An Early Easter Gift

Hi everyone!

It’s time for a little spot of tea. And I have a few newly acquired treasures to share with you. And I am delving into the wonderful box of lovely teacups my friend Heidi sent me.

Some of you who follow on a regular basis my adventures in thrifting know that this month I have purchased a few boxes from a local auction for $1.00 each. They are filled with all kinds of interesting and fun things. I am still going through these treasures and will show them to you as I discover them.

One such item is this pretty green and cream painted wood crudités/snack tray. It has some scratches, nicks and dings but, I still really like it. It is different which is something I love. And I thought it was just the perfect thing to set my tea with today.

green teapot tea 004I used one of my green and ivory checked napkins (bought a set of 6 a few years ago for $1.00) and over that an ivory napkin trimmed in a sage green (also a thrift find of 4 for $1.25).

green teapot tea 001green teapot tea 002green teapot tea 003Here is my early Easter gift.  Troy bought me this green and gold teapot at a thrift store recently. he planned on putting it in an Easter basket for me. However, he dropped the lid and the little knob on top broke off. He glued it back on and decided to just give it to me since he didn’t want to give me something broken as a gift. Well, I couldn’t tell where the break was at all. This is the first green teapot I have ever owned and I love it. 

green teapot tea 005green teapot tea 006green teapot tea 007And here is the beautiful dark green and white china cup.

green teapot tea 008green teapot tea 009green teapot tea 010green teapot tea 011This little porcelain bird was in one of the $1.00 auction boxes as well. I thought he might want to join our tea today. 

green teapot tea 012green teapot tea 013I just bought this gorgeous glass dish  at SA this past weekend for $1.00. I love the beautiful details cut in it.

green teapot tea 014And this little peach dish was also in one of the boxes. It makes a very nice spoon rest. 

green teapot tea 016green teapot tea 017green teapot tea 018I had a lot of fun putting together this green table with all my pretty new treasures.

green teapot tea 021green teapot tea 020I hope you enjoyed your visit for tea with me today.  Enjoy visiting all the other beautiful teas the ladies are showing us today. Have a wonderful day!

green teapot tea 019

A Few Famous Tea Drinking men:

I got nasty habits; I take tea at three
- Mick Jagger

  • First Recorded Tea Drinker
    Chinese Emperor Shen Nung
    It is said that the emperor liked his drinking water boiled so it would be clean. One day, on a trip to a distant region, he and his army stopped to rest. A servant boiled water for him to drink, and a tea leaf from a wild tea bush fell into the water, turning it a brownish color. The emperor drank it and found it very refreshing.
    Cha (tea) was born (2737 BC).
  • Defined Tea Drinker
    Samuel Johnson, Lexicographer (1709-1784)
    Reportedly Drank 40 cups a day.
  • Prime Tea Drinker
    Wm Gladstone, Prime Minister UK (1868-1894)
    Filled his hot water bottle with tea so he could have a cup or three during the night without having to get out of bed.
  • Scientific Tea Drinker
    Albert Einstein, Scientist (1879-1955)
    Put forth the Tea Leaf Paradox in 1926 which is now being applied to a new technique for separating red blood cells from plasma and to help understand atmospheric pressure systems.
  • Charitable Tea Drinker
    Nelson Mandela, Pres South Africa (1918-)
    An afternoon tea with Nelson Mandela was auctioned on ebay in 2007 to raise money for MasterCard’s Priceless Moments. Proceeds benefited various African children’s charities.
  • Half Tea Lover
    Arnold Palmer, Pro Golfer (1929-)
    Invented the Arnold Palmer (1/2 tea + 1/2 lemonade) at our very own Cherry Hills Country Club in Englewood, CO.
  • Presidential Tea Drinker
    Barack Obama, US President (1961-)
    President Obama was spotted drinking tea throughout his 2008 Presidential Campaign.
  • Fatherly Tea Drinker (1949-)
    Tom Covel, Father of Brianne Covel @ Teatulia, Blacksmith, Biker, Retired Train Conductor, Real Man…
    Has never gone a day without a cup of loose leaf black tea. In fact, his tea mug and spoon have permanent resin stains from 8000+ cups of tea over the course of Brianne’s lifetime
  • Source: Teatulia Newsletter

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    1. isn't fun to go to the auctions and get a box for $1, it is like opening a present for yourself!

