Tip of the Week #6

Even if you are not a couponer, you really need to sign up at your local grocery store’s website. Not only do you get the sales of the week delivered to your inbox, you can get awesome random surprises sent to you.

The main grocery store I shop at it Kroger. I have my Kroger card number uploaded on Kroger’s online site. I can download coupons right to the card without have to clip anything. And you are not committed to using them, they are just there in case you do.

One of the other nice benefits from doing this is I get coupons in the mail from Kroger from time to time. Last week I got these.

tip of the week 001 These are all nice and decent coupon savings. I didn’t have to find them or clip them out. But, what is even nicer are these coupons.

tip of the week 002Yup, those are coupons for FREE products. We love those!

tip of the week 003 tip of the week 004 tip of the week 005 tip of the week 006

So, all of this would normally run me $12.66.

But, instead it was all FREE! Love that!

Even if you don’t use coupons, are you going to pass up free food when you had to do absolutely nothing to get it?


  1. I use my little card all the time at the ShopRite, never thought about possible additional coupons from joining the site. Great idea Diann:@)

  2. I am going to the store website right now....thanks so much for the tip.

  3. I only have Publix and Sweetbay here and haven't received anything from them yet. Thanks for the money saving tips.

    I too enjoy these extra perks from Kroger..
    but I save my FREE coupons for the times the item is NOT on sale..
    such as when Lays Potato Chips cost $2.99 or higher..
    and Breyers Ice Cream..is at $5.99..
    and anywhere else I shop, I sign up for their little card of perks..
    and many of these stores offer web savings..
    so don't be bashful..
    ask and sign up!!!

  5. That's a great tip Diann! I didn't know that Krogers did that! I do have their card but I had no idea that I could get coupons loaded onto it. I'll have to try to figure that one out! lol I don't shop at Krogers because the ones around me seem to be way higher than the other stores.


  6. We only have Piggly Wiggly and they are all independently owned, so sometimes will not honor all the coupons from their own ad. (Bummer)
    I do have their store shopper card though.

  7. Diann I also didn't know I could get coupons loaded onto my card. Heading there right now! I love free also, maybe I'll get some of those one day! hugs, Linda


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