Just a Dinner, a Cleaning Tip and Sugar Free Rice Pudding Recipe

Hi everyone!

I just thought I would share another family dinner, a recipe, a couple of new thrift finds and a tip.

The color theme for this nights dinner was blue. I seem to really gravitate towards blue dinnerware. I have a ton of blue dishes. LOL I used a thrifted light blue linen table cloth, 2 striped placemats (clearanced last year at Walmart), two lighter blue placemats (clearanced at Big Lots for .25 cents last year) and three dark navy thrifted napkins. The dishes used are the Haviland ones that Troy picked up for me awhile back at Goodwill.

dinner and table 001dinner and table 003
dinner and table 004 Coffee tray. All thrifted items except the silverware (wedding gift).

dinner and table 005dinner and table 006Don’t you love this pitcher! This is one of my new thrift finds. I got it at S.A. for $1.99. The perfect water pitcher for our table tonight.
dinner and table 008Already for food!

dinner and table 010The princess asked if we could have candles at our table for dinner. So, I pulled out these pretty crystal and silver candlesticks. These are the kind that can hold multi size candles. This was my other thrifted find. I got the set for $1.00!

dinner and table 011 dinner and table 013dinner and table 015This sausage dish was my recipe last week. You can find it HERE. It is delish over rice! The Princess doesn't like rice so, she asked for some of papa’s bean soup instead of rice but, she sure did love the sausages.

The small white teapot (pretty sure this was a commercial teapot from either a restaurant or hotel) was used for extra sauce. We had slice apples and grapes with butterscotch drizzled over the top as well.

Whenever I make rice for dinner, I have to make a lot of extra rice because I think Troy would boycott if I didn’t make rice pudding after dinner for dessert. It is almost like a rule here. I used to make it with brown sugar but, since we are trying to cut back on sugar, I now make it with Splenda.

So, here is a sugar-free rice pudding.

I never measure anything so I am trying to “wing” this.

5 cups of cooked rice

2 can of evaporated milk

1 cup of reg. milk

1 cup of splenda

1 tsp of cinnamon

1 T of vanilla extract

1 cup of raisins

3 T of butter (chopped up into small bits)

Just stir all the above together until well mixed. Cook in a 375 degree oven for about 40 minutes.

And before you ask, no there are no eggs in this rice pudding. You certainly can add a couple of eggs. Just beat them up with the milk and then pour over rice..

recipes 015Break through the top “crust” and you have a yummy and creamy rice pudding. I like mine hot but, cold is good too. Sometimes I top it with a dollop of sugar-free Cool Whip.

recipes 016

Okay, dinner is over and I start to get the table cleared and you would never know that this was where the Princess sat would you?

dinner and table 018

dinner and table 017

Quick & Easy Tip:

Once all the food and dishes are cleared and before I take the tablecloth and placemat off the table, I immediately check for all the soiled areas. I grab some stain remover and place a towel under the spots that are soiled and then spritz right away. Now they can got immediately into the washer. It is way easier to catch the stains right then and there.

dinner and table 019

And now, nice and clean again. A little hot iron will help. LOL

tip of the week 028 I hope you enjoyed your visit today. Everyone have a wonderful day!


And don’t forget, this Friday is the first “Thrifty Things Friday” party! We are even going to have prizes! So, I hope I will see you there, linked up and showing us your thriftiness!

I’m joining:

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  1. I just love that cute pitcher. Wonderful finds and boy does that rice pudding look delicious. Wonderful photos.

  2. Beautiful Diann! Here it is 8:30 pm and I didn't have a good dinner. Now I'm hungry from seeing your food! I love rice too but I've never had rice pudding. I have the same Haviland blue dishes and it looked like we have the same forks too! lol

    Have a Wonderful Week!

  3. Hmmm, I'm on a diet and now I'm wondering how I could make that heavenly rice pudding be legal. It may take some doing or a teaspoon serving. Thank you!

  4. I haven't had rice pudding in forever!!! That looks good... Great mosaics...Have a beautiful week!!!

  5. Rice is a staple here in Louisiana, and we have it daily! No rice pudding I'm afraid!
    Your table is very pretty. And thanks so much for sharing the clean-up with us! That oil and grease can be awful stains to remove. Good post! Luv-Loretta

  6. Yum! Can I come eat at your house? :) Great finds!

  7. Your rice pudding looks delicious! Such great finds, I really love those cups and saucers, very pretty! Enjoyed your mosaics!

  8. You always find the neatest things Diann, and all in good condition.
    Your rice pudding looks yummy.

  9. Hi Diann, I enjoyed all your thrifty finds. That rice pudding is calling my name. Have a good week.

  10. Diane I am coming to your house for dinner!! LOL
    Love your thrifty finds!!

  11. The table looks great. I know you love blue! The dinner looked yummy also. I've never had rice pudding, can you imagine? Hugs, Linda

  12. Oh, I love your pitcher -- so cute! ANd gosh, now I'm craving rice pudding -- at almost midnight! lol Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  13. You did a great job! I'm so glad that you joined in the party this week at Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week! Mary :O)

  14. What fun you must of had!
    Great set up!
    have a wonderful week!

  15. Your dishes are all lovely. The good thing about sticking to blue is you can probably mix and match your stuff well. Sounds like you had a wonderful family dinner. Too bad more people don't have family meals anymore.

  16. I love finding china plates at the thrift store!
    You got some great finds!
    Happy Blue Monday

  17. Loving all your finds (and looking at your yummy food!). The plates are especially fabulous! Scarlett x

  18. Rice pudding was a childhood favorite of mine.

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  19. Rice pudding is my husbands favourite dish...You have some great thrift finds. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday!!!

  20. My husband's mother made the best I have ever eaten rice pudding and when we went for dinner I looked forward to it. I have tried a couple of times to make it but it hasn't turned out as good as hers. Lovely thrifty finds. V

  21. Love, Love rice pudding. Great mosaics. Have a wonderful day.

  22. Like the pudding. Happy blue Monday.

  23. I love it! Thank you for joining in on Masterpiece Monday. Have a great week, Mary :O)

  24. Great finds!!
    Have a wonderful week!

  25. Oh my I love your blue dishes and the food looks delish. I love rice pudding too. And if you have more extra cooked rice try cooking fried rice. ^_^
    Blue Jeans


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