Revisit~ Why I love Junkin'

Hi everyone! It's time to revisit a past post with Chari for Sunday Favorites! I decided to repost this from last year. It kind of explains me and my reasons and attitude towards Junkin'.

Since today is the letter "J" at ABC Wednesday, I thought I would talk a little about me and my thrift finds. So, the letter "J" is for.......


Okay, let me first start out by saying that my mom was the queen of finding great deals. I remember being kicked out of a St. Vincent de Paul because my mom refused to accept the high dollar price tags on some used pieces of old luggage. Yup, she argued with he manager and told them that they get this stuff free and it is supposed to help people who can't afford to go out and buy new things. And how dare they over price their items so people can't afford them.

I grew up going to yard sales, garage sales, auctions, flea markets and thrift stores. Now, I don't want to give you the feeling that we were dirt poor, we weren't. We were fine. My dad worked two jobs but, we had everything we needed and then some. But, my parents believed in cash, no credit cards. My mom ran the house and the budget. She believed in reusing and re-purposing things. She would much rather reuse a piece of tin foil (wow, does anyone use that term any more? LOL) and save the money she would have used to buy new for our family vacations. It's all the little things that add up.

My mom would find amazing things on curb sides, take them home and re-finish them. She made most of my clothes and they were so awesome that she actually had a list of people who requested my hand me downs when I out grew them (I am the only girl in the family).

I grew up in a great home and have the very BEST childhood memories. And I was taught a lot by my mom. She and I still go thrifting together. You often hear me talk about a shopping trip we went on together.

So, it should be know surprise that my blog is called The Thrifty Groove. I would have to guess that about 30% off the things we buy are new. And those are at bargain prices. Everything else was from junkin'.

Thrift them and hate them at the same time. Some things you should know about my bargains. First off, I make "rounds" to my thrift stores on a weekly basis. MANY times I go in and want to just scream and throw my hands in the air in disgust at the prices. And I walk out with nothing in my hand. And this really happens a lot to me. I know I am always showing great deals I found but, you have to remember that I stretch our my finds over many posts. When I post some thrifts that I found, they weren't just found that day or even the day before. I spread out the love over weeks! LOL

With that being said, I do find some awesome priced stuff. But, it happens over time quite often. I will see something at Salvation Army and think, "I would buy that if it were half of the asking price" so, I wait until that sticker day is 50% off and hope for the best. About 75% of the time, the item is gone. But, some times I get lucky.

It is a rarity that I just "run into the store". I generally plan out my junkin' adventures. It's my favorite "me time" activity. And I really search through stuff. As you all know, I am one of those irritating people who takes forever going through things. I am the one you all complain about when you are browsing the aisles at thrift stores ('I wish that freakin' woman would move out of the way so I can look at the stuff!').

I also have a pretty good "Walk away from it if it is not a bargain" skill. Which really amazes me. I also have no problem with haggling. And I do walk away from some great stuff because I didn't get the price I wanted. If you are going to haggle, you have to stick to your guns! I am going to tell you about one of those experiences in an upcoming post.

And something to keep in mind. even if it is the same thrift store chain, not all stores price the same. a lot of the time, it can simply depend on the area the store is in. It general is up to the individual store managers. I recently talked to a manager about some of their pricing of the "higher end" items. She said they go online and see what they are listed for on Ebay! Um, hello? just because it is listed on Ebay does NOT mean it gets sold for that price. I know, i have been an Ebay seller for a LOT of years.

On to "Curbside Pickups" and "Dumpster Diving".

I do both! I see it as the ultimate recycling. This stuff is headed for the landfills. It always amazes me the things people throw out instead of donating. of course, these days I also know for a fact that a lot of people put things out at the curb in hopes someone will come along and pick it up. And dumpster diving? I do follow the laws. If it is posted, "No Dumpster Diving" I don't go through it. However, I have found some amazing things sitting next to dumpsters or hanging out of them. I won't even get into a list of all the things we have gotten. But, here are just a couple of things:

* 6 dressers
* a wheel barrow
* an entire gym of work out equipment
* a new gas can with gas
* a new propane tank with propane
* 3 brand new Coleman coolers
* A china Cabinet
* an end of the bed bench

I think Troy plans on showing a couple of items he picked up that are in need of a redo tomorrow(Thursday) on his blog.

