Winners and a Peek into my Auction Boxes

Hi everyone!

I will like to announce my two winners of the Purex with Zout giveaway.

thumb-pwz-equationAnd the lucky winner are:

Lynn at Happier than a Pig in Mud


Loretta at  At Home with Loretta

Congrats to both of you ladies! And a huge thank you to Purex for sponsoring this giveaway!

I have a new giveaway scheduled to start this Friday. This is  just a little giveaway for two of my readers from little ‘ol me (not a sponsor).


Okay, now I thought I would share a peek into a couple of the auction boxes that I have not yet completely gone through. Since I have been mentioning these now infamous boxes, I have had a lot of questions about them. So, here is a little background. During the months of winter, Troy and I have had a booth at a local Trade Center to sell our herb products and pedestals that I make and some other odds and ends. This Trade Center has several other parts to it. One huge room is the auction room. Our booth was right next door to it so, we could be monitoring our booth, helping customers and still be part of the auction. Since we were regular vendors, we were still there after the auctions were finished. We got to know the auctioneers and were able to go through the stuff that was not sold during the auction. So, often the auctioneer would ask if we wanted this box or this group of boxes for a buck. Generally we said yes. So that is how some of the boxes of stuff came into our hands. We would immediately do a very quick inventory of the box and pull out items we knew for sure we didn’t want. Those got donated to a charity booth at the Trade Center right away.

One of the cool things I discovered after sitting in the auction room was that about 65% of the people in there bidding were other vendors. And NONE of them were interested in dishes or glassware unless it was a high end complete set. Which was GREAT for me! I never bid on any of the high dollar stuff. I am way too cheap and well, I just don’t have that kind of money to spend on dishes! So all the boxes that just had odds and ends home items in them, the other vendors stayed clear of them. Once in awhile there might be some valuable items that some vendor specialized in that they would outbid me on but, that was rare.

After awhile, the auctioneers realized I was the one that would buy a box of “junk” for a buck. And they never want to haul it out at the end of the day. So, that is how I got a lot of boxes of treasures for $1.00. Sometimes, if I wasn’t in the auction room and was at our booth, the auctioneer would step out of the room and turn to me and say, “Diann I have 3 boxes of misc. household stuff. You want the 3 for $1.00?” I would generally say yes, site unseen. I always figured I could just donate it all if I didn’t want any of it. And for $1.00, it was a fun activity for me to go through a bunch of odds and ends.

Here is a box that I haven’t pulled anything out yet. I don’t even remember what was inside it from when I went though the boxes at the Trade Center (After I did a quick look see and pulled the things I for sure didn’t want and donated them, I condensed the boxes as much as possible).

misc 055Because I am so swamped with things going on in “Real Life” , I haven’t had a chance to pull that birdcage out and play with it yet. I am dying to redo it for Spring! LOL

A lot of the items the auctioneer sells come from vendors who are clearing out their booths to bring in new merchandise. So, a lot of the stuff in boxes has their original vendor price tags on it. I am always amazed when I go through a box and do a quick mental calculation of their prices! Also, one of my favorite auctioneers told me that he is called a lot to come over to a house that the people are moving out of, or for whatever reason the house is going to be unoccupied, and he buys out all the stuff that is left in the house. the deal is that he has to take everything that is left, even if it is stuff he doesn’t want or doesn’t think he can resell at auction. So, that is the reason for so many odds and ends boxes.

This is the box I have been working on and showing you items from lately.

misc 056I still have a couple of untouched condensed boxes outside in the back of my truck. I can only have so many boxes of cra…er…jun…ahh…treasures in my house at one time! LOL

I already have a box of items ready to be taken over to our local thrift store. Oh No! I just realized that this Saturday is the first Saturday of the month! That means this thrift store will have their “50% off everything” in the place sale! Hum, maybe I won’t see anything I want. Yeah…right Diann!

Besides just having fun going through a bunch of stuff that I paid a $1.00 for, I actually have a reason behind these items. I repurpose a lot of the things I show you into something else and sell them. We cleared out of the Trade Center now because it is Spring and we are booked into many craft shows/festivals and other type of venues for selling our wares. Wow, I kind of sound like and old time peddler. LOL We count on our sales for extra income. So, although I may come across as “Yippee! Look at the fun treasures I found” my brain is already turning this item or that item into something else that I can repurpose and sell.

