Camping, Maple Syrup, Tea and a Giveaway!

Hi everyone!

Phew! Yup, that’s what I said….PHEW! The Maple Syrup Festival ended yesterday. It was one hectic but, successful weekend for us! We are very happy with our sales for the weekend. Each night when we got back to the campground, we had to hurry up and make more dip mixes. They sold out everyday. Fortunately, Troy brought all the stuff to make more. We were up each night until about 1:30am making more product for the next day. And then up at 6:00 am to get ready to head back to the festival. All the other products sold pretty good too. We have two new items this year, garlic jelly and jalapeno jelly. Both are awesome and sold quite well.

Although we had a good selling weekend, we are exhausted! And glad it is over (until the next festival/fair). We haven’t even had time to be around the campground and deal with getting our trailer and site all set for the summer. Today is just chill out day. Tomorrow we are moving our trailer to a different site. So, that will be a busy day as well.

During one of the breaks this weekend, my mom, the princess and I hit some yard sales, thrift store, antique store and a flea market. I didn’t get a lot but, what I got I am thrilled with. And guess what? The yard sales were actually selling things at yard sale prices! Woohoo, what a novel idea!

I took tons of pictures and will slowly show them eventually. But, the main thing regarding the Maple Syrup Festival was……

maple festival 2011 049Maple syrup of course!

maple festival 2011 048Lots of syrup!

maple festival 2011 045And maple goodies! Yup, that is maple cotton candy in the background!

maple festival 2011 046So many treats to chose from!

maple festival 2011 047And of course, all weekend long they served all your can eat pancakes, sausages, drink and maple syrup! Our booth was right down the hall from the cafeteria so, we smelled it all weekend. And we almost didn’t get a chance to have any!

maple festival 2011 050maple festival 2011 051YUM!!

maple festival 2011 052This is liquid gold!

Okay, now for a few thrifted finds from our adventure yard sales/thrift stores/flea market/antique store.

maple festival 2011 171maple festival 2011 175Geez, I sure didn’t take a very good picture! This teapot was a find at a yard sale. $1.00! Score!

maple festival 2011 176This teacup didn’t have a saucer and has no markings on the bottom. But, I was so happy to find it at the thrift store right after buying the teapot. 50 cents!

maple festival 2011 177maple festival 2011 180Beautiful vintage plate! I bought this at the antique store for $1.50. It will turn into a cake stand. The yummy banana bread was made by one of the vendors we were sitting next to.

maple festival 2011 173 Ooooh, maple candy!

maple festival 2011 181maple festival 2011 187

I can tell you, after this weekend, I am so ready to just sit back and relax with a pot of tea and some magazines.

maple festival 2011 189I picked up these three magazines (2001 editions) for a grand total of .10 cents for all three!

maple festival 2011 190I ALWAYS keep an eye out for old magazines at yard sales. I have found that regardless of how old they are, I still love to look through them.

maple festival 2011 188I also got this big beautiful hard cover Better Homes and Gardens “Holiday Inspirations” book at the thrift store. Now, I am all set for some fun relaxing down time!

maple festival 2011 184

maple festival 2011 185

And the giveaway…..1/2 pint of fresh pure yummy maple syrup!

maple festival 2011 179maple festival 2011 178You didn’t think I would forget about all of you did you? Nope, I bought a bottle of this beautiful liquid gold for one of you! maple festival 2011 171 Maple Syrup Giveaway!

Do you love real Maple Syrup? Then here is your chance to win a bottle!

How to enter:

Just leave me a comment on this post.

That’s it!

You don’t have to sign up to be a follower (unless you would like to). Just leave a comment here saying your would like to be entered. And make sure there is a way for me to get a hold of you if you win!

Giveaway starts today and ends May 12, 2011

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  1. Hi - sounds like a really great (if exhausting!) weekend. My husband and boys adore maple syrup - and it's really quite expensive here too - I'm guessing it's cheaper in North America? So, if this giveaway is open internationally, then I'd love to enter - if not, no problem. (I follow already)

    Great teapot, I love its retro style.
    Lakota x

  2. To second Lakota, Maple Syrup is very pricey here over in the UK and yet I absolutely love it - it's just yummy, not sure it's postable over here so don't worry about the giveaway :-)

    Your teapot was an incredible find!

    Jem xXx

  3. Sounds like you had a tiring but great weekend Diann! Cute tea pot, and I had that issue of Country Home, it shows the Christmas tree balls I have from my G-Mom-B! Thanks for the fun give-away, love maple syrup:@)

  4. Hi Diann,
    I love this time of year when I can get fresh maple syrup and cream. New Brunswick is where I get mine which is where I am from originally. Nothing like it! An elixir of the gods for sure!
    I have never had maple 'sugar' though that I can remember. It must be heavenly! Those pancakes looked good and you did well with your thrifting. Thanks for joining me for tea and I hope you have a wonderful week. By all means, enter me for your maple syrup Giveaway! Yum!


