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Hi everyone!

I wrote this post last week before the big Blogger meltdown. But, now that Blogger is back up and let's hope it stays that way, this tip is still valid.

I think I just need to rename this feature to DUH Moment of the Week instead of Tip of the Week!

Okay, you might want to hold onto something so when you hear this revelation you don’t bump you head when you pass out! Here it is, I am NOT in the least way computer savvy! I think I am the last person of the planet to learn new things when it comes to computers.

So, when I discover some new little thing, I get all excited. I am sure most of you who blog through Blogger already know this but, I am going to share it anyway.

Did you know you can edit all your sidebar features/gadgets from your blog page? I didn’t know that! I always went over to  “Design” and did all my editing. I can’t believe this little time saving feature was unknown to me! I have been blogging for over two years for crying out loud!  See, I told you, I am so NOT a computer person!

So, I am going to pretend that there are a few people out there that didn’t know this tip either (It will make me feel so much better!) and tell you how to do this.

1.) When you are on your blog page, click the Blogger “B” in the left top corner. This takes you to your dashboard.

2.) click “Settings”

3.) Select “Basic”

4.) Scroll down until you see “Show Quick Editing on your Blog?” Select “YES”.

5.) Now scroll down to the bottom of that page and hit “Save Settings”

That’s it!!

Now when you are on your blog page you will see the little tool icon next to each of the features/gadgets on you sidebar. Any time you want to edit any of them, just click the little tool and you can do your editing while still on your blog page!

Now don’t be too hard on me when you all read this and think “Um, hello Diann, where have you been?” I really do have to learn every little computer thing by trial and error.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  1. It's a good tip to share Diann, some folks don't know it's available. Might be good for folks to know that it looks like a little pencil on the bottom of their posts. Happy Weekend:@)

  2. Will it help if I tell you I didn't know that either! So I am one of the one's that you should inform of any thing you learn cause DUH that's me!!!

  3. Diann what is even worse is when I checked I have that feature but didn't know what it was....Double DUH! Thanks!

  4. OK 3rd and last comment, I looked at what Happier Then A Pig In Mud said and you can edit your actual 'post' also...the pencil will take you to edit for that post. WOW...OK ladies I'm so happy to learn all this. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

  5. Diann great tip - i didnt know it either lol! Mwah Scarlett x

  6. Put me on the DUH list! I didn't know either. Thanks for letting us know!!!

  7. I was wondering what those little tool symbols were on my side bar!! LOL

    Thank you!


  8. HAPPY DAY~~OH HAPPY DAY~~ blogging just became easier because DUH,I did not know what that meant either!
    I bow to you my friend for sharing this!
    Have a Great Weekend

  9. You're not so dumb. I didn't know that either. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  10. Put me on the DUH list too! I did not know this. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Well, I guess I am a triple Duh, Duh, Duh! I did not know that...Thank you for the tip! Tiffany

  12. Wow this sounds great-am checking it out right Off!!--Thanks to you and anyone who makes life easier and then shares it! Yay bloggers--the best friends to make!!

  13. For some reason, I did know that....score one for a non-computer savvy person. Joni


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