Red and White from the Treasure Boxes

Hi everyone!

Yup, I am back to going through my auction treasure boxes. Today I pulled out some red and white finds. I only have one red thing to show today but, it is a mystery item and I am hoping someone knows what it is!

Don’t ya love a good mystery? I hope so and I hope you are good at solving them! Here is my mystery item.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0943-11 Bargain Finds 095Okay, tell me what it is! I can not figure out what on earth it does.

Okay, on to some white auction box finds.

3-11 Bargain Finds 086A pretty white milk glass bowl. It is being used to hold barrettes. 

3-11 Bargain FindsI was happy to find this little milk glass dish because this past summer I had bought 3 of them at a yard sale. So, now I have a set of four.

3-11 Bargain Finds 087Another fun surprise for me was finding a set of four of these little leaf plate. I have a set of four of the larger ones.

3-11 Bargain Finds 088I have a couple of these pretty milk glass pedestal bowls already but, I thought 3 of them together would make a pretty centerpiece one day. LOL.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0963-11 Bargain Finds 097I decided to use this one for a little Springtime decor.  I added a little yellow grosgrain  ribbon, added the little grapevine birds nest that was in an auction box along with a old heavy egg, a couple of little daffodils  and my little white bird. Simple but, cute.

3-11 Bargain Finds 1003-11 Bargain Finds 103Thank you for stopping by for a little visit with me today! I hope you are having a wonderful  week!

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  1. Call me weird but I just do not like milk glass...but what you did with it is so cute! Sometimes I have a hard time thinking outside of the box but everyone in blogland is helping me so much with that! As to your red first I was thinking it was some kind of tenderizer but no little prongs or anything...maybe it is a muscle builder?? Good luck on that one..LOL

  2. It looks like one of those hand exercisers to strengthen the grip. More great finds :o) Scarlett x

  3. I have no idea what that red handled thing is! I DO love milk glass... I collect it too. And I really like the way you prettied it up for spring!

  4. I love pulling out my grandmother's milk glass vases each summer. I love what you did with your ribbon and bird nest. So sweet.

  5. The dish with the ribbon and bird nest is adorable! My mother in law has a complete set of milk glass dishes and glasses that I'm supposed to inherit some day. So my eye always is drawn to milk glass.
    The red thing is a mystery to me too!

  6. I always love stopping by to see what you found in your boxes! Great stuff!

  7. The red thingy is a hand we use stress balls...although milk glass is not my favorite, I love what you did with the little milk glass bowl.

  8. Lovin' your little milk glass bowl Diann! Looks great with the nest and bird:@)

  9. What IS that red springy thingy? I see someone said a hand strengthener. Hmmm. I can see that but it kinda looks kitcheny.

  10. Well I was hoping you would know what that red thing was, but praise God a of the ladies did..LOL. I had to check out everyone's comment to see if someone would share. Girl, I'm so loving those milk glass pieces. I started collecting last year during yard sales and have picked up quite a few pieces so far. About 10..the one with the ribbon you added. OH MY!!!

  11. Diann,
    I have no idea what the red thing is! LOL!!

    I do so love your milk glass pieces and I think the sweet vignette you created with the birdie and nest in that lovely milk glass dish is just darling!!


  12. My guess on the red item is some kind of bust exerciser! LOL! I love the milk glass wish I had more of it too!


  13. Diann I love your auction boxes. The milk glass is a favorite of mine and the ribbon and birds nest look so cute! No idea what the red thing is either.

  14. Well whatever it is, i like it! The chunky redness of it makes it look like an old kitchen item. I would say it's for stretching something in the kitchen. What would need stretching there? cheese cloth??? I wouldn't think they had hand exercisers back wehn... I'm really curious now! ♥

  15. Diann,
    Very nice finds! I love the little birdie. I have no idea what the red handeled thing is. Interesting.

  16. I just love milk glass! I think it works for any decor style, don't you? Very nice finds, and I wish I knew what that red thing was, but I'm thinking that Holly might be on to something. Maybe it's to stretch cheesecloth over a canning jar when you're canning something? Either way, it's a nice old piece of kitchenware!
    Happy REDnesday!


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