Lakeshore Grill at Macy’s

Hi everyone!

I must confess, I am not a mall rat. I have never liked malls and I rarely shop in them. And when I do have to go into a store at the mall, I park as close to the stores entrance and then go only into that store and then run out of the mall. LOL

The other day we needed to go to Macy’s. So, I knew we would go to their restaurant, Lakeshore Grill. Before heading out, I purchased a $25.00 gc from for $4.00. Not bad huh? I knew our lunch would be right around $40.00 for the 3 of us so, cutting that price in half was nice!

There are two absolute “must haves” for Troy and I when we lunch at Lakeshore Grill.

First is their Lakeshore House salad!

lakeshore restaurant 002 I totally forgot to take a picture of the salad when it arrived. I had just cut it up and added the dressing (before mixing) when I remembered. This is a very simple salad but so YUMMY! It is just fresh spinach leaves, toasted sliced almonds, mandarin oranges and a sweet and tangy poppy seed dressing. I have tried to duplicate the dressing and have gotten close but, not exactly the same.

And the salad is served with these rustic artisan rolls!

lakeshore restaurant 001Once again, who is thinking of the camera and taking a picture while these rolls are calling my name. Warm and slathered with sweet butter! Obviously not me!

And the other “must have” is what they call “The Worlds Smallest Banana Split”.

lakeshore restaurant 010lakeshore restaurant 011Vanilla ice cream, caramel, Sanders Hot fudge, bananas, whipped cream, pecans and a cherry! Perfection!

mchotfudge_webI know that Sanders hot fudge is a regional favorite in my neck of the woods and that makes me very sad! Because this delicacy should be available to EVERYONE everywhere! This is the BEST hot fudge in the world! I mean, seriously, NOTHING comes close to it. I will go to a restaurant for no other reason than I know they use Sanders hot fudge or have the famous Sanders hot fudge cream puff! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! You can buy online at the Sanders store.

Okay, now that I have my drooling under control, this is what we had for lunch.

Troy had their chicken pot pie.

lakeshore restaurant 005lakeshore restaurant 006Filled with yummy goodness.

lakeshore restaurant 007They often run specials from top chefs. I had the BBQ chicken quesadillas and guacamole special by Rick Bayless. Troy was shocked I ordered a Mexican type dish. I rarely do that. I like Mexican food but, it is not in my top 3 favorites.

lakeshore restaurant 003lakeshore restaurant 008It was DELISH!!! Geez, just writing this and posting these pictures is making me want to head up there and have this entire meal again!

The princess loves it all so, she ends up having a combo plate of both of our meals. This time we really didn’t want to share once we started eating but, we did (Dang, we should have just ordered her a meal of her own!).

Now we knew we were going to have the mini banana splits for dessert (with coffee of course) but, when they have a limited time only dessert special, don’t you just have to try it? I mean, isn’t it illegal to NOT try it? They had as their special dessert a mini Tres Leches Espresso cake.

lakeshore restaurant 009See, it was just a teeny tiny delicate morsel of a dessert. Just enough for all three of us to have a taste. It was good but, far from the best Tres Leches cake I have had. So, I am glad we still had our mini banana splits.

So that was our lunch out this week. I hope you had fun coming along with us. Have an awesome day!

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  1. have a super-special Macy's by you, the one where I live doesn't have a restaurant. I believe the one in Manhattan does, though. All your selections are dishes I would have chosen for myself. Delicious. xo,

  2. Holy Mackerel, Diann. Now I'm hungry. Mmm mmm mmm That looked like a great lunch. Never heard of Sanders hot fudge. The very best I've had is Mrs. Richardson's...their hot fudge AND caramel sauces are decadent beyond belief. Susan

  3. Wow what a yummy looking meal.
    I would have ordered the Mex too. Hubs can not eat Mex due to stomach so when I get a chance to go I over indulge.
    I have not heard of Sanders but the BS has me drooling all over my keyboard.
    Have a great day.

  4. I didn't know Macy's had a grill? Must be in your location only,huh? Everything looks good! I may have to check out too!~Ames

  5. I really shouldnt have read this post before dinner - im now starving, it all looks sooooo yummy!! Scarlett x

  6. Man, all of that looks so yummy. Hmm, miniature ice cream sundaes sound fabulous!! I think I will just go blend up some frozen fruit right now to make my own little type ice cream! I have downloaded a restaurant coupon thingy for a local restaurant and will have to use it soon! PS. Yes do get that book I referred to--it does start off a bit sadly but goes on to take you into a heart of real thankfulness. She is a farmer's wife with 6 kids.

  7. Oh God, I'm so HUNGRY right now, it's 12 noon and I want to EAT...this food you had was awesome, you need to go to the malls more often! I'm originally from Astoria-Queens and so I always used to go eat at Macy's at 34th. Street, NY., at their restaurant, after we went shopping with mom when I was a teen...such memmories Macy's brings to me! Thank you for sharing! Thanks for dropping by too and for the lovely comments!

  8. Your dinner looks delicious! The Macy's restaurant might be similar to our Cafe Nordstrom.

  9. Gosh, I wish OUR Macy's had something like that! Your entire meal looks & sounds AWESOME! I'm drooling over that salad & your Mexican food. Yummo!

    BTW, I used my little candlestick flower arrangers in my tablescape this week & gave you credit for telling me about them. Thank you again! I'm already thinking about how I can incorporate NEXT week's flowers into them.


  10. It all looked so good. I thought your meal called to me since I really like Mexican food! My fav would be the mini banana splits. Great way to save $$ with the gift card for $4!!

  11. Our area Macys don't have restaurants. They were once Famous Barr stores and back in the day, Famous did have great food. This made me so hungry...everything looks delicious!

  12. Oh Diann Sweetie...
    Looks like you and Troy had a wonderful outing.I am so tickled for you both. How wonderful to do a little shopping and a fabulous lunch for you all.

    I think I would be with Troy on this choice. I love pot pies and this one looks amazing. Yours looks good sweet friend, but there is something about a wonderful pot pie for me. I grew up on them. The salad looks so delish.

    Thank you for taking me along shopping and for lunch. What a wonderful dining experience. I too, would have tried that desert. Oh does it ever look wonderful. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  13. I am not a mall person either. I only go if I really desperately need something. Now as the the food, I could join you there much too often. Looks so tasty.

  14. Gosh, I wish our Macy's had a restaurant. They had a sandwich shop several years ago and it war really good and busy all the time and then it was gone. Go figure, The dish you had looked so yummy. I'm so hungry right now. Trying to lose 5 lbs. (sigh)... well 10 would be better. lol. Hope you have a great weekend,

  15. Lunch looks great Diann! Seems like everything Rick Bayless makes is good! Half price topped off with a banana split, sounds perfect:@)

  16. I've never seen a Lakeshore Grill at our Macy's. That food all looks yummy!!

  17. I'm pretty interested in that hot fudge!

  18. You've made me hungry!! It all looks delicious.

  19. I'm with Sue, Macy's that used to be Famous Barr. The Famous Barr french onion soup was famous! Nothing like this restaurant, though. Looks like a wonderful meal!

  20. This post is pure agony! To see all that lovely food... on a picture!

    You may have forgotten to take pictures when the food arrived in some cases, but your pictures are really good and, well, droolable!

    Thanks for sharing!

  21. I am now totally starving! Everything looks so good


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