“So…….a Needle Pulling Thread……”

Hi everyone!
If you do any kind of sewing or embroidery, you know how expensive notions are. I definitely watch for major sales and use 50% off coupons whenever I get the chance but, full retail on all these things? Major budget destroyers! So, besides all my dishes and other thrifty treasures, I am always checking out the crafts and notions areas of my favorite thrift stores. I like to keep a nice stock of these items.
I have a sewing box that I got as a present from my mom about 20 years ago but, one sewing box is not enough. I need a different one to keep things like embroider supplies in. So, when I spotted this blue decent size sewing box in really good condition for $3.00, I snapped it up. If you haven’t priced sewing boxes in awhile, take your blood pressure medicine before you go looking at them! LOL They are expensive.
This one will hold my doodads.
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Embroidery floss. you need to really watch for the sales and stock up if you use a lot of it. I found these at the thrift store priced at .79 cents a package. But, I bought them on the half off day so paid .40 cents a pack.
Feb 2011 bargains 119  When I was looking at the floss, a gentleman came over and handed me this bag filled with odds and ends notions. He said he just packaged it up and it is $3.99 but, today I could get it for half off. Into my cart they went!
 Feb 2011 bargains 120
There are a lot of fun old vintage spools in this bag.
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I never realized JCP sold thread and notions. But, I guess if they sold sewing machines they would have a notions department as well.
Feb 2011 bargains 122 Some fun wood spools.
Feb 2011 bargains 122 Here are all the notions. Lots of fun vintage items. I sure miss these prices!!
Feb 2011 bargains 124 Feb 2011 bargains 125 Feb 2011 bargains 126 Feb 2011 bargains 127 Feb 2011 bargains 128 Feb 2011 bargains 129 Feb 2011 bargains 130 Not a bad deal. $2.50 for all those notions and thread! Do you check out the crafts and sewing sections at your local thrift stores?
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  1. wow! what a steal! I enjoyed looking at the original prices on all that stuff, 8 for 99 cents, 29 cents for tracing paper.....wow!

  2. I have so much of the same things from "the good ol' days" when I did a bit of sewing and crafting, so I no longer check those things out in the stores.

    I love that blue sewing box!

    Happy Blue Monday, Diann.

  3. Love your sewing basket. I have a couple of small one's with some of my notions. I don't sew nor craft much but one always needs to have a needle and thread handy. You got a great deal on that bag of stuff!

  4. I always check for sewing and knitting notions at the thrift stores. Your sewing basket looks great. It looks clean. Some I have seen are in pretty bad shape or smell. Great finds!


  5. Wow! You sure are the Queen of Bargain Finder, Diann. I love the sewing box, such a pretty color...Christine

  6. Hi Diann,
    thank you for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. I know, how it is when a cat passes away. I lost my little cute Sissy last year and still miss her. They stay in our memory and will never been forgotten.
    You made a real bargain with all that sewing things for that price. It is true, sewing has become realy expensive. Also the fabric is here so expensive that it often is cheaper to buy clothes than to sew by your own.
    Greetings, Johanna

  7. Looks like a lot of loot at great prices! My weakness in thrift shops is wineglasses and fancy jars

  8. Checking for Sewing notions & Party supplies at Thrift Stores is a must on a frugal budget...:)
    DH will go set in car and wait IF I find a good box or two to sort through...He really doesn't mind as he sees the money saved..:)...

  9. wow great lot of goodies - I like sewing stuff too but there is never anything in my charity shops of this, Ive been lucky a couple of times with getting a cross stitch kit but thats as far as it goes. Loving the sewing box :o) Scarlett x

  10. Wow! Love your pretty sewing basket. I don't usually check the thrifts for sewing notions(too busy checking dishes, lol), but after recently buying some ribbon and thread I will start to check the thrifts for my supplies.

  11. Oh wow I remember my mom used to have all of this stuff. Thanks for sharing.
    Blue Monday

  12. What a great post on the treasures you found. I am a sewer and I do alot of handwork. You really found some neat things. I remember buying fabric and notions at JC Penneys. Thanks for sharing, and thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your sweet comment. Hope you will come back again. Karie

  13. I always look at the sewing notions! And thankfully it seems like I am the only one that does around my area. I have picked up many vintage sewing supplies at flea markets, thrift stores, and auction sales. I am really enjoying looking at all your fun finds. I display my wooden spools in vintage mason jars and buttons.....I love old buttons. And they to are displayed in vintage jars.

  14. Diane , you are so right! Sewing and Embroidery is expensive when you buy all the little added extras you need. I buy alot of my fabric at yard sales!! About the only time I ever purchase fabric retail is if I plan a special project.

  15. I love the vintage spools. I have been very lucky to be given lots of sewing paparaphanelia. I love it all. I was recently given a lovely sewing cabinet to store it all in, from a good friend. I always check out the section in my favourite store.

    Lisa x

  16. How fun to have found all of those sewing notions! I can remember when I was young and used to got to JCP for fabric and thread w/my mom. It was the only place in town to buy it, aside from the 5 and dime store! Wow, haven't called it that for a LONG time. LOL


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