Tip of the Week #4

Hi everyone and Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, as you can see, I did not get around to posting this past weekend. Some nasty bug hit me Thursday night and I was down for the count until today. I'm telling you, this house is bug central this year! The princess started showing major signs of a head cold last night and today, she is in full blown head cold! Arghhhhh!
I swear, I am spending this week cloraxing, lysoling and bringing in a full HazMat team to disinfect our home! Do you ever feel like that? Wish you could just leave your home and a team comes in and totally goes through your home cleaning and disinfecting? Oops, I was just thinking out loud. Or fantasizing out loud. Wow! When did my fantasies go from "laying around a tropical beach being waiting on by a gorgeous cabana boy to just having my house cleaned by a team?" Oh, woe is me! LOL

Well now, that was way more than anyone wanted to hear! Okay, on to my little tip of the week. Oh, and there is no new menu for this week.


OYE, I totally forgot I had stained that shirt! Now it is nicely set in after going through the washer and dryer! Sound familiar? I just simply forget that the shirt needed some stain remover on it.  Or I was just too busy at the moment to deal with it. Life is too hectic, how am I suppose to remember all this stuff?

So, my solution?

Since our bedrooms are upstairs and the laundry is downstairs, it was always inconvenient to get undressed that night, head downstairs, spray the stain and then go back upstairs. Yup, I am just that lazy!


We have our clothes hamper upstairs in the hallway between our bedroom and the Princess’s bedroom. I put a hook next to the hamper and hung a mesh bag on it. Right underneath, next to the hamper is the stain remover bottle. Now, when we get undressed, I grab the spray bottle, spray the stain and add it to the mesh bag. The mesh bag is separate because that way I know I have items in there that need a little extra soaking.


It works for me!

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  1. Your solution sounds handy.. lol. I would love for you to come by hang out a while.. eat all the cookies you want and stay for a visit..
    hugs ~lynne~

    Happy Valentine's Day...

  2. Ooh Lovely..i love the rose wreath..gorgeous!AW..hope you feel all better now! Keep shining!

  3. Just commented and lost it. Here's the shortened version: Love that tip. Always forgetting to pre treat. Hope you are all better very soon. So glad you have the chicken recipe in your side bar. I forget where I see things, and really want to try this,

    Lisa x

  4. I hope you are feeling better Diane!! I don't know if I entered your CSN give away, but please enter me!!

  5. Very clever! I also forget a stain when things go in the wash. I'll try a mesh bag and spray. Hope you and the Princess are feeling better soon.

  6. Great laundry tip! So sorry to hear your household has still been under the weather. Hope everyone is on the mend soon. I love your pretty wreath! It's just gorgeous! Hope you had a happy Valentines day!

  7. i have the same problem and i'm gonna solve it the same way you did. thanks for the idea! have a great day!


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