A Quick De-Clutter

Hi everyone!

Ever need just a quick gratification of one clean spot in your home? My “quick hot spot” de-clutter area is the fridge. Yup, remove all those magnets and papers that seem to become part of the actually refrigerator and do a quick scrub and you have instant clean surface!


tip of the week 020AFTER

tip of the week 021Yes, I left one clothespin magnet. This will be for the Princess’s weekly art project in her library class. The others are in a notebook now.   Just looking at a totally cleaned off surface makes me go “Ahhhhhh”.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. oh i should do something with my fridge - its got loads of bits stuck to the front - maybe i'll have a go this weekend. Have a fab one Scarlett x

  2. Mine has magnets on it! No artwork yet!

  3. I cleaned mine off a while back, but need to do it again, thanks for the reminder, Diann!

  4. My Fridge stays pretty well cleaned of except for the board we write the grocery list on. Also I have one lone magnet clip.

  5. Mine stays clean on the front, but I do put family pics on one side...I'm a huge picture FAN:) My shades came from Lowes...years ago.


  6. Did you put the penguins in the freezer until next winter? LOL!

  7. I have one set of Thanksgiving magnets on my fridge. But through the years the kids all had their artowrk covering it! It has been a while since I have stopped by. Hugs to you and the family.

  8. Mine has grandbaby pictures and notes of things to do. The mind is a terrible thing to lose!

  9. Oooh declutterung the fridge? yes a great idea, but I have to say clean work tops, now thats how to really float my boat!!

    As a self confessed hoarder who can't walk past a thrift store, I am so thankful for a large garage. All my gorgeous purchases packed away and labelled in boxes just waiting for their time to appear on my latest tablescape.

    regards Jo

  10. This so true. I cleaned mine off about a month ago. My kids came in and said "hmmmmm, something is different. What is it?" hee hee. Now to work on the counter tops.
    First time stopping in to your blog. Very much a treat for the eyes. Lovely. And thank you for the kind words about my quilt tops.



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