Tablescape vs Dinner Table

Hi everyone!

Well, as I told you in a couple of earlier posts, this week’s table was going to feature my new to me silver pieces (post here) and my new to me blue and white dishes (post here).

When I bought the new blue and white dishes, Troy hadn’t seen them. So, when I set the table, they were new to him. He actually really thought they were pretty too. So, that was nice.

Do you ever wonder if all those beautiful tablescapes we see are just for the tablescaping post or do people actually sit down at the table and eat dinner? Well, for me it is about 75/25. 75% of the time we actually sit down at the table and eat dinner off of the featured tablescape table. The other 25%, the table was just for the post and fun to play around and create.

This blue and white table was one of the “After I am done taking pictures, we can reset and eat dinner” tables. So, I thought it might be fun to show the tablescape and then how things change to turn it into a regular dinner table. So, lots of pictures ahead!

Blue chintz table with food 001I started with a sky blue tablecloth and then added these placemats with matching napkins. I got this set a couple of years ago at a yard sale for $1.00 for 8 pieces. I really like the design and colors.

Blue chintz table with food 003Large blue glass chargers . As you can see, they were meant for a dip bowl and crudités.  But, they work well as chargers. I got two of them at a thrift store.

Blue chintz table with food 004Added my new blue and white thrifted dishes.

Blue chintz table with food 005I added these large blue glass bowls. I love these. Troy found them for me at a flea market a couple of years ago.

Blue chintz table with food 006Blue chintz table with food 007I added a white and silver edged bread plate. I have an entire set of this design. It is one of the few “whole sets” I own. I had been looking for white with silver for a long time and finally found them a couple of years ago at Salvation Army. It came with a matching tea/coffee pot and creamer & saucer. This set is also the most expensive set I have ever bought thrifting. I think there is 49 pieces in the set and I paid $9.99 for them.

Blue chintz table with food 008Blue chintz table with food 009I was very excited to find this set of stemware. They have silver rims and are etched. They were found at a flea market last summer.

Blue chintz table with food 010Blue chintz table with food 011These little cut crystal bowls are a recent find in one of my $1.00 auction boxes.

Blue chintz table with food 012They are so pretty!

Blue chintz table with food 013The silverware napkin rings were a gift from my mom.

Blue chintz table with food 014Blue chintz table with food 015Blue chintz table with food 016Blue chintz table with food 017Pretty thrifted milk glass cups sitting on my new silver plates.

Blue chintz table with food 018Blue chintz table with food 019Blue chintz table with food 020Blue chintz table with food 021Blue chintz table with food 022Blue chintz table with food 023       Blue chintz table with food 025Blue chintz table with food 027Okay, now let’s turn it into a sit down at the table and eat table.

Blue chintz table with food 028I removed the two blue glass dishes.

Blue chintz table with food 029The shamrock plant is taken away. My aluminum tiered server is placed on the table.

Blue chintz table with food 034Doodads (candle sticks and vases with flowers) are removed.

Blue chintz table with food 036Crystal bowls are replaced with white dishes of peaches.

Blue chintz table with food 039  Time to add the food.

Blue chintz table with food 040Blue chintz table with food 041Blue chintz table with food 042Food is hot!

Blue chintz table with food 043Blue chintz table with food 044White teapot is removed and fresh brewed coffee is being served.

Blue chintz table with food 045Candle is lit to keep food warm.

Blue chintz table with food 046And a candle under the coffee to keep it warm. We use this coffee server several times a week. I love it! I have 2 other coffee carafes I have gotten thrifting that I interchange a lot.

Blue chintz table with food 048Love my new silver pitcher!

Blue chintz table with food 047Time to sit down and eat.

Sitting down to a pretty table is one little thing I can do for my family to make them feel special. As you can see, my meal is a pretty easy and simple meal but, using pretty things makes it feel like an occasion. And you know I never spend a lot of money on my tableware. Everything here was thrifted. It doesn’t have to cost you and arm and a leg to present your family with a pretty table and a good meal. It just takes a little forethought. It’s a wonderful way to create fond memories around a family dinner.

Thank you for stopping by to see my tablescape transform to dinner table. I hope you enjoyed your visit!


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  1. Very pretty! And I'm glad to know that y'all actually eat at those pretty tablescapes! It would be a shame to let their beauty go to waste!

  2. I am glad you eat as a family at your very pretty table. The Princess will surely remember family meals fondly when she grows up. ♥O

  3. Honestly, your table looks absolutely beautiful. You really are a pro. Your new dishes are soooooo pretty. Great job! Susan

  4. I loved seeing the transformation from tablescaping to dining.

    I can't believe that your most expensive set was $9.99. I can't believe the deals you have found.

