Black Tie Party!

Hi everyone!

Last week Troy and I had the pleasure to attend the Pre Party Black Tie event for the Business and Lifestyle Expo. We had a lot of fun! As most of you know, Troy (hubby) and I have our own small herb business. It is getting bigger but, still a small business. One of the fun things that we are involved with is helping out with a local high school in their agriculture program. We met the gentlemen in charge of this program last year at one of the Farmer’s Markets. He has turned this school program into such an amazing thing! they have their own greenhouse, huge gardens, flower shop, hydroponic greenhouse and they do major landscape in the neighborhood. It is such an impressive program. Mr. Johnson (man in charge) is trying to involve local businesses in the agricultural area to help out with teaching the kids different aspects of the business. We came in as the herb folks. I won’t get into all the details but, Troy has really been putting in the hours over at the high school.

Anyway, the kids in this program made all the flower arrangements for the event and made everyone a corsage or boutonnière as their Business booth at the expo. We were given tickets because of our involvement.

I thought I would share some of their flowers. They did great at the expo!

Here are the kids booth at the expo. They are making the corsages and boutonnières.

black tie 001

black tie 002

They worked with a local florist and used the flowers they grew.

black tie 032-tile They also worked with a local tree service company and set up these little woodland vignettes in the lobby.

black tie 034The arrangements were auctioned off for charity.

black tie 031They worked with a lot of the businesses who rented space at the expo and created special arrangements that reflected that business. They made some amazing arrangements! It was so packed at this event, that I could not get close enough to take all the pictures I wanted to.

*****************On to the Food!

For this pre party event, they had over 30 restaurants there sharing their fabulous food. We were there for 3 hours and we only got to about 50% off the restaurants! Oh, the food was fabulous!

black tie 004black tie 006Isn’t that the cutest presentation of kabobs? They stuck them in wheatgrass! I am so stealing this idea!

black tie 007black tie 008black tie 009The picture above won Best Presentation. This peacock was made out of eggplant and beautiful pate.

black tie 010black tie 012Over 30 different cheesecakes in this one booth! OMG! I was in heaven!!

black tie 013-horz black tie 017-tile I have to admit, it did not take me long to put away my camera and just enjoy the night. I quickly discovered there was not way to balance my purse, drink, plate of food and my camera while standing! I can’t begin to tell you about all the other food we had. It was all fantastic!

black tie 019Every business booth had swag to hand out. Here is a booth from a local Chrysler dealership. They gave every lady a yellow rose and had tins of mints. A lot of local business had different tote bags for everyone. I think we ended up coming home with 16 different tote bag.

black tie 029And local clothing stores held a fashion show. It was a really fun night for us.

Of course, I had to wear some Bling! I am sorry for the next pictures. Troy had to take them and he is not used to my camera.

black tie 040-tile And to keep a tiny bit thrifty, I bought the shoes (brand new with tag still on) for $4.99 and the clutch for $4.99 both from two different thrift stores.

black tie 077-tile Hair done. These pictures were taken after we got home. We were running so late to get to the party that we didn’t get a chance to take any beforehand. I ended up taking out 53 bobby pins that night from my hair! But, by golly, everything stayed swirled and curled in place! LOL

black tie 039-tile

My dress was midnight blue. The bodice was sequined lace overlay and the skirt was pleated chiffon over a silk. It has a matching sequined jacket.

black tie 046-tile So, that was a look into our fun evening out. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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  1. Diane, It looks like you had a wonderful time! Love the bling! Your hair was beautiful!!

  2. Diann, it looked liked a fun evening, right-up- my-alley kind of evening! I love the food photos and the bling, and and you must have looked like a movie star! xo,

  3. Diann what a fun night! The flowers and food presentations were wonderful. I'm sure you and Troy looked great. Your hair was very pretty. hugs, Linda

  4. Super cool, Diann! Your hair looks awesome, and the dress looks beautiful.

  5. Wow girl, that sure looked like a fun night out, and all the food looked so awesome, especially in presentation. I'll bet it was all delish too. Love your hair! Who did it up for you? :) Glad you all had such a wonderful night.

  6. Fabulous amazing post..congrats on everything...and shine on..wonderful!!

  7. Looks like a fun party, Diann. I bet you were beautiful, wish I could see your pic all dressed up. The flower arrangements look so pretty and the food look so good...Christine

  8. That must have been a great evening!...the floral presentations, the food!.....Oh, My!

  9. Oh so much work, and so much fun!
    Lots of blue in those pics. =)

    barbara jean

  10. Diann,

    It looks like a fantastic expo! Beautiful arrangements and the food looked scrumptious.

  11. Wonderful photos. Some of the the foods are too pretty to eat.

    My Blue Monday.

  12. Looks like a fabulous night. Beautiful photos.

  13. I wish you'd included a picture of that midnight blue dress . . . I bet you looked lovely! Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diane.

  14. Beautiful flower arrangments and such pretty food too. Your dress sounded gorgeous! I am sure it was a fun evening.

  15. What a fun time for everyone. The flowers are amazing and now I'm hungry, after seeing all this great food.
    So glad you had a good time.

  16. wow seems like a whole lot of fun to be there. Happy blue Monday.

  17. What a lovely party...the floral arrangements were pretty, however, the food arrangements were amazing!! Love the aspics and creative.

  18. Oh my watching those food made me hungry!! And I so agree of the peacock the presentation is awesome! And hey I love your shoes and the clutch awesome find. ^_^

    Indigo bunting

  19. what a fantastic event! all that gorgeous food and beautiful flowers! wow! and love your bling & dress! Glad y'all got a nice night out on the town! It's always fun to get to dress up and go out! {doesn't happen near enough}

  20. That eggplant peacock was amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos of this fun event!

  21. What a wonderful event! Looks like you had a fun time and I love your bling!

  22. Diann, Your hair and jewelry looked beautiful! Did you do your hair yourself? Ron and I are going to a fancy affair this week and I went out and bought a bright red dress and shoes today. It's fun to dress up once in awhile, but I'm really a jeans girl!

  23. Beautiful! I love getting ideas from posts such as these. You are so right about the kabobs in the wheat grass. They look amazing and it is fun too.

    Your evening looks like a lot of fun. But 53 bobby pins? Wow, your scalp must have hurt....


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