Let’s Go To the Ice Cream Parlor!

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! Memorial day was actually a non-rain day here! Woohoo! We have had very few days without rain. We spent the day at my parents house eating and gabbing while the princess played in her little plastic pool.

holidayIt is good to be three!

We visited a local ice cream parlor. It is the princesses favorite “Ice cream store” (her words) because it has a lot of kids toys to play with.

holiday 028This ice cream parlor was opened in 1981. It was originally called “The Happy Twirler”.

holiday 029And yours truly was one of the first employees! Yup, it was the first job I had after I graduated high school.

holiday 017It has gone through many owners since those days.

holiday 019We even had a jukebox inside.

holiday 016My fondest memory was an elderly gentlemen who was always dressed in a gray suit with a gray hat would come in and order a large chocolate cone. I got to the point that I could have his cone ready for him when he walked in. He was just the sweetest and nicest man.

holiday 018holiday 022The princess is much more interested in playing than eating ice cream.

holiday 026For some reason this little ice cream parlor has always struggled for business. Regardless of who owned it, it had a hard time staying in business. The current owners are trying to supplement business by building a small greenhouse behind it and selling plants.

 holiday 0111Well, we enjoyed our little visit to the ice cream parlor.

holiday 027Thank you for visiting today! I hope you all have a great day!

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  1. The ice cream palour looks a lot of fun! Scarlett x

  2. Fun post! How nice of them to offer military a free sundae. Hope the business survives!

  3. What a charming ice cream stand. I hope it survives. Looks like a fun Memorial weekend. A bonus to be rain-free too!!

  4. What a wonderful day you had! Princess sure was Happy!

  5. It is so sad when a small business has problems making it. I love a hometown ice cream shoppe for sure! Cute that they have the toys for kids. OK, now I want some ice cream!! hugs, Linda

  6. Looks like a fun place to visit! Princess is having a great time:@)

  7. If it takes plants to get people in, so be it. We love family owned ice cream stores---so good.

  8. I hate when really great little businesses struggle to stay alive. This ice cream shop looks like it's the perfect spot for families, and I can see why it's a favorite of The Princess!
    Happy REDnesday,

  9. What a very fun place! It looks like someone is having a wonderful time :-)

    Jocelyn @

  10. From the pictures it does not look busy, but there were so many places to be on a holiday weekend. It looks very clean. A small ice cream place I know of built a small mini golf course behind its shop to draw more business.

    And a pool of any size can be fun for all ages on a hot summer day. Just maybe more fun if you are three.

  11. I hope this darling little place makes a go of it. I love the star stenciled chairs. Wish I lived close by, I would surely buy an ice cream treat. My first job was at a place called the Hi-Spot. It was a burger, ice cream joint that all the teens cruised at. Fun, times; great memories!

  12. Wonderful photos!! Happy Outdoor Wednesday!!

  13. THat is a cute place. It seems anymore all the small business go out..unless they already have big $$$$$and it's just a hobby for em for something to do.

  14. I was sitting here wanting a Blizzard from DQ so badly...and then I see this post...Accckkk! ;-)

  15. What a fuan day. That is a really cute place.


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