Menu Plan Monday 3/27 ~ 4/3

Hi everyone!

Well this week’s menu plan is going to be a bit skimpy. I am having oral surgery Monday so I don’t think I will feel much like cooking for a couple of days. So, the Hubby will be stepping up to the plate for a few days of meal prep this week. And it is going to need to be some liquid or very soft food for me. This is what we came up with.


Homemade Soup



Fettuccine Alfredo



Scrambled Eggs & Pancakes



Creamy Chicken Lasagna



Stuffed Baked Potato Bar



Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Soup



Dinner at my brother’s house (My mom’s B-day)

(we are making a lasagna and a cherry nut cake)


Not a real exciting menu  but, one that should be simple and soft. LOL Depending how I am feeling later in the week, this menu may change up a bit.

I’m joining: Menu Plan Monday

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