Thrifty Things Friday Party #4

Hi everyone!

Today I am showing you some thrifty find and redos.

Okay, you know how you go and visit all these awesome blogs with different projects and they are so perfect? Well, I have found that things don’t always come out how you envisioned! And I am stupid  brave enough to show you mistakes and the “what not to do”.

I had looked and looked for some reasonably priced yellow charger plates to use in a tablescape but, couldn’t find any. So, I figured I would make some myself! I had some yellow acrylic paint and some ugly thrifted charger plates.

projects 013projects 014So, here we go!

projects 015Okay, after one coat, not so good. But, we all know it takes a couple of coats of paint to completely cover the item.

projects 016Time for a miracle second coat of paint.

projects 021Well, this is so not working! I was fed up and left the project alone and went shopping. LOL

I found the yellow chargers at the Christmas Tree Shops for a decent price (I used them for this past week’s tablescape).

Butterfly table 001So, now I have these ugly chargers that are just sitting there mocking me. My failure to produce what I wanted.  I had just bought a can of Ballerina slipper pink spray paint for another project and I thought what the heck, I have nothing to lose and I could use some pretty pink chargers!

projects 019First coat, Oh No, still not totally covered.

projects 022YAY! they turned out great! I know you can’t really tell from these pictures but, they are a pretty soft pink!  It took two coats of the spray paint and then I did a coat of clear shellac over them so they wouldn’t get scratched up as easily.

So, keep your eyes peeled for ugly cheapo thrifted chargers and just spray paint them the color you want! These ones were 4 for $2.00.

And since I plan to use these in an upcoming tablescape, I decided to make a coordinated set of napkin rings. I got these clearanced plain beige ones at a local grocery store.


A little pink spray paint and now at least they are the color I want.

projects 026A package of cute pink daisy ribbon from the dollar store (I had this in my stash).

projects 027Since I wanted the flowers closer together, I snipped off  two pieces of ribbon that would fit around the napkin ring and then snipped off the flowers from the rest of the ribbon. Then glued the flowers where I wanted them on the ribbon.


Now, glue to napkin ring.

projects 032Oh, too cute!

Now, some more recently thrifted linens.

projects 034projects 035

ironOne of the few things that I actually enjoy ironing….small linens.

All of these are to be used in the same pink tablescape.

projects 037I also found this piece of pretty pink fabric. It was half off the .99 cents so, it was only .49 cents. I can’t beat that! I wanted to use this as kind of a overlay on the napkins. So, I cut  two pieces.

Oh, everything looks so pretty!

projects 042projects 043   I love how the three layers of the napkins came  out.

projects 045So soft and feminine. 

So, that was my thrifty finds and thrifty redos for the week.

I want to thank all of you who joined TTF last week. Let’s see who is featured this week!

happythumb_thumb[1](Please feel free to grab this button!)

Olga from Olga’s Home and Garden Blog  

Look at the beautiful hankies! Olga found these pretty hankies but, they didn’t have the lace around them. She handmade that part! So talented!

hankies with crochet laceAnnette at Vintage Southern Life 

Look at this adorable valance she found while thrifting! she has been decorating her condo and these work perfectly in her painted yellow master bedroom!

IMG_0716Karie at Karie’s Chic  Creations 

She shared with us a lovely teapot and teacup and saucer set. And then she gave this cute set to her DIL! What a wonderful MIL!

April 5 010   

Okay, I can’t wait to see what you have to show us this week for Thrifty Things Friday!


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  1. Great idea to spray paint the chargers - they look great. Thanks so much for hosting.

  2. I'm glad your chargers finally turned out OK. I really like those napkin rings!!! Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  3. Love those yellow chargers you bought, but the spray painted pink one's turned out great! I'll remember to spray paint for sure. The napkin rings are so cute! I love the pink! hugs, Linda

  4. Great idea about the spray paint...thanks for hosting this fun party.


  5. Oh wow, your finished product is SOOO gorgeous! Good for you! Thanks for the invite to link up...going to do that right now! :)


  6. Yes, the pink looks so much better with a few coats of spray paint. Those napkin rings are really clever and adorable.

  7. I love the way your painted chargers turned out, I will try it for next time I need a specific color. I also like the yellow ones you bought. Thank you for showing. Very nice napkin rings. Thanks for hosting this nice party.
    Have a happy and blessed Easter.

  8. Diann, you are soooo smart! What great ideas. The three napkins look beautiful, and that napkin ring is perfect with them! I've already got some chargers I might want to paint. Thank you for all of the inspiration. You have turned all of your bargains into such pretty tablescaping treasures. Thank you for hostng, and I'm glad you're going to link all of these great ideas to Favorite Things. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. laurie

  9. Great finds and I love how you redid them. I loved Olga's handkerchiefs too. Thanks for linking up! Have a lovely Easter!