  5. BTW, I have never had maple cotton candy before either. That sounds like a treat too!

  6. Oh that looks sooooooo good, I love your tablesetting also. The Maple syrup sounds so wonderful, and maple cotton candy is really different. I am sure it is wonderful also. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. I love the maple sugar candy...never saw maple cotton candy but I bet its gd Thanks for the lovely giveaway

  8. I love maple syrup!! What a great give away!

  9. I am having pancakes for dinner tonight because of you!! Yummy! Please enter me in this yummy giveaway!

  10. I love old magazines, too! Your brown tea pot photo caught my eye, though, because both my daughter and I collect brown ware. I'd love to have some fresh maple syrup! We just used the last of our VT maple syrup last month! Happy Spring!

  11. Sounds like a very busy weekend, Diann! You are right, maple syrup is liquid gold...I would love some of that maple candy, they are one of my favorites.

  12. We just love real maple syrup! You must be tired of course from such a demanding trip! Anyway, I bet you had a ball, anyway! I love your brown tea pot, it looks like those early 80's stuff, I think I might have somehting like it stashed somewhere! Love it all.

  13. Wow, sounds like you must be exhausted! Glad you had a good weekend though!


  14. I am sure the toughest part about having a booth is not being able to wander a festival as extensively as you want. Still, being near the food and next to that sumptuous bread... no need to enter me into the contest. I gained 3 pounds looking at the pictures.
    I have a few posts to catch up on!

  15. The Hunter used to go up north to help the guys make maple syrup. He hasn't done it in awhile so I'm sure he would appreciate some.

  16. Glad things went well this weekend. I do know it was exhausting as well. Love your teapot and that plate! Real Maple Syrup....oh yes I'm in!! Be sure to get some rest. hugs, Linda

  17. Yum Yum...I'm getting hungry...just looking at all these pics...sign me up!!!


    would love some of the Maple candy also..
    please enter me in the drawing..
    love those festivals up North!
    warmest sandy hugs..

  19. We have never been to the Maple Syrup Festival but it sure sounds like a good time. We will have to try to make it one year. I know people that go every year. I love Maple syrup! Please enter me in the drawing.

  20. What a fun and potentially YUMMY give-away! Thank you! Sounds like a great weekend and I completely understand buying magazines at thrifty prices. I love semi-used magazines.

  21. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!! Only it must have been really hard to smell the pancakes all weekend long and not get to eat them til the end! My Dad used to make buckwheat pancakes, (served with real Canadian maple syrup) on the weekends when I was a little girl. Yummy! I love real maple syrup, and would like to enter your giveaway for a chance to win a bottle of it. I really like the sweet little brown teapot you found for just $1!!!

  22. Hello there Diann,

    Oh my!.., Such a charming Maple themed tea party and give-away.., Yum!

    Thanks also for taking part with TTTT and also with my
    81st, Tuesday Tea For Two.., We always love having you join in the fun with us!..,

    Pam was much improved when they left for home last week; I'm delighted to be back in the swing of things once again with my own blogs as well!..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  23. Mandatory Entry: I love maple syrup-a few years back I gave up aunt jemima-i use maple only on my flapjacks
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  24. s like you had a really successful weekend...tiring but successful! How awesome to find the tea cup that goes so well with the tea pot!
    Yes, please enter me in your contest...real maple syrup...mmmmmmmm

  25. OHH that sounds wonderful, I have never had real maple syrup before, so would love to win, just to say I have tasted maple syrup...

  26. Oh how I envy you being at the festival. I always SAY I'm going to go, BUT never get to one! PLEASE Enter me for the maple syrup!!!
    I LOVE all your new goodies, you really found some new treasure ALONG with your Liquid Gold!
    Have a wonderful week,

  27. Makes me tired just to read about your week-end but it sounds like lots of fun too. Glad your sales went well.
    I would love some maple syrup. Please sign me in.

  28. ooooooooo, Diann, the festival sounded like an event I would LOVE.

    Great job on the thrifty finds, too! You got some good deals.

    Now you DESERVE some pancakes and syrup after all that work.

    Oh, definitely, put my name in the syrup-----I mean in the hat. ha haha

    I LOVE real maple syrup.....makes the supermarket stuff fly out the window, in comparison.

    Have a great day, Diann. I love your blog! Susan

  29. You deserve a down day after all your hard work! So glad your weekend was good.
    The food all looks so yummy! I do love maple syrup, and I would love to win your gift!
    The tea mug is fab! And the tea pot too! They will go well together.
    The dogwood plate is lovely. What fab finds you got! Can't wait to see the rest.

  30. What a completely mapleisious post this was! My mother in law gave me a jug of maple syrup for Christmas one year (they live in Vermont) and thought I would be disappointed, but I was thrilled. We enjoyed that gift all year long! I especially like to make a vinaigrette for a salad with a little maple syrup in it!

