A Little Red, a Little White and a Little Vintage Accessories!

Hi everyone!

Wow, it has been four days since I posted! And these past four days have been cram packed with “go, go, go all day long”! I kept meaning to sit down at some point to do a post but, it never happened. But, I did manage to go through more of my auction boxes and thought I would share a few things.

Here is 2 red vases. I kept these because I needed them for a piece of yard art I am working on. So, they won’t be used as vases. What  is weird about theses two is they are scented. Yup, I said scented. Am I the only person that has never heard of scented vases before?  I thought it was totally bizarre.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0513-11 Bargain Finds 052I saw this teapot in the box and thought it was so pretty and then I discovered the “truth” of the teapot.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0263-11 Bargain Finds 0293-11 Bargain Finds 030One of the $1.00 boxes had a bunch of vintage purses and wallets in the bottom. That was so fun to discover!   I have already donated about 8 purses/wallets but, I kept a few. Here they are.

3-11 Bargain Finds 049A cute red tartan wallet.

3-11 Bargain Finds 050

3-11 Bargain Finds 063Vintage black evening bag.

3-11 Bargain Finds 065    I love this little white beaded evening clutch. It is so pretty.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0663-11 Bargain Finds 067It is in very nice condition and was handmade.

This little wallet is so pretty but, a lot of the beading was damaged.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0683-11 Bargain Finds 069The princess loves it so I am going to add a strap to it for her “special going out” purse. LOL

And this is another black clutch with black lace overlay.

3-11 Bargain Finds 0763-11 Bargain Finds 077Sorry about the picture quality in this post. I have to admit, I was kind of hurrying to get the pictures taken to post. 

So, that was a few more treasures found in the auction boxes.

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  1. Love the tart warmer and Tartan wallet. You've found some nice things there!~Ames

  2. Ummm.
    About the scented vases. Do you think you might want to get an appt. with an E.N.T.? (just kidding!)

  3. I love the beaded clutches! So elegant. And I definitely think that it's weird that the vases are scented! Totally odd. Also, I LOVE the picture in your header with the petunias and the beads of water. SO gorgeous!


  4. I do love seeing what you keep finding in those boxes! The tart burner is so cute ad so are the purses! I've never heard of scented vases before...kinda weird. That tartan wallet is really cool! hugs, Linda

  5. Nope, you aren't the only one that didn't know about scented vases...never heard of them, what scent are they? Cute tartan wallet.

  6. What goodies in those boxes! Scented vases??? Did they have something in them that scented them...I always found AVON items that contained their bath oils,etc were IMPOSSIBLE to get the scent out. I had a really cute little salt&pepper that contained bath oil and when you were done you would have the shakers...NO WAY I could get the smell out so I just used them for pomanders... LOVE the little tartan purse!!!
    Thank you for sharing.

  7. I am a sucker for vintage purses. Your collection is divine. How fun!

  8. I Love and Collect Vintage purses...something about them just makes me feel all Lady Like...LOL

  9. Oh my oh my,,loving those purses.

  10. Another fan of the tartan wallet. A fun selection overall but that's the one I'd have kept for sure. (The 'teapot' creeped me out a little, but then you're not really serious about junk hunting if you don't find something that makes you cringe a little at least once a hunt)

  11. Loved the great finds especially the purses. Cute.

  12. Scented vases? Very cool!
    You find the neatest treasures! Can I go next time?

  13. Gorgeous post! I love the red vases...aweseom..and love the clutches..so dainty and magical...so pretty! Thanks for sharing more of your magic!

  14. What a fun post this was. It was worth the wait. I love all your finds. The vases are so pretty I can't wait to see the yard art you are using them for.. also I never heard of scented vases either.

  15. I bought that same teapot/tart burner ;)

  16. The scented vases are wonderful! The beaded clutch with the white pearl in the center is so very cool :-)

  17. Interesting that the vases have a smell....they are really pretty!!! Love the tart warmer too. Happy VTT!

  18. The red tartan wallet is the cutest! Love the red vases, too! See you tomorrow! ♥

  19. Cleaning out is good! Go for it!

    - The Tablescaper

  20. Great finds! Scented vase? nope haven't heard of them either. lol

  21. Hello Diann,

    Thanks for visiting my first post.

    I'd love to find a red tartan wallet, too.
    The handmade white beaded little evening purse reminds me of the rhinestones era of my mother's time.
    And the black lace clutch, I'd use that presently for special dinners, would go with my new long sleeve lace blouse, in dusty rose, the other in black.

  22. Hey girl! I adore that little handmade, beaded bag! So cute! You score some cute stuff for a buck! :)
    Thanks for linking up!
    love ya

  23. Fun finds, and I just love that beaded clutch, its gorgeous!

  24. Love the little beaded clutch. I think I got one of those scented vases for a wedding gift, over 30 years ago!


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