  10. I LOVE the napkin. What a sweet idea...Thank you so much for hosting all the fun!
    Happy Easter to you and yours.

  11. Your pink chargers now look wonderful! I think they just didn't want to be yellow *winks* Great finds all. Thanks for hosting and letting me join your party. Vanna

  12. Diann, you did such a wonderful job transforming all these thrifty finds. Everything turned out so beautiful.
    Thank you for hosting this fun link party and thank you so much for featuring me.
    Wish you and your family a wonderful and blessed Easter holiday!

  13. I think you had a good time, whether or not the plates came out as planned.

  14. Love the pink chargers...and the linens are gorgeous! Happy weekend!...hugs...Debbie

  15. Oh my where to start. I love the pink chargers! the pink napkin rings. the yellow chargers.. the overlays the napkins.. amazing. love what you've done! Thanks for dropping in and good luck in the giveaway! happy Easter.

  16. The color yellow does seem to be elusive when it come to decorating. I have been looking and looking for a yellow quilt or one with yellow in it. Maybe someday.

    Your yellow chargers are cute and the pink ones came out nice.You sure did make some cute napkins rings. I think you are pretty talented!~Ames

  17. I love your pretty pink napkins. Glad the chargers came out a pretty pink. I have the yellow from CTS, and just bought the hot pink, but I may have to make my own soft pink!
    I always enjoy seeing what you have found, D!
    Happy Easter!

  18. Glad you found the yellow chargers and at a good price too! Loving the pink ones and the darling napkins and rings!!
    So femine and sweet ♥

  19. Your chargers and napkins rings turned out great. I love the pink color. Thanks for hosting and thanks so much for featuring me!
    Happy Easter!

  20. I LUV your napkin rings and napkins. You are so so smart and I can't wait to do the same thing.:))
    xo bj

  21. Diann,
    I love the napkin rings and the chargers that you painted. I bought a bunch of chargers a while back to spray paint pink and here's the funny thing....I can't find them!! LOL!!

    But I now know when I do come across them that I will be able to change them to pink. Maybe a primer spray paint first would work better??

    I do love the yellow ones from the Christmas Tree Shop. I am going to be doing a Tea at our church in Oct. where you do theme tables And Easter is going to be a theme for one of my tables.I will be heading up to the Christmas Tree Shop for their 50% off sale after Easter!!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!!


  22. What a great post and it sure does show your craftiness!!!
    I really loved the napkin holders. So delicate.
    Happy Easter

  23. Great job on the chargers- i think they turned out wonderful and your napkin rings are darling! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :) Happy Easter!

  24. A buck a charger- how frugal- I need to visit CTS! Sometimes, it takes numerous coats of paint and a lot of patience to achieve the look we're after. Love your sweet napkins and the rings. How come I don't think of these things?! LOL
    Have a Happy Easter and thanks for hosting, Diann!
    ~ Sue

  25. Very pretty, love how those layered napkins turned out..

  26. If at first you don't succeed....
    Your pink chargers look like they will be perfect for your pink 'scape. Can't wait to see that one. I just love your darling napkins. I think I like the layered look in napkins as much as I like the layered look of dishes. Great idea to cut up the flowers for placement where you want them on your napkin ring. I need to think out of the box a little more!

  27. I love your thrifty finds. Kathleen got those chargers at Christmas Tree, but by the time I got there, they were all scratched.

    I think your pink chargers and napkin rings turned out magnificent. I love that soft shade of pink, which you can never find, so spray painting seems to be the way to go. The fabric you found is so fine. Everything turned out beautifully.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Girlfriend!
    You are amazing! The prettiest redo I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing your secrets.

    Happy Easter!

  29. I was screaming...spray starch!!! Then I got a little farther. Great save! You got a double whammy. The cute yellow chargers and now darling pink ones.
    I had missed Linda at A La Cart telling everyone about the party move. I am so glad I found you. Thanks for hosting. I am going beck to my blog now to link you. I had to find you first. Thanks again. I am following.
    Ginger :)

  30. Oh my goodness - how CUTE! I loved your idea of using spray paint to change the beige to pink napkins rings! And what cute pink flower rings for the napkins! That definitely looks like it would be easy crafts for kids and seniors alike - making it perfect for this Sandwich Generation granny nanny and my grandkids. Pink flowers for the grandgirls - and how about sailboats for the grandboys. And maybe I'll add some of my own with butterflies - cute Easter gifts ideas for great-grandma! Thanks for all the terrific brain storms. I'm adding this to my activities list right now. :)

  31. What a lovely blog and great post to. thanks for commenting on mine, because now I got to see this very cool blog too!

    Love Dawn xx

  32. That turned out really pretty. I love the pink. Spray paint is like magic, isn't it?? :)

  33. I REALLY need a christmas tree shop! Do they have those cute yellow charges in aqua?

  34. Hello what a beautiful napkins you have love the way you attach the napkins... looks so pretty... I am going to follow you too
    Hope you would like to pay a visit to me at


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