Tip of the Week #7

So, you made a recipe that called for some fresh herb. You went to the store bought a small bundle of that herb, get home and add what you needed to your recipe. Great, now you have all the rest of this bundle of herbs left over. And fresh herbs are not cheap! So, you put it in the fridge determined you will find other recipes to use it up in the next couple of days That doesn’t happen. You see the herbs are starting to wilt.

The next time this happens, this is what you are going to do.

Last week I needed fresh cilantro so, I grabbed a bundle at the grocery store, used what I needed and and wrapped the rest in a damp paper towel and into the fridge it went. Well, now a week later it is still there and looking kind of sad. So, I pulled it out.

tip of the weekPluck off all the good leaves. Put them into ice cube trays. 

tip of the week 018

Fill with water and freeze.

Once they are frozen cubes, put the cubes in a ziplock bag and label with the name of the herb.

tip of the week 019

Now you have fresh herbs for the next time you need them. Either thaw them and use them or if you are making a soup/gravy, just plop a cube or two right into your pot.

Freezing them in water keeps them fresh and the flavor fuller than just freezing them without water. You won’t get the freezer burn that can often happen.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Great tip. I love buying fresh herbs at the farmer's market and now I know how to make good use of every tiny bit.

  2. Why didn't I remember that???
    I just threw out a nice bunch of basil that I had bought at "The Fresh Market" --love that place!!!
    I don't know if I used more than 3 leaves! What a waste! Last summer, though, I had so much basil in my garden--that's exactly what I did! Actually, I still have a few cubes in my freezer!
    {I love your blog, by the way. I'm kinda lazy, I enjoy reading others more than writing my own!}

  3. Great idea! The last time I bought parsley I trimmed the stems, added and inch of water to a mug put them in it like a bouquet of flowers and loosely covered the top with a sandwich baggie. It stayed very nice in the fridge for over 2 weeks-couldn't believe it:@)

  4. Thank you Diann! Great idea. I've never tried it before like that. Usually I just throw it in the freezer because I hate wasting anything if I can use it in a soup, etc.

  5. What a great tip. Thank you. I have some cilantro that I bought yesterday and I will do that with it tomorrow.


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