For example, here is a lovely picture that can be seen in our living room right now. It is milk crates filled with Styrofoam and a bunch of cake stands and other items I have made that are ready for a show we are doing next weekend.

misc 057

So, overall, I would say that I keep about 20-25% of my treasures. 40-50% of the treasures become a sellable item after redos and the rest goes for donation.

This percentage works for me. I get to have the “thrill of the hunt”, play with my new things and then get rid of a bunch of the stuff and hopefully make a little bit of money to help pay the bills. It sure is a good thing that we don’t own cars. We own two trucks. One seems to always be filled with stuff ready to be re-sold at our next sale and the other always seems to be filled with “newly acquired” thrift finds ready to be turned into something else.

So, there ya go. That is the behind the scenes of all my auction boxes. And you will be seeing a lot more stuff from these boxes in the future. I probably won’t be doing a whole lot of thrifting because I have enough to deal with right now. But, then again, in about a month or so, here in Michigan, the yard sales will start up…….Someone duct tape me to this chair now! LOL

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my world for a little bit today. Have a wonderful day everyone!

I plan to have the first “Thrifty Things Friday” linky party up tomorrow (Thursday) evening! I can’t wait to see all of you there!

happythumbI am joining:

Missy for Treasures and Trinkets Thursday because well, I have lots of treasures and trinkets. LOL


Laurie for A Few of my Favorite Things because this is one of my favorite things!



  1. I'm hoping to join you on Friday so I've got to start looking through the cabinets to see what I had found and hope I remember where it was. See you then.

  2. Diann I would have enjoyed getting some of those junk, er treasure boxes for $1 and having fun going through it! You and I are so alike! Glad you are getting things to sell also. I hope it goes well this season for you. I will be at the party on Friday! I'm working on a post now, just in case! hugs, Linda

  3. Thanks for letting us into your world of the buck boxes - i'd love to get my hands on some of these and have a good old look through. The birdcage would be itching to be released in my hands - would love to make that over. I so know what you mean about the thrill of the hunt - i have that all the time. Hope you get lots of lovely bits at the 50% off thrift shopping :o) Scarlett x

  4. I bet it's lots of fun to go through those boxes. We used to go to auctions, and it's always good when the auctioneer looks out for you.

  5. Oh Diann! I would have SO much fun thrifting with you! My eyeballs popped when I saw the birdcage sticking out of your box! LOL I searched all winter for one and finally found one at a SA for $3. I thought I got a bargain! All that fun for a $1! I would have snapped any of those boxes up in a heartbeat! One special dish would be worth the price.
    Perhaps you could send me the locations and dates of some of the shows you will be at. I'd love to try to make some! Always on the lookout for a good crafty/junky show.
    BTW, what is "Thrifty Things Friday?"

  6. Oh the thrill of thrifting...Can be just like Christmas as a kid...what did I get in this box?...:)

  7. I'm glad you have treasures and trinkets to link up, I love seeing all your cra...uh, jun...ahh treasures! :) hee hee hee
    Glad you like my mario and luigi hats...we had such a fun time making all his stuff! :) Today is his actual birthday. I took him out to lunch and took cupcakes to church for all the boys classes combined. He's had a great day!
    Hope you have a blessed week!
    Missy :)

  8. How can you lose for $1? Sounds like great fun to me! Looking forward to the party!

  9. Thanks so much for the great give-away Diann! How fun to go through the goodie boxes and see what treasures you brought home:@)

  10. $1 a box. Now that is thrifting!!!
    Have a great weekend. ~ Sarah

  11. You are convincing me that I have to go back and give farm auctions another try. If nothing else it is fun to people watch.

    I hope you share this post with ATG's Thrift Share Monday. Her readers are the perfect audience for your message.

  12. Diann, you are so clever to buy these boxes, and create treasures to sell. Oh that bird cage looks so neat! Can't wait to see what you do with that! And that retro coffee pot looks so cute. I have bought boxes at auctions for $1 or $2, because of something I liked that was on the top of the box. It is so much fun going through the box (I usually do that at the auction) and seeing what treasures I bought. Sometimes, I am able to re-sell something from the box right there at the auction, and other times, I give things to people at the auction, but I always come home with a surprise treasure or two. Thanks for linking up. laurie


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