These really are just a few items we have found that were in perfect or near perfect condition in just the last couple of years. The list is long! A lot of the things we find are given to family or friends who need them. A good example is the dressers. My brother, after a recent divorce had to move into a new home with his 3 teenage sons. All of them needed dressers. The wheel barrow went straight to my dad. We didn't need any coolers so, we took them camping with us one year. And offered them to any campers who needed a cooler.

So, junkin' not only can benefit you but, it helps out others.

Okay, I didn't realize how long winded I was getting on this post LOL I could seriously go on and on about this subject but, then we would have people all over falling asleep at their computers! LOL so, I won't even go into yard sales, garage sales, church basement sales, outdoor flea markets, estate sales, Craigslist, Freecycle, and so many more junkin' places!


  1. I remember this post and I am still impressed! hugs, Linda

  2. Love it. I use to buy retail only, didn't have time for junkin'. Now I have a ball and find the most amazing things. Great fun and super post. Hugs, Marty

  3. I am a regular at our thrift store. It is a no--profit and everthing starts at 49 is always $1.25 except for a few things. I have found some great bargains there. It is called Hope Thrist and is local.. I do visit the others from time to time. Love to find another who loves junkin'

  4. Oh my ..I just read my comment and saw my mistakes...I think it's bedtime..It should say Hope Thrift

  5. Neat post! I love thrifting, hate to pay full price for anything and seldom ever do!


  6. Diane, I am so glad you shared this post again. I did not see it the first time!! I am like you, I don't pay full price for anything I don't have hubby is kinda retail guy and buys new stuff, but at low prices. He will search the internet for days to get a coupon or a great deal!

  7. I love getting bargains and finding wonderful things at Goodwill or at Salvation Army. We used to go to Estate sales when we lived nearer a larger city. My children have been brought up bargain hunting - and we have found some interesting things on the side of the road!
    Great post,

  8. Oh my Diann....I could have written this post myself!!! My childhood was the SAME way!!! and it was PERFECT in my eyes!!! I thank my Mom for the Gift of Thrift!!! (and I already see it in my youngest daughter) She's thirteen and will see a price tag and say..."oh my....that's tooo much!!!" LOVE IT!!! Hugs!!

  9. Fabulous post Diann. I need to do things this way to save mony but really would do it any way for the thrill of it. I also watch items in the thrift stores and wait for the prices to come down or for sales. ♥O

  10. That is QUITE a list of dumpster salvages! Wow.

  11. Hi Diann,
    I am just breathless at all the many ways you have for finding thrifty treasures.
    I always enjoy browsing markets here in France and sometimes I find something to bring home, like I did this week.

  12. your mother taught you well. i enjoy going to thrift stores and getting bargins. it's my hobby. have a good day rose

  13. Great post. My BFF and I decided that our Christmas gifts to each other next year will come from thrift stores.

  14. Hi Girlfriend...

    Hehe...yes, I did know this about you...that you love to go "junkin"! wink! Girl, you find the most awesome things and I always just stand in awe! I really don't find many "junkin" deals...simply because we live way out in the sticks and there is only one little thrift store in the nearby town (25mls.away). I'm tellin' just breaks my heart too! When we go to the big city (2hrs away)...I certainly hit my favorite thrift stores, etc. Ohhh...and don't even get me started on some of the prices that some of these places charge!!! Just let me can buy new dishes at TJ Maxx for a fraction of the price that you could get them for at the thrift shop. Not all places...but many! Anyway, I do shout "all hails" to you, dear truly are the "Queen of Thrift" and I love it!!! Like I said have some really fabulous things!!! I sure enjoyed this post...thank you so much for sharing it with us for the Sunday Favorites repost party this week! I do apologize at being so late to come's just been busy! Well dear friend...take care!

    Have a wonderful week,
    Chari @Happy To Design

    PS...hmmm, I have always called it tin foil!!! Hehe!


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