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Hi everyone!

Right now I am at our trailer at the campground. This is when we come up here to open our trailer for the summer and this is also the Maple syrup Festival which we always attend.

arch-home As I said in an earlier post, we have a little booth set up this year and are selling our herb products and a few other hand crafted items. My parents are up here camping too which is wonderful because they are helping watch the princess while we work the festival.

maple festival 2011 004(That’s us…DTL Herbs)

I haven’t take all the pictures I want to take yet so, I will do a post about the festival later. But, I did want to show you one of my favorite vendors. This gentlemen uses old antique and vintage dishes and somehow (Troy can tell you how he does it because he talked to him extensively last year) welds onto the dishes all these beautiful designs. Let me show you.

maple festival 2011 022These are all the depression glass pieces he has.

maple festival 2011 026maple festival 2011 024All of his pieces are $28.00 except for some of the larger pieces like this large yellow depression glass bowl.

maple festival 2011 023I LOVE these hanging ones!

maple festival 2011 025He does a lot of transferware pieces as well.

maple festival 2011 027maple festival 2011 028These pictures do not do the plates justice. They are so gorgeous in person! All of the proceeds he makes goes to the Parrot Rescue. It is an organization that he is strongly involved with. He doesn’t have a website but, I have his phone number in case anyone is interested.

I just have to get one of these. I just don’t know which one I want! I should say, which one I want most!

maple festival 2011 028-tileThanks for stopping by!

I’m joining:
Seasonal Sunday


  1. It is gorgeous!!! But I am in love with the Maple syrup!!!

  2. Those plates are so beautiful, I love the blue and white transferware!

    Jem xXx

  3. Real maple syrup? Hmmmmm, delish! These dishes are gorgeous. He is very talented to be able to weld to fragile pieces.

    Good luck with your sales!

  4. Beautiful! I'd have a hard time deciding too!

  5. So glad you are having a good weekend to open the trailer and have this festival. Good luck with your booth. I adore this man's work...OMG the blue transferware with that edging. AMAZING! hugs, Linda

  6. Yay....those hanging plates are stunning..wow..i love depression glass too...so beautiful! Wonderful post as alwats Diann!
    Happy wkd friend!

  7. Hi D,
    Hope you are having fun! I haven't found anything thrifty, I am staying home to save gas money!
    Love the handled plates!

  8. I love those Diane! Very unique! I would have a hard time deciding which one to choose!

  9. Hello,
    Hope you're having a marvelous time - would love to smell the maple syrup! Fantastic transformation to the depression glass - how clever,

  10. I'd be in big trouble here!!! lol

  11. What a lucky lady! I would love to be able to visit this festival. The dishes are beautiful!

  12. Really neat, talk about art! Can't wait to see the one you pick out! Sounds like you'll have a fun weekend Diann-enjoy:@)

  13. I love those beautiful designs on the plates! They are all so gorgeous, have a great weekend and enjoy! Anne

  14. Have a Great Weekend..Good Luck with your Herbs...The plates are beautiful...~~HUGS~~

  15. Oh my, those platters are gorgeous! I wouldn't know which to get either! I love the nd of square one the best...all! Can't wait to see which you pick out!

  16. I have never seen anything like this...Just gorgeous, what a talent. I bet he does very well, thanks for sharing.


  17. Those plates are lovely! I've never seen that done before. Hope that I remember to check in again to hear more about your time at the Campground.

  18. I love depression glass and those plates are just extra special!

  19. You had me when you said Maple syrup! The plates are wonderful! Good luck picking!

  20. These plates are amazing! How creative. I'd love his number.

    Glad you could be a part of Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescasper

  21. What a clever fellow. All the plates are unique and I can see why you'll have trouble trying to pick just one.

  22. Have fun camping and enjoy all that maple syrup...with pancakes or french toast??
    Love the transferware,

  23. You had me at the very first French toast is my FAVORITE!!!
    What a great way to enhance the transfer ware. He is has a very unique talent.

    Cathy's Calamity Cupboard

  24. This is new to me and I think it's fascinating. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  25. What a talent...beautiful! Love the last pieces the best.
    Blessings ;-)

  26. Glad to hear you are having a nice time.
    I love all of those so it is hard to pick just one.
    Good luck on your booth.
    Have a great day.

  27. Just beautiful!

    Blue Hyacinth, hope you can come and see. Thanks!


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