  31. Oh yes please count me in.. I love Maple syrup.
    You did find some amazing things. I love that garage sales are about to start up again.
    That food all looks so yummy.
    Have a great day

  32. I would love some real maple syrup. I just used the last so some Vermont Maple Syrup that I got for a Christmas present a few years ago. I know it should not have lasted as long as I kept it but my daughter won't touch it...... :)

  33. Oh my goodness I would love to win a bottle - this post had me hankering for Maple Syrup! Looks marvelous and I bet it was the sweetest smelling festival!
    Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,

  34. Hey Diann; I love your blog. You always show us all such Beautiful things. I have some country Living magazines which are from the late 1980's, and some from the 1990's!!!! I can not bear to part with them, and I enjoy reading them to this day! All of your treasures look so nice which you got while out hunting for Antiques. I would be thrilled to win some real Maple syrup, as it is very hard to get ahold of where I live, in the south. Thank-You for such a nice giveaway! Good Luck All!

  35. the boys love maple syrup - they will lick their plates clean!

    tiramisu392 (at)

  36. I LOVE pancakes & french toast! Now the sausage on the plate with the syrup skeeves me a bit...but thats just me...LOL I've NEVER had real maple syrup....and I've always wanted to try that candy...someday...well maybe I'll be lucky and win this giveaway! Thanks for sharing!


  37. I adore maple syrup; and if I win, it will be nice to try your maple syrup to see if it's any different from our local NS maple syrup. Probably not, but that's a pretty good ploy to use when I'm sitting with 2 plates of pancakes to test!

    Wonderful thrifting too!

  38. Oh my! I saw that plate of pancakes and sausage with that yummy syrup and my mouth started watering.....

    Glad you had a good time!

  39. I love anything Maple! I think maple bars with lots of almonds have to be my all time fav. I like to add a bit of Maple to my BBQ sauce just to give it a sweeter taste. Whenever my hubby and I travel in an area that has pure maple we bring some home. Would love to be a Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

  40. sounds like an exhausting weekend!! but fun too-now that it's over!! love your finds at the yard/tag sales! especially tea set! thanks for the wonderful giveaway-please enter me for a chance to win! thanks!!~~Rain

  41. Great blog and great giveaway!! Please put my name in the hat for the Maple syrup giveaway. Thanks!

    Mary L

  42. Gosh! we would have spent a fortune if we saw your stall here in the UK. My hubby loves Maple syrup and so do I. But he is the one. So if I do win I will give it all to him. Cotton candy and all the other things looked super delish. Glad you had a good week end. So please enter me in the give away.

    Love Dawn xx

  43. What a wonderful giveaway. There is nothing like real maple syrup.

  44. Yum!! Now I am hungry. Thank you for the opportunity to win. ♥

  45. I would just LOVE to win this maple syrup. My Mom is a maple syrup freak!!

  46. Yuuuummmmyyyy! Thanks so much for the chance to win some YUMMY maple syrup! Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend! :)

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  47. This is the most fun Diann. I would be thrilled to win the wonderful maple syrup. Mmmmmmm, I hope I am lucky.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  48. I hope I win too!! Please share how long you have been doing it. Do you make all the other maple goodies that you showed too? Yummy!!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  49. Now I am sooo hungry for pancakes and maple syrup !
    great photos tooo (())

  50. Love your new plate with the dogwood blossoms and of course REAL maple syrup and candy. I'd love to enter the giveaway, although I'm rarely lucky, it'll be fun,

  51. Oh Diann Sweetie...
    You have me drooling for pancakes now, or how about a maple bar? Yummy, I love Maple syrup. What a wonderful treat that would be.

    Love all the photos. Everything looks so yummy.
    I would love to be entered into the drawing for the maple syrup. Have a wonderful weekend sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  52. Oh, we love real maple syrup at our house. It looks like it was a very exciting weekend. The plate of pancakes looks the best!

    Enter me:

    mcmholt [at] gmail dot com

  53. Oh pick me! Oh my those pancakes....with that syrup! Amazing! Lovely blog you have! Blessings, DE

  54. Oh my gosh, I am immediately so jealous of your maple syrup. I live abroad (so don't enter me in the contest - the shipping cost would be terrible!) and have to pay through the nose for maple syrup at gourmet stores. This is doubly worse due to the fact that we love pancakes in this house...sigh. I'm salivating just looking at your pictures!

  55. Hi Diann, thank you for visitng my blog and your kind words. I love maple syrup and would love to be entered, I am your newest follower! I need all the "thrifty" hints I could get! xo,

  56. You must be tired after that great weekend. I know I would be. I would LOVE to have some maple syrup. YUMMMMM! Thanks for the great chance to win.


  57. I Love Maple Syrup! I enjoyed reading your post, as always. It looks like your had a busy but wonderful weekend. Thanks or the chance to win.

  58. I just loved reading about your time at the fair! Anything maple is just the best. Never heard of maple cotton candy, but if I was there I definitely would have tried that! Yes, please enter me in your giveaway. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed!


  59. I would love to have some real maple syrup. I also love old magazines, especially Christmas ones.

  60. One of my most cherished childhood memories was being introduced to maple candy by my Great Grandpa, it's been a never ending love affair ever since! I try to keep a bottle of REAL maple syrup around for pancakes (mostly for ME, my 6 year old's taste can't be trusted~he actually LIKES the fake stuff!! EWWW~ LOL)


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