    2. Diann, as I was scanning the pics quickly in my reader (before I jumped over here) I was thinking to myself... it looks like Diann doesn't have a thrifting budget anymore. But then when I got here and started reading your post I see that you actually have been getting some really great deals!
      I'm not much about tea, but your items are very pretty!

    3. Hi Diann, I enjoyed seeing all the goodies shared today. The teapot is sweet, love the colour.

    4. And I thought I scored some good buys this past weekend!Your finds are beautiful...luv the teapot. Thanks for showing them. Luv-Loretta

    5. Oh, Diann, can I go shopping with you? I love the tray; very pretty! My heart went pitter patter when I saw your teapot! I love it! Your Troy sure knows how to pick them, doesn't he? That green is the most gorgeous colour! Your teacup is sweet too. You found yourself lots of treasures and the thrift stores must love you. I have a friend who has a nose for bargains and you two must be related. Thanks for sharing and joining me once again for tea. I always enjoy having you!


    6. The teapot is lovely. Glad to have found your blog, enjoying your thrifty finds.

    7. Soooo many beautiful goodies...thanks for coming by.


    8. You found some great treasures...pretty teapot, too.

    9. So pretty and extravagant looking!

    10. That box you bought sure has some little treasure in it! A beautiful tea stop!yvette@twistedvines

    11. So many lovely things. I think you got really lucky with your 1.00 box.

    12. You have the best goodies! Enjoy your new pieces! I have to still move most of my goodies and will have to by end of April, so I don't know how much Easter will get out with moving :( But I did get some and I am loving Spring! I love the Tea Facts!
      Hugs, Lisa

    13. Diann, your tea scape is so pretty. Love that little tray, and that cup is beautiful! I love to buy a box of stuff and find treasures when I dig inside it. Your boxes were full of treasures. Hope your dental appt. went well. laurie

    14. That $1.00 auction box must have been awesome. And the green tea pot is wonderful. Great find by your hubby :-)


    15. Im not a tea lover , but the tea pot is pretty

    16. I adore everything about this. Tea is one of my favorite things to do! Those tea cups are gorgeous and that bird and the tray. Great colors for some spring tea!

    17. OOOOOH from one thrift addict to another....Diann I can just imagine how excited you must have been when you dug out all that stuff...Am I jealous? Der..yes of course I am! lol...well done!


    18. Oh love it all, the tray and tea pot are to die for. I can't believe how much great stuff you are pulling out from your bargain boxes! Scarlett x

    19. a buck or less for each of those huge finds...super love them all!

    20. I absolutely love the tray, the color is gorgeous, as well as the teapot! i cant see the damage on it too, it doesnt matter though coz it's still gorgeous, love all your finds, such treasures for such cheap prices! I wish I could find £1 items like yours here *sigh* anyways have a wonderful day! Susan.

    21. Wow! What treasures you've acquired through that auction! Just love this setting everything comes together beautifully - the patterns, textures and colors complement perfectly!
      Thank you for sharing this with A Return to Loveliness,

    22. Love it all! Wish my coffee habit was that romantic and fun!

    23. Hi Diann,
      Loved the teapot! The other treasures you've shared today are just beautiful!

    24. You made a lovely teascape. The pattern on the green cup looks like green Blue Willow. Very interesting.

    25. Great bargains!! The teapot is so cute! I love all your bargain finds. Such fun in the find..have a great week!

      Miss Bloomers

    26. What a stunning teapot, Diann. I love the shade of green. Troy is such a good shopper. I just everything you have shown here....Christine

    27. Diann I always enjoy your tea tables! You have the best collection of teapots and teacups! So unique and I of course love the mix and match. Such a pretty teapot, Troy did really good (even if the lid did break...who can tell). hugs, Linda

    28. Diann, the teapot is really pretty and so is your cup and saucer. I enjoyed the tea tips/info you shared too.
      Hugs, Beth

    29. I have a pink and blue tea pot to match your green one ;)
      Have a great week!

    30. You have some amazing finds and it all came together in such a lovely tea time posting. Enjoy your newest treasures and tea. If you have not entered my give-away please hope over and do so. Blessings.


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