Storing Dishes

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Well, today’s tip is not real exciting but, helps keep your dishes from getting nicked or scratched. I use old t-shirts or towels to put between dish layers when I am storing them. I have learned the hard way how easy it can me to not cushion my plates when they are being stored in my dish shed. I must confess, I just started doing this last Fall. And it wasn’t even because of nicks or scratches.

The reason that I started doing this was because I store all my dishes in a dish shed outside. So, during the winter months, the dishes get super cold (obviously) and the finer china will break at just the least bit of clinking dishes together. So, that was where I started, my most fragile dishes. I still don’t have every dish protected, but I continually work on it.

tip of the week 038Long sleeve t-shirts are the best to use in my opinion. They are nice and soft. The above was one of Hubby shirts that had just too many stains on it.

tip of the week 039You don’t want to completely cover the plate because you do need to see what it is.

tip of the week 040tip of the week 042And here is the another reason why I like long sleeved t-shirts, they have stretchy cuffs!

tip of the week 041Which works great for covering your stemware so they don’t clink together!

So, now that yard sales and garage sales are starting up, take a little time and go through the clothing and look for these types of shirts. It doesn’t matter size, color or stain-free. When you can find these old pieces of clothing for around a quarter, they are worth buying. 

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  1. One of my sons and his wife use old towels between their non-stick pots and pans too. It keeps them from getting scratched up when stacking them away in their cupboard. Thanks for the tip today!

  2. hI lovely lady.
    I love your Idea for covering my plates with T-Shirts and my Stemware ~~~ You are right about them being soft !!! I hope you have a Great Weekend with your lovely family. I put a new Tablescape on ever week~~~ I hope you can come see Thanks so much.

  3. Great tip! I pulled a Martha once and made circular ones from felt. Coffee filters work great too! My sister uses her husband old white T-shirts for rags. She cuts them in perfect squares. I used one once when I needed to take off my eye make-up. It was soft and worked perfectly!~Ames

  4. Yay Hi Diann...Fantastic are always so wonderful to visit...hope you are having a lovely spring so far... and wishing you a happy wkd!

  5. Great tip Diann! I have used coffee filters between plates but I love the idea of tshirts!

  6. I use the inexpensive white paper plates between my dishes and that usually works well for me, but that wouldn't protect them against the elements.


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