Trying Different Restaurants

Hi everyone!

This past week was one hectic week here. I think with the exception of sleeping, we were rarely at home. It was just one of those kinds of weeks. So, here is my "un-thrifty" confession of the week. We ate out a lot.

Two restaurants we went to were new to us. Troy and I love to try new places and new foods so, we had fun.

Wednesday, while the princess was with grandma and grandpa for the day, Troy and I were at our booth. We just had a ton of cleaning, rearranging and organizing to get done. We also had a few boxes of misc. things that needed to be taken care of. We had purchased some things from the auction the past weekend. But, instead taking it home, we decided to just go through it there. When we won the boxes at auction, we knew we only wanted specific things from them, the rest would get donated. And we decided to donate all the items we didn't want to a booth at the Town Center that was for the local Veterans. All money earned from this booth went straight to the local Veterans. A lot of the vendors donate to this booth. When we took all the boxes of stuff over to the booth, we ended up spending a lot of time, reorganizing and straighten up the Veteran booth as well to add the new things to it.

So, mid-day we decided to take a break and go out and get something to eat. It was pouring rain and we didn't want to go far. We spotted this restaurant close to where we were and decided to check it out.

Oh, before I start with pictures, I should let you know they were taken with our phone so the quality is not so good.

Photo-0015Photo-0016The Flamingo Family Restaurant.

Photo-0008All pink and green booths.

Photo-0013The tables all had Flamingo things under the glass top.

Photo-0009 Photo-0003They have this little waterfall in a corner with flamingos all around it.



They had glass cases filled with different flamingos. It was just a cute little restaurant. The food was good and so were the prices.

Troy and I had a little date Monday. We saw “The Adjustment Bureau” and stopped at this restaurant for lunch.

Photo-0075Photo-0076Photo-0077 Once you sit down you are brought out a basket of bread and fried pita along with a bowl of garlic sauce.

Photo-0072Photo-0073Let me tell you, Troy and I both love garlic and we could have just ate the pita and garlic sauce all day long! We asked how it was made. It is crushed and creamed garlic with a little olive oil and salt. That’s it. He told us a lot of people make it milder by adding either plain yogurt or mayo to it. He said their's was the most garlic because that was how it is supposed be served. Yum!

Photo-0081 Photo-0080 Troy’s lunch was a side salad and a bowl of lamb chili. Both were really good

Photo-0085Photo-0083My lunch was Grilled Chicken Rice Salad. This was soooooo good! The salad was tossed in a yummy vinegarette dressing and I had extra dressing to drizzle over the warm rice. I would have never thought to serve warm rice and a garden salad like this but, it really worked and tasted delish! I will be making this at home.

Well, that was the two new to us restaurants we tried this week. When Troy and I are alone, we will try a new restaurant at every opportunity we have. When we have the princess with us, we generally go to places we know. I just find that easier when you have kids. Do you like to try out new places and new foods?

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  1. Love the flamingos! Kept mine in my flower garden this past year so I could see them poke their heads out in the spring! At the rate we are going here it might not be before June!!

  2. Don and I eat out a bit too much but it's mostly places we have been to already. Loved the flamingo's too.

  3. Oh I love all the flamingos!! Ive got a couple in my garden but the british weather has washed a lot of colour off of them so they are now looking a bit pasty :o) Scarlett bx

  4. I love to try new Restaurants! You know I would be eating at the Flamingo restaurant but would be drooling over their Flamingo collection. hugs, Linda

  5. Looks like a great place to eat, Diann. Glad you found it. I like to try new restaurants too....Christine

  6. The Flamingo looks like a fun place to eat, glad you had a nice time Diann:@)

  7. It is nice to go out once in awhile instead of cooking...You went to The Flamingo Family Restaurant and didn't invite Linda, think she will forgive you? LOL
    Grilled chicken rice salad sounds delicious, so does the garlic sauce.

  8. That flamingo restaurant looked like a fun place to go. :) The Shish Garden is where Mike is tonight. I have a sinus infection and told him to go on and have fun. One of the guys he graduated with is in town from Arizona with his wife, and he and some of his family and some other Carlson-ites will be there. I want to try that place, maybe we can get there on another day. I looked at the menu, looks like a lot of Greek type foods, and a little pricey for the dinners. Would you go back do you think?

  9. Diane, Linda @ ALcarte would love this restraunt!!

  10. Both of these places look fun and the food great. I LOVE Greek food! Greektown in Chicago is a must see! Thanks for taking I am starving! lol!

    Happy Weekend, Diann!


  11. Oh yummm! And so healthy - all that great garlic. A delightful visit for Pink Saturday AND Favorite Things. Thank you :)

  12. The food looks wonderful! And their flamingo collection so fun. I have a family reunion coming up and it always has a flamingo theme just to be silly. I am inspired by their wire looking one, wonder if I can make a craft like it, should be fun to try! Anyway, thanks for taking us along with you on the trip, lots of fun to read.

  13. Oh how cute is that Flamingo restaurant? That looks like fun just to go into for a visit. The food at the other restaurant looks soooo good, and your descriptions of it made me want to reach through the computer for a bite. Sounds like y'all had a great time at both places. Thanks for sharing this for FTS. Have a great weekend Diann. laurie

  14. Very icky eater here ... so I always am a safe restaurant go'er. Looks like you enjoyed your foodie adventure.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day ~
    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~


  15. What a cute restaurant. Looks like something you'd find in here in Florida. The food looks yummy too!

  16. I like trying new restaurants too. The pink and green looks too fun. And the garlic spread . . . OMG that sounds sooooooooo good.

  17. Love that decor in the first restaurant. And the food in the second one sounds fantastic; I could live on the pita and garlic sauce too!

  18. Loved the and green was sure in abundance in that restaurant!

    Happy Pink and Green Saturday
    Deanna :D

  19. That Flamingo looks like an interesting place.
    BTW.... I'm passing on the Stylish Blogger Award to you as a reward for being a follower of my blog.

  20. Wow what a nice restaurant! I love Flamingo most.

    ...fantastic food...very delicious

  21. I love the Flamingo-themed restaurant. What fun! That grilled chicken rice salad looks delicious!

  22. The flamingo place looks so cozy, I'd love to visit there.


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