Thrifty Things Friday # 3

Hi everyone! Wow, it’s time for another TTF party! Thank all of you who joined me last week! Lots of awesome thriftiness out there!

Let’s see who Mr. picked for this week’s 3 featured links!

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Deb at Dragonfly Treasure showed two fantastic thrifty finds and she even put them up where she wanted to before she posted! I rarely do that. Way to go Deb!

dragonfly treasureGlenda at Dab of This and That showed us some gorgeous vintage jewelry. If you haven’t “met” Glenda yet, let me tell you this lady makes the most beautiful reinvented jewelry pieces from old vintage jewelry she finds!

002Patty at A Few Pennies showed us a lot of amazingly beautiful finds! I had a hard time choosing which picture to feature but, because I am totally in LOVE with these beauties, I am using his one! LOL

fy5If you haven’t had a chance to check out these three ladies, I hope you do!

Okay, on to my thrift finds for the week.

We are going silver today.

You know, you can find the coolest things in the oddest places! We met my parents for lunch at a little diner and next door to it was a “Coin and Trading Cards” shop. I am not very interested in either of those things, however, I glanced in the window displays and spotted several beautiful silver items marked at really good prices. So, I went in and asked to see the first item I was interested in which was this vintage silver plated pitcher.

TTF 3 002Well, I thought $4.00 was not a bad price for it. But, I also wanted to see the set of 4 silver plated plates. So, I set the pitcher down and asked to see the plates. $5.00 for the set of four. Hummm, a little high for my thiftiness but, I really did like them. So, I was just looking them over and not saying anything to the guy who got them for me.

TTF 3 003TTF 3 004Pretty tarnished. I just wanted to check them over to see if any of the silver plate was missing or any pitting had occurred. Well, as I was looking the guy must have thought I didn’t want them and said, “How about $2.00 bucks for each of them? A total of $4.00”. I must have looked stunned for a minute because he then said, “Listen, this isn’t the stuff we deal with but, sometimes in order to get the things we do deal in, we have to take the whole lot. And these are things we don’t want to spend our time polishing up and then trying to sell on Ebay.” Okay dokey!……….SOLD!!!

So, check out how BEE-U-TEE-FUL they shined up! I feel like I should have done a little video clip instead of a picture. That way I could have had a cloth over the newly polished things and could have whisked it aside with a big ..TA DA!!! Maybe I will do that one of these days. I have never made and posted a video to my blog before. Hummm, that’s a new thought.

TTF 3 010 TTF 3 008 Can we say STUNNING!!! . Yup, I was a silver polishing fool! But, it is like uncovering a treasure or unwrapping a present to me. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

TTF 3 009

I was doing the Happy Silver Dance all over the place!! And I have already used them for dinner! You can see it next Thursday for Tablescaping day. I will use both of these silver finds all summer. Silver pitchers keep iced drinks so cold so it is great for outdoor BBQs. And the little salad plates will be chilled in the fridge before serving cool appetizers, salads or desserts on. Not too mention, the more you use your silver, the less you have to polish!

A couple of silver finds in my auction boxes were these items.

TTF 3 001A server with a place for a candle to put a bowl or plate on top and keep warm. Now, I know you guys see these at all the thrift stores and probably walk right past them. They are wonderful things to have. You can take them outside and keep your food warm or as we did, I use it on my dining room table (once again, you will see it in next Thursday tablescape post). We love to use them and have several of various styles and sizes. The salt shaker (I forgot to take a before) is major heavy silver and a total pain to clean and polish. I did the best I could. It is a very old piece. It will be for decorative use.

TTF 3 011So, those were my silver lovelies for the week. I can’t wait to see what thriftiness you have to show off this week!!

Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for my Yoplait Greek Yogurt prize pack yet, please head over to this post to enter (ends Saturday).

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1aaacastle-2-horz I hope you stop by each of these lovely ladies parties! You will always find beautiful inspiration!


  1. You know that I love my silver and can't seem to pass up anything at GW, but boy, did you ever score. I love it all. Really some great pieces and some unusual ones too. Can't wait to see them all arranged in your vignettes. They look fabulous and they polished up beautifully. Hugs, Marty

  2. Can you say "ca-ching!". Your silver finds are not only fun, but beautiful Diann-enjoy:@)

  3. Your silver finds are so beautiful. Thanks for hosting.

  4. You were at the right place at the right time!!! Lucky you!!! Thanks for hosting the party!!!

  5. Wonderful silver finds! Thanks for hosting!

  6. Wow, those are fantastic finds! So beautiful when polished. Thanks for hosting the link party. I'm happy to join you.

  7. Great finds! The silver is so pretty. Thanks for hosting!

  8. Love the silver plates! They look so pretty all shined up! The pitcher is very nice also...I would say major score! hugs, Linda

    PS Hope to be back to joining the party soon...I miss it!

  9. What a deal, your pieces shined up beautifully! Thanks for hosting today!

  10. Diann, I wish you'd come visit me. Not only would you probably find the best bargains around, but I've got some silver that needs polishing! Those pieces look beautiful! laurie

  11. I have a hard time passing up silver. You sure got a deal on these pieces, doesn't that feel so good? Sometimes I polish mine and sometimes I don't, depends on how bad the tarnish is.

  12. Hi Diann...Had to chuckle because I did a post on silver,too! Your pieces are lovely. Thanks for hosting this fun "par-tay." Susan

  13. Wow beautiful finds! And how gorgeous they are all polished up. My silver doesn't ever look that good.


  14. They were pretty 'as is' but shined up - WOW.

  15. WOW! That silver cleaned up nicely!

    Huge fan of silver, but own nothing. Once bought some beautiful silverware, I'll save you the details on what happened to it, but in the end it had to be thrown out.

    Too bad! Have a great weekend!

    - Sir Thrift-A-Lot

  16. Oh my goodness...yes - stunning is definitely the right word! Simply amazing! Thank you for sharing your treasures with us!

  17. awesome deal you got there. Cant believe how they transformed! preeety!

  18. I would be doing the Happy Silver Dance with you! They're gorgeous! You know, there's a store just like that in the little town I visit - hmmm - I wonder if they have a few things - they're right next to a couple antique stores - so they may have checked them out - wouldn't hurt!
    So happy for you!

  19. Thanks for hosting this fun link party!

  20. Diann,
    Thanks too for linking up with me!

  21. What a wonderful fine. They are sure beautiful after polishing them. I can't wait to see the table scape.

  22. Love reading your posts, you find the cutest things. I have to join in on this fun meme next week.

  23. OMG! I can't believe how beautiful those turned out! I probably wouldn't have given them a second look! But I sure will have my eyes open from now on!

  24. BEEE-utiful! What a transformation - and for that price? Perfect buy!


  25. Hi Diann,
    Thanks for hosting the party! You got a real deal on your silver pieces and they look beautiful all shined up!

  26. They cleaned up beautifully! You found some great bargains! Thanks for hosting!
    I went to CTS again today, but that will be it for awhile. Gas is 4.05 a gal and it is a 110 mi round trip. That has to be factored in! I did my grocery shopping too, cheaper in there and have to get those sales! :)

  27. I know a lot of the gals like their silver tarnished, butfor me a little polish just makes them so much more enjoyable. You found some fabulous deals and they turned out gorgeous! Thanks for linking in with VIF! xo Debra

  28. WOW! Score! They sure polished up nicely, had to get the sunglasses out! LOL
    Thanks for the feature!! So surprised to see me! is my new best friend! LOL
    Have a great week!

  29. Gorgeous silver pieces! Don't you love it when you find a deal like that in an unexpected place?

    What is your favorite silver polish?


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