There is White and Then There is White (and a Little Red)

Hi everyone!

Most of you know that I have a pretty decent collection of white dishes and dish sets. I think of white dishes as being the Little Black Dress of tablescaping. But, there are also many shades of white. Most of mine are true white, winter white (just slightly off white) and a grey white. What I have noticed is I have a lot of pretty china dishes with beautiful designs on them but, the background white is just this side of ivory. And it does nothing to show off these pretty pieces by putting white white dishes with them. So, I was on the look out for some simple plain light ivory white dishes. Wow, how many times did I just say the word “white” in this paragraph!

A couple of weeks ago I was at Salvation Army and it was the “5/$5.00” day. You have read about me finding sets of dishes on these special bargain days and getting the whole set for $1.00. But, for the most part, they have started marking each individual piece instead of a set.

So, I haven’t been shopping this Salvation Army as much. I figure they have had these dish sets on their shelves for at least 2 months and they haven’t sold. Then they have had them marked at 50% off and they still didn’t sell. HELLLLOOO Salvation Army??

Okay, moving along.

I was so surprised to see this set of off white dishes. Then I realized that other folks probably weren’t interested in them because they are rather plain and not a true white. And I guessed that the folks who work at Salvation Army thought the same way. Good for me! They were just what I was looking for. So, I got all these dishes for $1.00! Yippee for me!

Jan Bargains 2011 123 It has a nice lattice edge. The set was only 19 pieces. One dinner plate was missing. That’s okay, there are only 3 of us here.

Jan Bargains 2011 124 Jan Bargains 2011 125 Here is a picture of white (and gold) ribbon up next to the dishes to show you the difference in the whites.

Jan Bargains 2011 126 Yup,definitely an off white but, not a true ivory color. Just perfect for what I was looking for.

Now for a little red. Oh, how I love after the holiday sales! I did a little after Valentine’s day shopping and found a few things that can be used throughout the year at awesome prices. I got several different Wilton products which I have told you before I love to snatch up when ever I can. One of the Wilton items I picked up was these cupcake wraps. I have seen them being used all over the place and thought they are just so pretty and a great final touch to a batch off cupcakes you are giving away to someone. I picked some up in both red and white.

Feb 2011 bargains 091 Feb 2011 bargains 092

And then I found these cute red and white polka dot acrylic plates. Now these just screamed Summertime patio bbq to me! Actually when I saw them I didn’t think the belonged in the Valentine clearance area. I assumed someone just set them down in that aisle because they changed their minds. Nope, these were considered Valentine’s Day merchandise and were 50% off! Yippee for me!

Feb 2011 bargains 094 Feb 2011 bargains 096

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  1. WOW I've NEVER seen a SET of china for $1.00!! What a deal!


  2. Gotta love those creative and practical ways to save money! :) And what cute cupcake wraps. I've never seen them before and love them! I found two presents to put away for my granddaughter's birthday in November at an after-Valentine sale. WONDERFUL! :) Thanks for a lovely Rednesday visit.

  3. I love the after holiday sales and pick up lots of items to use through out the year. When planning my frugal wedding I picked Red as the primary color with black and ivory as accents. I picked up lots of goodies right after Halloween (black plates, napkings,plasticware and plastic glasses)along with gorgeous bolts of black ribbon. Same for Christmas items, picking up ivory and red and then so on and so forth for Valentines Day.

    Since we married three days after the fourth of July I was able to pick up several dozen bunches of roses for 75% off and removed the 4th of July wrap, mock sparklers and flags from the bouquets and used them in the center pieces. I love finding new ways to use holiday decor.

    You scored big with those plates. I would have snagged more at my Target but there were only three sets.

    Btw...that set of China...divine. What a score!

  4. I wish there was a SA near me! The nearest one is 30 minutes away, and it's disgusting. LOVE those polka dot plates and that whole set of dishes for $1. Amazing!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. Diann, I cannot believe you got all of those wonderful plates for $1! I know what you mean about white plates. I've tried some of my patterned plates on white, and it didn't work because the background on the patterned plates was off white. These plates will come in so handy. Love your plka dot plates, and you are so lucky they were considered V'tine decor. They will be wonderful any time of the year. I bet the Princess is going to love those cupcake wraps! laurie

  6. Diann I swear I have never known anyone but YOU to find a set of dishes for $1, not once but several times! These are perfect for tablescaping. I have been doing some organizing in my dish closet and found all these white plates, but as you say all different whites. Love the little cupcake wraps, very cute!!
    hugs, Linda

  7. WOOO HOOOO!!! I love those finds, and all the pretty dishes for $1.00!!! Yay you!!! Our Salvation Army is so stinkin' high I don't even go there anymore. Love love those adorable cupcake wraps and the red and white dishes!!! SCORE!! :)

  8. You found some marvelous bargains , I love them all,red & white !

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE those polka dot plates! and the cupcake holders! those are so cute, they don't look like "valentine's" so you could use them all year long! love that!

  10. You really got a bargain at "Sally & Ann's" which is what my grandmother always called the Salvation Army.

  11. Can I just say Wow! Wow! Wow! Those dishes are great - I love, love, love white dishes - and boy did you score! I have seen those cupcake holders but never found any - will have to look hard next time out!
    Terrific finds, Wow!

  12. I love the lattice white dishes. What a great bargin. I never think to look for dishes at the Goodwill or Salvation Army. I need to make a trip soon.

  13. $1 for all those plates, Diann? Wow!...Christine

  14. Polka dots are always festive, don't you think? Love your reds (and whites)!

  15. Wow whast super items! The table and treats look lovely. Scarlett x

  16. What a fantastic bargain. I love the polka dots. Great finds. ~~Sherry~~

  17. Amazing Finds! What a deal to say the least! Love the dishes and the Red!


  18.'ve got me wanting to run up to our Wal-Mart and look for those cute little polka dot plates. Darn it, I was going to steam clean my living room carpet today!! Any excuse not to do that chore. :o)
    If your interested in finding an extra plate or accessory piece for your $1.00 white dishes, check Big Lots they did carry that set. I remember a couple of years ago that set was "all the buzz" here in blogland. It was/is a good deal new at BL but your deal is the best!!!
    I know you will enjoy them and put them to good use. :o)
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful finds and for getting me out of steam cleaning, at least for today!
    The Tattered Tassel

  19. A dollar for a set of china is pretty darn good. We do no have a Salvation Army store here, but from all the bargains I see you gals finding, I wish we did. Polka dots are favorites of mine. You are the thirsting queen this week in my book.

  20. I love white dishes...any white. If I find them, I buy them. I am not so lucky to get them for the price you paid though!

  21. I love the dishes! That is highway robbery I must tell you! lol


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