  5. Lovely Blue tablescape..and I agree with other comments that the Princess will always have fond memories of setting down to eat...

  6. Oh Diann, everything looks SO elegant! I love all the blue and silver together. Beautiful!

    Jocelyn @

  7. oooh loving the blue and white and it all looks so yummy! Scarlett x

  8. Lovin' the blue and silver Diann! Of course the milk glass always catches my eye too:@) I think the little menu is adorable-enjoy:@)

  9. Yay!! HI kindred love for made my day! I love love the blue glass! So very pretty! You always put so much thought and beauty in your posts...thankyou for sharing your magic always! I love silvers too..everything looks fab...ooh my..i really want some peaches now ha ha! Gorgeous post..I am in love with the blue glass bowls and glasses...stunning!
    Have a beautiful wkd!

  10. What a beautiful tablescape. Thanks for sharing all of the photos.
    I also wanted to tell you that I really like that tea set and what a deal you got.
    I love thrifting but don't get to much time to do it.
    Happy Easter

  11. Beautiful! Love the colors and the placemats!

  12. Just looking at those pics makes me want to set a fancy table for my husband and sit in the dining room and eat. So beautiful and elegant!
    We usually have dinner in the family room, plates on our laps, watching Gunsmoke.
    Do you think I could bring the romance back?

  13. Diann,

    I just adore your blue/white table setting - it is so elegant. Your linens were such a wonderful find! Thank you for stopping to visit me. Have a great day!

  14. Oh Diann...I just keep looking and looking....

  15. Your table scape is awesome. So set me a plate, I coming to dinner.LOL

  16. Diann, I love blue and white, so I am thrilled to see your dishes! Everything is so, so lovely- from the napkins to the glassware. So often, it really isn't practical to keep all that "stuff" on the table when it's actually time to eat! I liked seeing what you did "for real." xo Sue

  17. Very impressive, both your tablescape and your menu. Thanks for showing the before and the during of your table. I want to make it a goal to serve our everyday meals at nicer settings. So many dishes..I need to use them!

    Love the warmers (food and coffee). I think I'll keep my eyes open for these when I'm thrifting!

  18. Love your blue and white and silver.. So many pretty pieces on your table. I love that you use your tables for eating.. It's good to make everyone feel special! Happy Easter and many blessings. Come visit, I've got another giveaway going on.

  19. A wonderful tablescape. What pretty things you've put together. I love your blue and white plates. I just bought my first blue and white dishes at TJMaxx and I put them on my blog today. You've given me a lot of great ideas. Thanks!

  20. I am still loving those blue dinner plates and what a gorgeous table you set. I love that you showed the 'tablescape' and then the 'dinner table'. hugs, Linda

  21. Those gorgeous placemats and napkins go so nicely with the new plates...beautiful table, Diann.

  22. Diann, this table is beautiful! Love those linens, and all of your pretty new dishes are perfect with them! Of course, blue and white are a favorite combination of mine, so I was drooling over the beauty of this table (not to mention your meal). I love this! laurie

  23. Your table and dishes are really pretty, Diann and I am sure you got everything at a bargain. You are such a good shopper....Christine

  24. You not only have a good eye for great gets while thrifting, you have a really nice eye for design. I'm a huge fan of blue and white, and your pieces are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your lovely design. Cherry Kay

  25. Love everything! My favorite thing are those napkin rings! Very cool! I am visiting from BNOTP and am your newest follower!

    Happy Easter!

  26. I took a special interest in this table because I have had, for years, the blue floral set of Nikko Tea Rose dishes that you show here. I love it paired with the blue charges. Thanks for the great idea.

  27. How fun! Thanks for the encouragement on setting a pretty table for the family! Love it all!

  28. Love that you played it down to a family tablescape. Your blue and whites were so pretty. I have the napkins rings from thrift store. Love to see you used real food.YumYum

  29. Your table is gorgeous! I love how you mixed all different elements together! It looks fantastic!

  30. Diann!... I just LOVE all your tablescapes! :0) I do have one question for ya though...where in the world do you store all those dishes? I LOVE dishes as much as you do, but I can't find places for them all. :) I adore those blue floral plates you found...just beautiful!
    Have a great weekend!

  31. A beautiful blue and white table! Very pretty placemats and yummy food!


  32. I enjoyed seeing how you set your beautiful blue table. All of the layers looks so good together.
    Dinner looks great too!
    Thanks for joining Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  33. Your blue and white and silver is so pretty -- love the dinner plates!

  34. What a lovely tablescape! Happy Earth Day =D

  35. Diann, I just love blue and white so of course I think your table is fabulous. The placemats and dishes are beautiful as is the entire table setting. Thank you for sharing this at my Open House party.


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