade? LOL. This is what I came up with.

black jewelry box 006Yup, one of those little wood cheapo jewelry boxes that we have all had, have or have seen at the thrift stores.

black jewelry box 007But, hey! It has the perfect size little nooks and drawers for what I need.

So, first things first. Spray paint! What color? Since it is going to sit on a black metal corner shelf, black it is!

black jewelry box 009It already looked 10 times better just painted black.

black jewelry box 010   Oh yeah, I forgot. There are a lot of areas that really can’t be spray painted. The inside lid, the drawer sides, all those small area’s. I used the last of my black acrylic paint. And I am not a patient person. So, I thunk on it. I know……..

black jewelry box 013Oh yeah..works like a charm!

black jewelry box 018Okay, now the jewelry box is all black and looks just fine. But, oh no, I remember I have a roll of this….

black jewelry box 011Love this print! What it is you ask?

black jewelry box 012Yup, shelf paper! Just cut, peel and stick! I bought 3 rolls of this from ….the Dollar Tree!

black jewelry box 019  I measured the side panels and cut out a piece.

black jewelry box 020Peeled the backing and carefully stuck it to each side and the back.

The top has this curvy design and I knew I did not have the patience to try and cut a curvy piece to fit. So, I just cut out one of the flower designs and added it to the top.

black jewelry box 023So, now I have an all-in-one place for those little office supply items.

black jewelry box 025-tileAnd it fits perfect on the shelf.

black jewelry box 029  So, that was my little repurpose something I already had for something I needed.

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  1. Wow, what a great little project. Now when I see a nice old jewelry box at a yard sale or thrift shop I am not going to pass it up. I just had a great thought. I have two grandaughters that would love something like that. The shelf paper is awesome. Now I will have to check out my local dollar stores for great finds.

  2. What an awesome idea you came up with.
    I like it and I will have to remember that when I see one also.
    Have a great day

  3. That project turned out beautiful--loving that black print on black.

  4. What a great idea. I especially love the shelf paper on it!

  5. Turned out beautiful! I love how you included a ton of pics in you tutorial..I always appreciate that :)

    Delighted Momma

  6. What a clever idea! It turned great!

    ~ Tracy

  7. NICE! love the paper you used for the sides!
    I also use black paint to re-purpose things I've either found or bought...LOVE..black paint!

  8. You are so clever. I love how it turned out.

  9. Diann, this is BEAUTIFUL, and I LOVE how you've DONE it! Oh, if I could just show you the furniture I have, and how I just WISH I knew what to DO with it... Well, there are options, but THEN, of course, I have to MAKE UP MY MIND about it! LOL!.. Anyways.. Applause! Applause! Nice work, and what a real treasure you've put together with your own two hands. In my mind, it doesn't get any better than that! ~tina

  10. Fabulous idea, I love it. I still have the junk drawer. Maybe I need to think outside the box. Hugs, Marty

  11. So cool, Diann. So very cool. I would like to have seen one last shot of the finished product. Loved that contac paper...very classy looking. Susan

  12. What a cute idea!!! I am now following you through Thrilling Thursday Linky Party! Hope you will follow me at http://kingstongirlie.blogspot.com. Thank you!

  13. Yea blogger is back! I lost my last post, but was able to save your comment before it crashed. I would love to grow my own herbs, good luck selling your sachets at the framers market! This jewelry box was a fabulous idea, room for all sorts of office do dads! Yep, you really put your thinking cap on LOL!


  14. I can’t believe another week has gone by with another delightful tea party at TTTT. You had a wonderful Mother's Day. great choice in teas. Your redo is fab...great !
    It would not be so enjoyable without you and your creative touch. I always look forward to seeing you as often as you can pop in.


  15. I love the marker trick! Thanks for sharing!

  16. This is simply amazing. It was well-worth the work and it is so beautiful now! I love the shelf paper design - makes it look so regal. Your items look so professional!


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