Are you Looking for some Pink Flamingos?

If so, you need to head to the Christmas Tree Shops! I was there a couple of days ago and they have the cutest selection pink flamingo items. And since I had my camera with me, I went on a pink flamingo hunt! LOL

Before we get started, I want to say a big Congrats to Beverly for 3 years of Pink Saturdays! Woohoo! And a small side note, yes, I am dedicating this post to my friend Linda! LOL

pink flamingos 001Fuzzy soft ones standing.

pink flamingos 002Fuzzy soft ones sitting.

pink flamingos 003Cute stacking bowls.

pink flamingos 004Wine glasses

pink flamingos 005Martini glasses.

pink flamingos 006Large serving platters.

pink flamingos 007Serving bowls.

pink flamingos 008Fun and silly flamingos.

pink flamingos 009Flamingo lights.

pink flamingos 010Last but not least, flamingo yard decor with solar light.

I just thought I would share some of the cute flamingos with y’all. I hope you have a wonderful day!

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I wanted to mention that Blogger has been having comment issues

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For anyone who is having commenting problems, try this...when you are logging in to Blogger uncheck the little box that says "stay signed in." I did this and all is well now. Hope it helps you too.


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  1. oh my im in heaven with all the flamingos! Why dont i have a shop like this where i live! I would love to own all these flamingo items!! Scarlett x

  2. Happy Pink Saturday Diann Sweetie...
    Oh my gosh what a beautiful PINK share. I simply adore flamingos. Oh how I wish we had one of those shops here in the valley. I visited my first Christmas Tree Shop while in Maryland visiting Marydon. Oh what a lovely store that was too. Thank you for taking me shopping sweet friend.

    I really adore the one with the solar light. Now how sweet is that. So darn cute.

    Thank you for allowing me to stand on one foot, along with the best of the flamingos sweetie. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Cute post Diann! I have one little flamingo in my whole house - and it is a napkin holder from the Bahamas! I have to look for it and join the fun. xo,

  4. I have to chuckle Diann, I was there last Thursday and I thought of Linda too! Happy PS and Memorial Day Weekend:@)

  5. I have never seeen so many different flamingos on so many differetn things. You hit the Pink jackpot on this one.

  6. Now how can you not be smiling at all those pink flamingoes ? thanks for the pink !

  7. How many sweet pink friends!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. I love these. Who would've thought there were so many pink flamingo items. I would love to find these in a store so I could stock up on some for myself.

  9. Hi Diann,
    I like pink flamingos! I think they're fascinating. Happy Pink Saturday, my friend, and enjoy your weekend.


  10. HERE I AM!! Thanks for showing me all these wonderful and fun Flamingos! If this store was near me I would be in Flamingo Heaven. Not sure which I like best the Solar lights or the Fun & Silly ones! Thanks to you I already have a Flamingo string light set and some serving trays! Whooo Hooo! Happy Pink Saturday! hugs, Linda

  11. I love pink flamingos...I have one on my post tonight! ♥ What a fun party! ♥

  12. What fun, fabulous flamingos! HPS!
    Joyce M

  13. My closest shop is 2 hrs away!! ROAD TRIP!!!!!!

  14. Adorable! My mom just loves pink flamingoes...

    HaPpY pInK sAtUrDaY!

  15. Pink Flamingos!!
    Happy Pink Birthday~~

    so cute!

    Cheers to Beverly and the fun blogging ladies we all connect with:))

    Kay Ellen

  16. Happy Pink Saturday!

    Cute flamingos!

    ~ Gabriela ~

  17. Looks like Flamingo heaven! No Christmas Tree store near me :( - at least that I know of. I know some folks with some serious flamingo love.

  18. I enjoyed all your pink flamingo photographs. Don't you just think of fun when you look at flamingos? Celebrating all pink with everyone today and yours is a happy post.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend too, and please stop in to say hello.

    The French Hutch

  19. GREAT flamingo photos and glasses! Love all your pink. I'm celebrating Beverly's 3rd. Pink Sat. Anniversary too! Have a great weekend!

  20. Happy PS 3rd Birthday. There's a lot to celebrate! Tremendous array of pink flamingos! I live in FL and have never seen such a sight ;-)

  21. I knew #11 Linda would be here! LOL! Linda is the flamingo queen! I never look at a flamingo without thinking of her. Hee Hee!
    HPS Diann, I think this post was exceptionally wonderful!
    I need to post some photos of my mini greenhouse I wonf rom Troy a long while back. It was ins torage because my MIL had been ill and we never got to use it! But this year it is serving my little tomato plants well for now. The weather here is still weird.
    SO enjoy this blissfully pink day and enjy the long weekend.
    Hugs Anne

  22. Those fuzzy flamingos are just the cats meow!!!!

  23. Of course, I LOVE pink flamingos. We even found Christmas dishes (in Texas) with them to remind us of Florida at the holidays. The ones with the "shred" are too cute.

    Happy Pink Saturday! I'm still visiting around. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  24. Happy Pink Saturday, Diann. Thank you for all you do to make Pink Saturday special.

    You did find the flamingo treasure site. I have love flamingoes sinse I was a little girl. I used to ask my father to drive by a place near where we lived so I could see them.

  25. How much fun! I bet you had a ball taking these photos. I don't think you can enough flamingoes!!! This post got me into the summer mood! Here's to a margarita in a flamingo glass! Happy Holiday!

  26. That store needs to get with it and open one here! They'd make a killing off me alone!

  27. Loved your flamingo hunt. you found some treausres. Happy Memorial day, xo marlis

  28. successful pink flamingo fundraiser is to pick the flamingo "board" which consists of a president whose job it will be to organize the event, which includes making announcements about the event to the church, charitable organization, school, or whoever will be on the donating side of the equation; a secretary to keep written notes on everything that goes on, who has been flocked and who has chosen to pay insurance to avoid a flocking (more on insurance later), and to write press releases to keep the buzz going; and a treasurer whose job it will be to keep track of the funds collected from those who have been flocked and from those who have paid insurance. The board should decide the monetary amount of the donations. Lastly, we need as many flocking teams as possible consisting of at least 2 or 3 volunteers each.

  29. I was at a CTS last week and didn't see this amazing array of flamingos!

    Looking forward to having you join "Where do you keep it all? - Part 2"

    - The Tablescaper


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