I Went to an Antique Show

Hi everyone!

A couple of weekends ago I went to an Antique Show. I saw lots of lovely things but, most things came with not so lovely price tags. However, I did find a new teacup and saucer for $3.00. It thought that was a very good price and the set was very different from any of my other teacups.

So, here is my tea for the day.

Antique blue teacup 001The “new to me” teacup.

Antique blue teacup 006 Antique blue teacup 007 Antique blue teacup 008

Antique blue teacup 010Antique blue teacup 012Antique blue teacup 013I just realized that I have 2 items for this tea that at one time (a long time ago) I actually purchased brand new! And that would be this little gold basket Purchased at Michaels on clearance for .25cents. And the little ornament inside the basket. Woohoo! I think that is a record for me. LOL As you all know me so well, you know that everything else being shown was totally thrifted (okay, I confess, I did buy the sugar brand new!)

Antique blue teacup 002Antique blue teacup 003I thought this pretty blue/white and gold egg trinket box was the perfect thing for our sugar today.

Tea Processing Withering is freshly harvested tea leaves spread out onto tables or trays, which are then left to dry. Moisture is removed and the leaf becomes soft and prepared for rolling.

Rolling is the process whereby machines break the cells in the leaves. This releases the tea leaf juices and enzymes and exposes them to the air to enhance oxidation.

Oxidation, also known as fermentation, begins during the rolling process. The rolled leaves are spread out in a temperature and humidity controlled room where the leaf color deepens from green to reddish-brown... and then to black.

Firing is a process whereby the tea leaves are fired (or dried) by slowly heating them in a drying chamber. This stops the oxidation process and the leaves are prepared for storage.

Antique blue teacup 004I used one of my tarnished old silver spoons with a little pretty blue ribbon tied around it.

Facts about Tea Types Black tea, the most popular variety, offers a hearty flavor and deep reddish color that results from an extensive fermentation process that includes exposing crushed tea leaves to the air for a set amount of time until they are fully oxidized and dried.

Green tea makes up about 10% of world-tea production and is a milder brew with a mild, appealing taste and understandably green appearance. There is no oxidation during processing. Rather, the leaves are simply withered and then roasted or dried.

Oolong tea is a cross between black and green tea, which can be detected in both taste and color. Recognized for its distinctive fruity flavor, oolong leaves undergo a moderated fermentation process where they are withered, partially fermented and then dried.

White tea, the rarest type of tea, come from young tea leaves that are picked before the buds have fully opened. The tea features a delicate, soft taste and light coloration. With a minimalist approach to processing, white tea leaves are simply steamed and dried, which keeps them closer to their natural state.

Whether you sip black, green, oolong or white tea depends on what happens after the “flush,” when the top two leaves and bud are harvested, processed and shipped.

Antique blue teacup 005Antique blue teacup 014Antique blue teacup 015This bunny looks like he has a snarky little secret he is keeping!

Antique blue teacup 018

Antique blue teacup 016

I just picked up this pretty gold mirror vanity tray at a local thrift store for .85 cents. You would have never known it was a gold color metal around the tray because when I bought it, it was pretty much black.

Antique blue teacup 017

Today’s Tea Facts were from: Learn about tea.com

Have you found any beautiful thrifted tea things? If so, I hope you will join me Friday for my Thrifty Things Friday party and show off your pretties!


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  1. Nice post. I think your new-to-you tea cup is lovely and a good deal too! Your tea for the day pieces came together beautifully....very elegant. Like the egg trinket box. Diane

  2. Hi Diann,
    Interesting post with loads of info! You found yourself a wonderful teacup! I like how you have used different elements to showcase it! Love the blue ribbon on the silver spoon and the sugar in the china egg; lovely! I especially like your pretty teapot! Thanks for sharing with us and for joining me for tea. Hope you have a wonderful week.


  3. Wow! Thanks for all the great tea info! I will have to study this post again should I ever attempt another tea myself. LOL! I love your beautiful photos here. The bunny has stolen my heart..it is too cute. That egg with the sugar is just wonderful! And...I really like the blue and white cup and saucer and especially the linen. Very pretty tea scape!

