Off to the Auction I Went!

Hi everyone!

Last weekend I went to an auction that takes place each Sunday at the place were we have had our little booth. It was my first time to this auction so, I had no idea what and how things were going to go. Well, I discovered it was a very laid back auction. And I discovered it was mostly junk being sold. LOL

Once I found my seat, I walked around the room to look at all the things that were up for auction. Like I said, mostly odds and ends junk but, I did see a few things I wanted. As I looked at boxes and boxes of misc. old used plastic bowls and boxes of used unmatched glasses, I made sure to root around in the boxes just in case. And when I did that, I discovered, a treasure or two buried deep in the bottom of this box or that one.

I quickly discovered as the auction started and people were bidding, that a good portion of the bidders were vendors. They were looking for things they can buy and turn around and sell it quickly for a small profit. And for the most part, that was the kind of stuff that was being sold. Some examples are: A case of sunglasses, a case with racking of new hairbrushes, a case of small packet knives. You get the picture. The stuff you see at flea markets.

There were a few odds and ends things that I wanted Now, I didn’t NEED these items, just liked them. So, for the most part, I was one of the “Okay, I will take it for $1.00” kind of bidders. LOL Seriously, I was being super cheap with my bidding and I stuck to my guns.

When the auctioneer came to the box of junk plastic bowls and lids, he looked into it and realized this was total crap so, he had his assistants bring up two more “crap” boxes that held misc. glassware and odds and ends dishes. The auctioneer knew this crowd was basically vendors so they were definitely not going to bid on any of this stuff but, he was commissioned to sell it. So, he announced he had three boxes of misc items for sale as a group. You could see in his face that he knew these were not going to sell. As a matter of fact, when these boxes were brought up to the bidding table, a lot of the bidders got up to go get something to drink or whatever. About half the room cleared out.

But, I had looked through those boxes and spotted a few little treasures in each of them. So, I sat patiently to see just how low these would go. He started the bid at $5.00 for all three boxes. Not a bid from anyone. As a matter of fact, the folks that were still in the room were just gabbing and basically ignoring the auctioneer. Down to four dollars it went. Nothing. So, he just wanted to be done with these boxes and asked if anyone would give $2.00 for all three boxes. I held up my card and he yelled “Sold to number 287!”

I knew that most of the stuff was going to get donated or dumped in the dumpster before I even left the building. But, here are some of the little treasures that were in my 3 boxes for $2.00.

Feb 2011 bargains 131

Feb 2011 bargains 138

Okay, now it is time to cull out what I know I do not want that can be donated Saturday to a local thrift store.

Feb 2011 bargains 139Okay, let’s see what we are left with.

Feb 2011 bargains 132A 3 piece setting for 3 of the Pfaltzgraff stoneware.

Feb 2011 bargains 141A few saucers I plan to turn into pedestals to sell.

Feb 2011 bargains 142 Creamer & Sugar

Feb 2011 bargains 143A pair of frosted pink glasses.

Feb 2011 bargains 145Some odds and ends dishes that may get donated. They are in my “probably donate” pile.

Feb 2011 bargains 146 Some Imperial China gray and white matching pieces.

Feb 2011 bargains 147Just a pretty rose dish.

Feb 2011 bargains 148Gardening tools and a clamp were in one of the boxes of glasses. I dunno. LOL Anyway, we can always use them in the garden. The vases I planned on donating them as soon as I saw them because I just don’t need any extra vases. However, I remembered that I gave away a few vases last year when I gave flowers to someone. So, I checked my “To be given as part of the gift” stash and sure enough I was out of vases. So, I will put these in the box to be given away with a bouquet of flowers.

So, that was basically my $2.00 worth of stuff. I already got rid of the bulk of the plastic lids and containers. Some of them Troy wanted to keep to use in the upcoming plant exchanges (we always need things to put plants in to exchange with others). Plus there was quite a few half pint and pint canning jars that went into our canning stuff.

I got several other things that I bid on that were sold separately which I am sure I will show you in upcoming posts.

These kinds of auctions are great to get things that you may need instead of having to go out and buy retail. I told you about keeping a stash of vases to use when you give someone flowers. But, also look for pretty plates or serving dishes that you can give somebody with baked goodies or whatever and not worry about getting your plate back. I keep a stash of just odds and ends dishes for this reason. Pans that are in really good shape is another thing I try to look for. That way if I bake someone something and need to give it to them in a pan, I don’t care if I get the pan back.

My personal rule of thumb for these kinds of things is they must be under $1.00. Otherwise I could just go to the dollar store and buy them new.

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  1. Wow, You had some really good stuff in your box. I love all the dishes.

  2. Diann you are so good at finding the good stuff in the junk!! Did I see a cute little Flamingo plate in there? Thanks for joining in JFF this week!
    hugs, Linda

  3. Wow, you had a great day Diann! That little diamond relish dish would have been $1 here by itself-enjoy:@)

  4. You did great even if you had to toss a portion of your loot.
    Like cleaning out a storage locker after an auction. To get to the real gems.
    I look forward to trying different auction crowds this summer.

  5. The only auction I ever went to I bought about 5 years worth of Mother Earth News Magazines and my so still owns them. My hubby thought I was nuts but loved them. Looks like you had fun.

  6. Diane you got some awesome stuff! I have a couple of those rose pie plate thingies, just like the one you have!

  7. Great finds with a nice thrifty price tag!

  8. I think you did pretty darn good! I like that you hold to your guns---$1.00 or else--bargains are so much more fun when you get extras with them!

  9. It's fun sorting through and deciding what to keep and what not. And often there are some unexpected treasures. Love your ideas for gift giving too. Thanks for sharing,

    Lisa x

  10. What a great bundle of goodies - well done! Great ideas about gifts too. Scarlett x

  11. Looks like you got some real goodies in those boxes....

  12. You did really good for a couple of dollars...I see there are a couple of dishes that go to one of my sets...the wheat patterned one...if you want to sell them, let me know!

  13. There are some nice pieces there. You did good for $2.00. ~~Sherry~~

  14. You did great for your dollar. I have an 8 pc setting of that Pfaltzgraff stoneware. I have had it for years. I now have it in storage.
    I do not go to auctions as I find something that I really want I end up raising my own bid.LOL
    Have a great weekend.

  15. That is a good $2.00 spent. I have not done an auction yet, but really want too! Looks like fun!

  16. It's fun to find treasure buried in boxes, especially for just $2.00. I think you should go again, but you might get a reputation as the super cheap lady who buys all the crap, lol.

  17. I have not attended that kind of auction yet, but would like to. I think you did pretty well for $2.00! I especially like the relish dish. I have one of those rose tart/pie plates which is still in its original box. I thought it would be a nice dish to use when gifting someone with food but I always forget about it.

    ~ Tracy

  18. That was fun to hear about your $2 find! I think that sounds exciting. :) That's probably why I love mom2mom sales and garage sales. :)


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