Tip of the Week #2

Hi everyone!

This is just a little idea I thought I would share. I showed you a beautiful tea set that Troy got me for Christmas. It came in pretty box. I am actually keeping it in it's box. I just pull it out when I want to use it.

I consider this gift kind of a keepsake type of gift. Something I want to remember when I got it. Plus, it is a possible "hand down to the princess" kind of thing. She already thinks it is a special tea set since it is in it's own special box.

So, when I get a gift like this, I make sure to write in the box when the gift was received and who gave it to me. Don't you love when you are out thrifting or antiquing and find an item that is dated and has a to & from on it? I know I do. So, hopefully one day, someone will feel the same way about this tea set.

I think people used to do this a lot more than they do today. But, I think it is a fun thing to do now.


  1. I do love to see dates and messages on things. Just makes the piece come alive. I should start doing this. Great tip!

  2. That is very sweet Diann...and a good idea:)

  3. That's a great idea Diann! I remember my G-Mom-B always keeping the gift tags from her gifts:@)

  4. aww, so sweet! I love it when gifts (boxes) are inscribed!
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Wonderful idea Diane! Your little princess will appreciate it when she grows up!

  6. Wonderful idea! I think dates and info about when it was a gift are important. I have a compact my Dad gave his Aunt and the note is still in it. Precious and Priceless to me now!

  7. That is a good idea Diann! I haven't been doing that and I should start.

    Have a Great Weekend!

  8. Thats an awesome idea! I remember a lamp that my parents had bought when they first came to Canada in the 70's , and I guess no one ever really looked at the bottom of the stand. One day I was cleaning it and underneath the stand was an opening. Inside was a small paper stating who's it was, when it was bought and from who it was!!! It was dated 1950. How cool is that.
    I agree that people don't do that a lot now, but should start doing that!!
    A good idea :D


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