  4. What an unusual pattern...very pretty. I love the creativity I glean from all you wonderful bloggers...I never would have thought to put sugar cubes in that adorable little egg. I guess I never got the creativity gene...I copy instead!

  5. Hi Diann...

    Oooh...what a gorgeous teacup! That really is a beautiful pattern...very regal looking! My friend, your tea tray is sooo pretty! I love the mirrored tray that you found...what a bargain! You always find the prettiest things at such great prices! Love the beautiful blue flowered tea napkin too! Ohhh...and what a GRAND idea...to use your pretty egg for sugar cubes! I love that! Thank you for sharing your beautiful new teacup and tea tray with us...as well as all the info on how tea is processed. I did't really know how tea was processed...very interesting!

    Well sweet friend, I hope that my note is finding you and your dear family all doing well!

    Warmest spring wishes,

  6. What a pretty teacup Diann! Love blue and white and this whole tray looks lovely. I really like the trinket box with sugar cubes! hugs, Linda

  7. Diane I love the pretty tea scape you have made! That is so gorgeous!

  8. As usual, some good finds on your table. I like your cute bunny and the idea of putting the sugar cubes in the egg ornament, I use brown cubes.

  9. Hi Diann, Your post is just beautiful. That teacup is very lovely; what a great treasure hunter you are! It is always so nice to visit with you.
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. Oh Diann, I love your new tea cup, and for 3 bucks it is a real bargain! It looks quite old too, but I am not sure as I have never seen that backstamp before.
    It is great that you posted about tea. Isn't tea fascinating? I never knew all this until last year when I began to study it. Boy was I surprised!

  11. Hi: I just love your new tea cup! Do you find yourself always looking out for new tea cups? I do. Your post as always is beautiful and informative. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Hugs, Martha

  12. Your eggcup with sugar cubes has stolen the show. Just lovely..I love your bargain teacup too! A lovely post. yvette@twistedvines

  13. The teacup is beautiful, Diann. I love the design...Christine

  14. I love the details on your precious little cup - and the blue is very striking. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Lovely teacup Diann - terrific find - I am amazed at the price of some things these days - It is a wonderful thing to find something at a great price. My daughter and her husband have been garage saling (sp?) and have found some wonderful things! She's on her way - so love everything you've put together - Delightsome - absolutely love sugar cubes - the only way to go with tea!
    Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,

  16. What a lovely purchase!! beautiful tea cup. I love blue decoration; it´s the color I love the most on china.

  17. The teacup is so beautiful! Love all the intricate details. Pretty post!

  18. Only thing better than white is blue and white...lovely cup!

  19. I've been to many antique shows like that. Somehow it make the little treasure you bring home all the more special. That's a beautiful cup and saucer.

    You reminded me that I have a whole bunch of those blue and white egg trinket boxes. I need to pull them out!

    - The Tablescaper

  20. This cup is lovely, I am drawn to cups that use blues.

    I love your setup, your tea looks like a lot of fun and everything goes so well together.

  21. Dear Diann,

    What an exceptionally lovely blue and white Easter tea; I especially love the sugar cubes nestled into the blue and white Limoges style egg!

    Thanks for joining Pam and I once again for this our 50th TTTT and also for my 78th Tuesday Tea For Two..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee

  22. Diann, I love blue and white! Your table looks oh so sweet, from the linens to the tea cup. I think your hinged egg trinket box is so cute- you were really thinking outside the box when you decided to use it for your sugar cubes! I learned a few thing from you tea facts. :-)
    ~ Sue

  23. You have find a very special treasure! Love the tea cup!


  24. I love all your pretty blues and think the sugar cubes in the trinket box is an adorable idea. But, most of all, I am SOOO glad you bought your sugar cubes new. Ha! :) Have a great evening!

    HaPpY tEa TiMe TuEsDaY!

  25. Love the teacup and your little bunny. He looks like he has tales to tell!

  26. I am still intrigued by your teacup. What is the origin, and what do the stamps on it mean?

    I love the way you have displayed and photographed the tea cup and the Snarky Bunny!

  27. The teacup is very unique! Your pretty blue tea setting is so pretty! What a cute idea to use the egg storage for sugar cubes! Those are the little touches that make a tea setting extra special! Hugs!


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