Just a Simple but Bright Table

Hi everyone!

This is probably one of the most simple tablescapes I have ever done. But, I wanted to highlight these beautiful vibrant new butterfly plates I just bought at the Christmas Tree Shops on clearance. The colors are a lot bolder than I usually do as well. But, sometimes you see something and it just sings to you. And that was what happen when I spotted these charger plates!

Butterfly table 009I told you, very bold!

Butterfly table 004So bright and cheerful! The placemats were also purchased at the Christmas Tree Shops for .28 cents each.

Butterfly table 001You would think I work for the Christmas Tree Shops! LOL But, they just have really great things at reasonable prices!

Butterfly table 008Butterfly table 005The napkins were a set of 6 for $1.20 at a thrift store. The beautiful flower napkin rings were a gift from my mom years ago. As a Christmas gift from my mom one year, she had gathered  different napkin rings, placemats and napkins and put them in a beautiful basket for me. I LOVED that gift!

Butterfly table 006Butterfly table 012Butterfly table 011I used this blue vase I found in one of my auction boxes to hold our silverware.

Butterfly table 010I also found the two pretty little white saucers and gold and white votive holders in the boxes as well.

Butterfly table 014My Daffodil tree sitting in a vintage glass dish. The yellow tablecloth is actually  just a large piece of linen fabric I found at a thrift store last summer. 

Butterfly table 015Butterfly table 013Butterfly table 016So, that was today’s simple but bright and fun tablescape!happythumb  Remember, I will have Thrifty Things Friday party up Thursday evening! I hope you join me!

I am joining:

Tablescape Thursday

Treasures and Trinkets Thursday

Open House Thursday


  1. Those are beautiful and the price is great.
    I have never heard of that store in our area. I wish we had one.

  2. I love it! Fun colors, and great buys, looks like a lovely setting for dinner Diann-enjoy:@)

  3. Festive and Spring! LOVE !

  4. I just went to that store last week for the first time. I loved the wall of white dishes...I guess because I have zero white dishes...I like color. Your yellow and blue table is bright and says spring!

  5. Love the bright colors of your cheerful table. You always seem to find great deals and do a great job of putting things together. Fun table setting!

  6. Pretty! Your table setting definitely says Spring. Great prices. Probably a good thing we don't have a Christmas tree shop here.
    Enjoy your evening.

  7. Bold, bright and Beautiful!

    The name Christmas Tree shop is misleading. You would not imagine they would have such great prices. Hmm, if you did work there would you get an employee discount?

  8. I love this table setting! So simple, but SO pretty! I may do something like this for May. I love it!

  9. I have never seen dishes like that at CTS! I love them. How many did you get? I do have the same chargers that I used last week! :)

    Pretty table, love the colors! Napkin rings were a great find too!

  10. Your table looks very, very lovely. Those butterfly plates are so festive! Take care and thanks for sharing. Susan

  11. Th butterfly plate rock my world!!! Bold is beautiful!!!

  12. Hey Diann! You found some great deals...and I LOVE the butterfly plates. Your daffodil tree looks SO real...I had to blow the picture up to realize the stems of daffodils were fake. Those are just great! Your entire tablescape is so bright and fun!
    You're right, we did have a great time at my little man's party....he said it was epic, so I guess I did ok! lol
    Have a great day and thanks for linking up!
    Love ya lady

  13. Diann I really love those butterfly plates! Wonderful table and with such bold colors the simple works! hugs, Linda

  14. Beautiful tablescape, so cheerful...I think the centerpiece of daffodils is just precious...I love that you got such great deals too :)
    Big hugs,

  15. Bright and cheery...love the butterfly plates, Diann.

  16. Hi Diann, The butterfly plates are wonderful and I can't believe the price! I keep seeing other bloggers get great deals at the Christmas Tree Shop and we don't have one anywhere near us. Thanks for sharing your pretty table at my party!

  17. Pretty table, love the bright colors! We don't have Christmas Tree Shops either, they sound pretty wonderful!

  18. I love the Christmas Tree Shop also!! Sometimes I put pictures of things I buy there on my blog also. Best wishes, Linda

  19. Love the bright colors! I'm going to have to check out the Christmas Tree Shop. There is one in Myrtle Beach are they a chain? You got some great bargains!

  20. The butterfly plates are so pretty!! Love your napkin rings as well!!!

  21. Very springy table. Your napkins are gorgeous. I love that daffodil tree. Great idea.

  22. Your table is very cute, fresh and springy! I wish we had CTS here -- someone told me they are not this far South. Your accent plates are so cheerful!

  23. It's probably a good thing we don't have a CTS near me...what great things you have found there.

    I love the gift your mom gave you of the napkins and place mats. I think this would be a perfect gift for a tablescaping friend of mine. If I get started now, she will have quite a nice basket by Christmas. Thanks for sharing that wonderful idea!

  24. Diann, this table is beautiful! Love those vibrant butterfly plates, and the blue vase with the flatware is so pretty. What a great idea to give a basket of tablescaping items as a gift! That would be a great wedding shower gift too. of course, I really think it would be great if someone gave ME a gift like that. laurie

  25. I am an avid Christmas Tree shopper and I NEVER saw these plates. They are amazing!!!! Such vibrant and beautiful color. Love the charges too. I did see them, but by time I was there they were all scratched so I passed. Yours, look terrific. You'd neverknow they were plastic. Great scape!

    - The Tablescaper


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